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‘What a Night, What a Fight!” says Jim Glen of Bute-Froch

by on May.27, 2012, under Boxing News

By Jim Glen at ringside


Just back from Nottingham and as the saying goes, “you’re only as good as your last fight!”

Well, me basing Carl Froch’s ‘probable’ loss on his last three performances was a big mistake, no, a HUGE one!

Froch’s performance not only defied the experts, it defied the Froch of late. Froch didn’t just take command of last nights show before a packed Nottingham Venue, it would have sent the Sherriff himself running, as Robin Hood in the guise of Carl Froch, stole Bute’s title, the bookie’s money and the critic’s score!

The first round opened in the usual fashion, two top lads feeling out one another for a chance and a way to move in, score and break the other man down. The first half of the round was like this, but it finished with some good exchanges, Froch the busier and more aggressive, though Bute got him a nice one. 10 -9 Froch.

The second round was more of the latter half of the first, with both fighters landing, Bute catching Froch coming in, and though I have no doubt Froch offered him respect, “you could see it,” Bute just didn’t penetrate enough. Back and forth exchanges, and one wouldn’t have been faulted in calling it an even round, I gave it to Froch as a matter of a continuation of the same as in the end of the first round, 10-9 Froch.

It would be Bute’s best, and only real good strong round.

The third again lining one another up, and I might add from the start of the fight, and perhaps the biggest surprise of all, was that Froch had returned to a more traditional boxing style. His hand weren’t down as much; he had a tighter guard and worked his way in, jabbing and moving for his combination and power punching, which he had quite a good few flurries of. It was nice to see.

Bute was still catching him at the early part of this 3rd round and even when suffering the worst of Froch’s attacks still got the odd one in. But by the middle of this thir, Froch knew that this fella couldn’t hurt him and with new determination he set out to defeat him, beat him down and beat him up! Again you could see it in his face and likewise Bute’s face was showing concern.

I won’t even try to describe the fourth and fifth rounds — they were all Froch. And Carl continues to punish Bute. I was beginning to get alarmed for Bute felt sorry for him, and also I was a bit annoyed he didn’t FIGHT back, and I mean as a fighter, he did try and rely on skill and cunning work and the odd counter, but from the fight I was seeing, I felt Bute’s only chance was to meet the man in a fight, hopefully draw Froch into the reckless fighter he had become of late, and maybe allow a more controlled game to win it back.

Bute didn’t!

I fear he couldn’t, because Carl Froch battered him, and with a stern face, he would have gladly done it all night until Bute went down or the referee stopped the fight. On this point, I thank God that it was stopped because Bute was going too go down, and IF it could‘ve lasted even another round he would have been beat into a dangerous level, the Ref was right to stop it, it was never going to turn around for Bute.

I think Bute was overwhelmed by Froch’s strength, he just couldn’t stay him off and probably just as surprised as anyone by Froch’s opting for a bit of good old boxing to make room for destruction, and that’s exactly what it was!!!

I haven’t seen the fight yet, nor have I read a report, or seen the News, but in an absolutely boiling atmospheric splendour, a few cold beers, chants and taunts, it was truly a fight worth seeing.

A rematch? It is this fight fans opinion, there is NO point!

IF, “you’re only as good as your last fight”, well, Ward or who ever else better look out!

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