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Texas Featherweight Dream Fight: Rocky Juarez vs. Mike Ayala

by on Nov.14, 2012, under Boxing News

By Karl Hegman

Rocky Juarez (courtesy of Hogan Photos via Karl Hegman)

Rocky Juarez (courtesy of Hogan Photos via Karl Hegman)

This contest pits two great Texas amateurs and features the boxer/puncher in Ayala versus the strength and power hitting of Juarez with the venue being the Alamodome in San Antonio in a contest that pits two of the most crowd pleasing featherweights in the history of the Lone Star State.

ROUND ONE: Ayala comes out with guard high and circling to his left as Juarez is stalking after him looking for the big punch to end it all. Both fighters spar in ring centre with Ayala getting through with a few right hands which capture the attention of the powerful, yet plodding Juarez. It is Ayala’s round all the way as he hits Rocky underneath with some telling hooks to the belly.

ROUND TWO: Juarez is now double jabbing in an attempt to get closer to his circling foe who is now moving and fighting to his right. Ayala stops and lands a booming four punch combination, under and over with both left hooks and right hands and spins out to his right as Juarez has reaped nothing but the wind for all of his efforts. Ayala round.

ROUND THREE: Ayala comes down off of his toes to take the fight inside to Juarez and digs to the body hard of Juarez and slips under and inside most of Rocky’s hooks and right hands. A classic left jab, right hand and left hook all find the mark on the frustrated and angry Juarez. Ayala round.

Mike Ayala (photo courtesy of

Mike Ayala (photo courtesy of

ROUND FOUR: Rocky has been told to close the gap now and is trying mightily, but his foe appears to be a better boxer than he and is moving constantly except for a few brief moments each round where he will fall inside and trade body shots with Juarez and is winning the exchanges. Ayala round.

ROUND FIVE: Ayala gets in a good right and left hook tot he face of Juarez, takes a half step back and then hits with two a left hook to the body and head. Juarez is trying hard but now has a cut over his right eye from one of those damaging hooks. Ayala round.

ROUND SIX: Juarez steams out and is trying to end the fight right here but the mobile Ayala will not accommodate him. A blistering salvo by Ayala and Juarez is breathing deeply now. A one two by Ayala stops Rocky in his tracks at the end of the round. Ayala round.

ROUND SEVEN: It is more of the same with Ayala bounding around the ring like a gazelle and delighting his hometown fans who have been cheering his name all the way. Ayala is faster than Rocky and he is an amazing body puncher who takes some steam out of the advancing Juarez with brutal left hooks. Ayala round.

ROUND EIGHT: Ayala hits Juarez smack in the face with a jab, a hook and a right hand which buckle Rocky. Juarez backs up and heads to a neutral corner with Ayala in hot pursuit. Mike blisters Juarez with another searing combination and then exits the pocket to his right and dances out to ring center, telling Rocky to come on. The crowed is going nuts as Ayala is pitching a shutout or near-shutout by now. Ayala round.

ROUND NINE: Juarez has been told he needs a knockout to win and the blood from the cut is now dripping into the eye. Ayala moves in to finish Juarez off and then Rocky lands a fierce left hook directly to the temple and Ayala is down! He is up at the count of six and back on his bicycle as he ties up the incoming Juarez and foils his plot for a knockout this round. Juarez round by two points.

ROUND TEN: Juarez is trying very hare but Ayala will not oblige him for a punch-out. Ayala is keeping his guard high and letting Rocky do the leading for this round as Mike is now tiring due to the constant movement. Juarez round.

ROUND ELEVEN: Ayala is playing the role of the artful dodger as Rocky goes for the knockout and gets in some good body whacks to the San Antonio native’s torso. It’s Houston versus San Antonio in overdrive as the two swap punches for the final twenty seconds in a torrid round as the crowd goes nuts!. Juarez round.

Mike Ayala in a similar war versus Danny Lopez in '1979 Fight of the Year'

Mike Ayala in a similar war versus Danny Lopez in '1979 Fight of the Year'

ROUND TWELVE: The two fighters start off the final round as if it is the first. Ayala is boxing and moving to preserve his lead while Juarez looks to end it all. Ayala is slugging with him, much to the chagrin of his father, Tony Ayala Sr. The action is hot and heavy while Ayala outpunches Juarez in the exchanges but gets hit with a brutal hook to the side and then to the head. Ayala is hurt and holding but the clock runs out in a Juarez round. What a fight!

The winner by a split decision in a great war is…Mike Ayala!

The happy victor is congratulated by his friends and family as he is off to celebrate one of the biggest wins of his meteoric career over a tough and game opponent.

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