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This Day in Boxing: July

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Compiled by Richey S. Jones

July 1,

1935: Lou Ambers W 10 Fritzie Zivic, Pittsburgh.

1956: Mike Rossman born.

1967: Carlos Ortiz KO 1 Sugar Ramos, San Juan. Retains World Lightweight Title.

1975: Muhammad Ali W 15 Joe Bugner, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Retains world heavyweight title.

1976: Alfredo Escalera W 15 Buzzsaw Yamabe, Nara, Japan. Retains WBC super-featherweight title.

Juan Guzman W 15 Jaime Rios, Santo Domingo. Wins WBA junior-flyweight title.

1987: Terry Marsh KO 6 Akio Kameda, London. Retains IBF super-lightweight title.

2001: Julien Lorcy W 12 Takanori Hatakeyama, Saitama, Japan. Regains WBA Lightweight Title.

2007: Takefumi Sakata W 12 Roberto Vasquez, Tokyo. Retains WBA Flyweight Title.

2011: Pongsaklek Wonjongkam W 12 Takuya Kogawa, Songkhla, Thailand. Retains World Flyweight Title. Referee: Lou Moret | judge: Stephen Blea 118-110 | judge: Franz Marti 117-111 | judge: Jae-Bong Kim 116-112.

July 2,

1916: Manuel Ortiz born.

1921: Jack Dempsey KO 4 Georges Carpentier, Jersey City. Retains world heavyweight title.
The first million dollar gate.

1925: Harry Greb W 15 Mickey Walker, NYC. Retains world middleweight title. After the fight the two met up at Big Bill Duffy’s Silver Slipper, a Broadway speakeasy. Feeling no pain, Walker suggested that had Greb not repeatedly thumbed him in the eyes, the outcome would’ve been different. As an infuriated Greb began to take off his jacket, Walker landed a sucker punch that began a brief gutter brawl. Eyewitness observers scored unanimously for Walker.

1940: Max Baer KO 8 (Two-Ton) Tony Galento, Jersey City, NJ.

1958: Joe Jennette, 78, died.

1968: Lionel Rose W 15 Takao Sakurai, Tokyo. Retains world bantamweight title.

1970: Jose Luis Garcia KO 8 Ken Norton, Los Angeles. Norton’s first defeat against 16 wins, including 15-KO’s.

1973: (Smokin’) Joe Frazier W 12 Joe Bugner, London.

1977: Carl Froch born.

1978: Eusebio Pedroza KO 12 Ernesto Herrera, Panama City. Retains WBA featherweight title.

1989: Brian Mitchell Tech. Dec. 9 Jackie Beard, Crotone, Italy. Retains WBA super-featherweight title.

1994: Orlin Norris KO 3 Arthur Williams, Las Vegas. Retains WBA cruiserweight title.

Wilfredo Vasquez KO 2 Jae-Won Choi, Las Vegas. Retains WBA super-bantamweight title.

2001: Light heavyweight Beethavean Scottland, 26, dies of brain injuries suffered in a June 26 bout with George Jones in New York City. Scottland was knocked out in the 10th-round and never regained consciousness, despite two operations to relieve the pressure on his brain.

2002: Former Heavyweight Champion Riddick Bowe files a $55-million lawsuit against former manager Rock Newman, alleging “unjust enrichment” and “breach of contract.”

2006: Manny Pacquiao W 12 Oscar Larios, Manila, Philippines. Referee: Bruce McTavish | Judge: Humbert Furgoni 117-110 | Judge: Daniel Van de Wiele 118-108 | Judge: Noppharat Sricharoen 120-106. Larios dropped in rounds 7 & 12.

2011: Wladimir Klitschko W 12 David Haye, Hamburg, Germany. Retains World Heavyweight Title. Referee: Genaro Rodriguez | judge: Michael Pernick 118-108 | judge: Adalaide Byrd 117-109 | judge: Stanley Christodoulou 116-110. Haye blames a broken toe for his lethargic performance.

July 3,

1861: Peter Jackson born.

1905: Marvin Hart KO 12 Jack Root, Reno. Wins vacant world heavyweight title. Former heavyweight champion James J. Jefferies officiates.

1915: Gene Tunney KO 9 Bobby Dawson, NYC. Tunney’s pro debut.

1919: Battling Levinsky ND 12 Billy Miske, Rossford, OH. Billed by promoter Jimmy Shea as being for the World Light Heavyweight Title
Fort Wayne News and Sentinel July 2, 1919. This bout was fought the evening before the Jack Dempsey-Jess Willard World Heavyweight Title bout at nearby Toledo. Newspaper draw. (Fort Wayne News and Sentinel). The Toledo Times and Toledo Blade both had the bout as a victory for Levinsky stating that early on he out jabbed Miske and then opened up in the later rounds and took the fight to Miske. The Toledo News-Bee did not offer any coverage of the bout.

1926: Sammy Mandell W 10 Rocky Kansas, Chicago. Wins world lightweight title.

1931: Max Schmeling KO 15 Young Stribling, Cleveland. Retains world heavyweight title.

1933: Panama Al Brown W 15 Johnny King, Manchester. Retains world bantamweight title.

1940: Willie Pep W 4 James McGovern, Hartford, CT. Pep’s pro debut. Pep would win his first 63-fights before suffering his first defeat at the hands of lightweight champ Sammy Angott.

1963: Chris Pyatt born.

1965: John John Molina born.

1974: Soo Hwan Hong W 15 Arnold Taylor, Durban. Wins WBA bantamweight title.

1993: Sung-II Moon W 12 Carlos Salazar, Seoul, S. Korea. Retains WBC super-flyweight title.

Ricardo Lopez KO 2 Saman Sorjaturong, Nuevo Laredo, MX. Retains WBC strawweight title.

2004: Yutaka Niida W 12 Noel Arambulet, Tokyo. Regains WBA Strawweight Title.

2008: Hugo Garay W 12 Yuri Barashian, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Wins vacant WBA Light Heavyweight Title.

2010: Hugo Cazares KO 7 Everardo Morales, Tlalnepantla, Mexico. Retains WBA Super Flyweight Title.

July 4, Happy Independence Day!!

1903: George Gardner KO 12 Jack Root, Ft. Erie, and Ontario. Wins world light-heavyweight title.

Joe Gans KO 5 Buddy King, Butte, MT. Retains world lightweight title.

1906: Abe Attell W 20 Frankie Neil, Los Angeles. Retains world featherweight title.

1907: Tommy Burns KO 1 Bill Squires, Colma, CA. Retains world heavyweight title.

1908: Battling Nelson KO 17 Joe Gans, Colma, CA. Wins world lightweight title.

Packey McFarland D 25 Freddie Welsh, Los Angeles.

1910: Jack Johnson KO 15 James J. Jefferies, Reno. Retains world heavyweight title. After the news of Johnson’s victory spread, there were riots and lynching throughout the country, and 11 people were killed.

1911: Ad Wolgast KO 13 Owen Moran, San Francisco. Retains world lightweight title.

1912: Jack Johnson WF 9 (Fireman) Jim Flynn, Las Vegas, New Mexico. Retains world heavyweight title.

Ad Wolgast KO 13 Joe Rivers, Vernon, CA. Retains world lightweight title.

1913: Willie Ritchie KO 11 Joe Rivers, San Francisco. Retains world lightweight title.

1916: Freddie Welsh WF 11 Ad Wolgast, Denver. Retains world lightweight title.

1919: Jack Dempsey KO 4 Jess Willard, Toledo, OH. Wins world heavyweight title.

Harry Wills W 8 Sam Langford, St. Louis.

1923: Jack Dempsey W 15 Tommy Gibbons, Shelby, MT. Retains world heavyweight title. After Doc Kearns (Dempsey’s manager) collected a little more than $200,000 of the $300,000 Dempsey was guaranteed, the two got the hell out of town, Gibbons went unpaid, and the town of Shelby went bankrupt.

1927: Tiger Flowers D 10 (Slapsie) Maxie Rosenbloom, Chicago.

1932: Marcel Thil W 15 Len Harvey, London. Retains world middleweight title.

1934: Joe Louis KO 1 Jack Kracken, Chicago. Louis’ pro debut.

1948: Manuel Ortiz KO 8 Memo Valero, Baja, CA. Retains world bantamweight title.

1982: Aaron Pryor KO 6 Akio Kameda, Cincinnati. Retains WBA super-lightweight title.

Chul Ho Kim D 15 Raul Valdez, Taejon, S. Korea. Retains WBC super-flyweight title.

1987: Juan Coggi KO 3 Patrizio Oliva, Ribera, Italy. Wins WBA super-lightweight title.

Kelvin Seabrooks KO 9 Thierry Jacob, Calais, France. Retains IBF bantamweight title.

1992: Sung Kil Moon KO 8 Armando Salazar, Seoul. Retains WBC super-flyweight title.

1995: Mblulelo Botile W 12 Sam Stewart, Hammanskraal. SA. Retains IBF bantamweight title.

1997: Sirimongkol Singmanassuk W 12 Victor Rabanales, Bangkok. Retains WBC bantamweight title.

1998: Zolani Petelo KO 7 Carmelo Caceres, Hammanskraal, SA. Retains IBF strawweight title.

2001: Five men in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn rob IBF Super Lightweight Champion Zab Judah at gunpoint. Judah lost a gold necklace, two gold chains, and a watch, altogether valued at $32,000. The robbers also took $2000 in cash.

2003: Mahyar Monshipour KO 12 Salim Medjkoune, Poitiers, France. Wins WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

2009: Anselmo Moreno W 12 Mahyar Monshipour, Poitiers, France. Retains WBA Bantamweight Title.

July 5,

1902: Panama Al Brown born Alfonso Teofilo Brown.

1909: Stanley Ketchel W 20 Billy Papke, Colma, CA. Retains world middleweight title.

1929: Jimmy Carruthers born.

1970: Shozo Saijyo W 15 Frankie Crawford, Sendai, Japan. Retains WBA featherweight title.

1975: Alfredo Escalera KO 2 Kuniaki Shibata, Mito, Japan. Wins WBC super-featherweight title.

Jose Antonio Aguirre born.

1984: Jiro Watanabe W 12 Payao Poontarat, Osaka. Wins WBC super-flyweight title.

1986: Elly Pical KO 3 Cesar Polanco, Djakarta. Regains IBF super-flyweight title.

Hilario Zapata W 15 Dodie Penalosa, Manila. Retains WBA flyweight title.

1996: Marcelo Dominguez KO 10 Patrick Aouissi, Hyeres, France. Retains WBC cruiserweight title.

1997: Veteran manager and trainer Al Braverman, 78, dies in Yonkers, NY. From complications of diabetes.

Raul Marquez KO 4 Romallis Ellis, Lake Charles, LA. Retains IBF super-welterweight title.

Khalid Rahilou KO 7 Marty Jakubowski, Casablanca, Morocco. Retains WBA super-lightweight title.

2008: Felix Sturm W 12 Randy Griffin, Halle, Germany. Retains WBA Middleweight Title.

July 6,

1922: Johnny Dundee W 15 Jack Sharkey, Brooklyn. Retains world super-featherweight title.

Frankie Genaro ND 12 Pancho Villa, Jersey City, NJ.

1925: Mike Ballerino W 15 Pepper Martin, Long Island City, NY. Retains world super-featherweight title.

1933: Lou Brouillard W 10 Mickey Walker, Boston. The crowd of 16,000 broke all Boston Garden boxing attendance records for the previous two years. New York Times.

1952: Danny (Little Red) Lopez born.

1974: Clarence (Bones) Adams Jr. born.

1979: Betulio Gonzalez KO 12 Shoji Oguma, Utsunomiya, Japan. Retains WBA flyweight title.

1996: Luisito Espinosa W 12 Cesar Soto, Manila. Retains WBC featherweight title.

1999: Trenton superior court judge Gerald Council revokes the boxing license of cruiserweight Britton (Tiger) Thomas, 10-1 (9), because he had fallen more than $4000 behind in child support payments. Thomas is the first boxer to lose his license under the New Jersey’s “deadbeat dad law.”

2002: Jorge Arce KO 6 Yosam Choi, Seoul, South Korea. Wins WBC Junior Flyweight Title.

July 7,

1914: Freddie Welsh W 20 Willie Ritchie, London. Wins world lightweight title. Legend has it that Welsh, upon learning that his $7000 guarantee was lost in the promotion, attacked his manager and bit off part of his ear.

1921: Ezzard Charles born.

1944: Emanuel Steward born.

1946: Marcel Cerdan W 10 Holman Williams, Paris, France. According to Eddie Snow in the European Edition of the New York Herald-Tribune, 10,000 fans were present. “Williams gave a fine display. He was scrupulously fair, fast, and tough. He took everything Cerdan had to give him, which was plenty, and could have taken a little- though not much- more. Although he has no more punch than a flea, he was not scared to get in close and mix it. Cerdan was handicapped by a damaged right hand–which he was unable to use with any effect after the fourth round. He fought hard and hit hard, and deserved his victory. .Even when a recurrence of his leg injury in the eighth round slowed Williams down, and left him with no option but to cover up and absorb all the vicious left hooks which the Frenchmen could dish out, he never looked like being knocked out. I enjoyed the fight, because it seemed to me to be a good exhibition of boxing science and fighting determination between two men whose styles are poles apart.”

1952: Kid Gavilan KO 11 Gil Turner, Havana. Retains world welterweight title.

1970: Wayne McCullough born.

1980: Larry Holmes KO 7 Scott LeDoux, Bloomington, MN. Retains WBC heavyweight title.

Saoul Mamby KO 13 Esteban DeJesus, Bloomington, MN. Retains WBC super-lightweight title.

1982: Katsuo Tokashiki KO 8 Masaharu Inami, Tokyo. Retains WBA junior-flyweight title.

Tommy Loughran died.

1983: Bruce Curry KO 7 Hidekazu Akai, Osaka. Retains WBC super-lightweight title.

1985: Julio Cesar Chavez KO 2 Roger Mayweather, Las Vegas. Retains WBC super-featherweight title.

1990: Virgil Hill W 12 Tyrone Frazier, Bismark, ND. Retains WBA light-heavyweight title.

2000: Jose Aguirre KO 5 Jose Luis Zepeda, Tabasco, Mexico. Retains WBC Strawweight Title.

2001: Jesse James Leija NC 5 Hector Camacho Jr. Coney Island, NY. Camacho totally punks out instead continuing to fight after he’s cut from an accidental head butt that was as much his fault as it was Leija’s.

2007: Wladimir Klitschko KO 6 Lamon Brewster, Cologne, Germany. Retains IBF Heavyweight Title.

Joachim Alcine W 12 Travis Simms, Bridgeport, CT. Wins WBA Super Welterweight Title.

Luis Alberto Perez KO 7 Genaro Garcia, Bridgeport, CT. Wins vacant IBF Bantamweight Title.

Nonito Donaire KO 5 Vic Darchinyan, Bridgeport, CT. Wins IBF Flyweight Title.

Florante Condes W 12 Muhammad Rachman, Jakarta, Indonesia. Wins IBF Strawweight Title.

2012: Wladimir Klitschko KO 6 Tony Thompson, Berne, Switzerland. Retains World Heavyweight Title.

Nonito Donaire W 12 Jeffrey Mathebula, Carson, CA. Referee: Pat Russell | judge: Deon Dwarte 119-108 | judge: Jonathan Davis 117-110 | judge: Steve Morrow 118-109. Mathebula dropped by a left hook in round four.

July 8,

1959: Jose Becerra KO 8 Alphonse Halimi, Los Angeles. Wins world bantamweight title.

1963: Fredia Gibbs born.

1964: Kenny Snow born.

1966: Jesse James Leija born.

1978: Samuel Serrano KO 9 Oh Young Ho, Hato Rey, PR. Retains WBA super-featherweight title.

1979: Alexis Arguello KO 11 Rafael Limon, NYC. Retains WBC super-featherweight title.

1984: Seung In Suh KO 4 Cleo Garcia, Seoul. Retains IBF super-bantamweight title.

1988: Donald Curry KO 9 Gianfranco Rosi, San Remo, Italy. Wins WBC super-welterweight title.

1989: John Mugabi KO 1 Rene Jacquot, Cergy-Pointoise, France. Wins WBC super-welterweight title.

1990: Aaron Davis KO 9 Mark Breland, Reno. Wins WBA welterweight title.

Jorge Paez D 12 Troy Dorsey, Las Vegas. Retains IBF featherweight title.

1996: Former welterweight champion Luis Rodriguez, 59, dies in Miami Beach. He had undergone kidney dialysis for the past 2-years.

2000: Former Lightweight Champion Livingstone Bramble, 39, is suspended by the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission for failing a prefight drug test.

2006: Cory Spinks W 12 Roman Karmazin, St. Louis, MO. Wins IBF Super Welterweight Title. Referee: Mark Nelson | Judge: Jerry Griffin 114-114 | Judge: Melvina Lathan 115-113 | Judge: Manfred Küchler 115-113.

July 9,

1926: Pete Latzo WF 4 George Levine, NYC. Retains world welterweight title.

1963: Roger Turner born.

1970: Carmelo Bossi W 15 Freddie Little, Monza, Italy. Wins world super-welterweight title.

1974: Ruben Olivares KO 7 Zensuke Utagawa, Inglewood. Wins vacant WBA featherweight title.

1980: Sebastian Sylvester born.

1988: Orlando Canizales KO 15 Kelvin Seabrooks, Atlantic City. Wins IBF bantamweight title.

Gilberto Roman KO 5 Yoshiyuki Uchida, Kawagoe, Japan. Retains WBC super-flyweight title.

1989: Edwin Rosario KO 6 Anthony Jones, Atlantic City. Regains vacant WBA lightweight title.

Kaokor Galaxy W 12 Sung Kil Moon, Bangkok. Regains WBA bantamweight title.

1994: Chris Eubank W 12 Mauricio Amaral, London.

1995: Tracey Patterson KO 2 Eddie Hopson, Reno. Wins IBF super-featherweight title.

1997: The Nevada Athletic Commission revokes Mike Tyson’s boxing license and fines him $3-million for twice biting WBA heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield on the ears during their 6/28/19997 bout in Las Vegas. Tyson can reapply for his license one year from that date.

1998: A federal jury in New York City acquits promoter Don King, 66, of all charges at his second insurance fraud trial.

2011: Lucian Bute KO 4 Jean-Paul Mendy, Bucharest, Romania. Retains IBF Super Middleweight Title.

Paul Williams W 12 Erislandy Lara, Atlantic City. Referee: Samuel Viruet | judge: Donald Givens 116-114 | judge: Hilton Whitaker III 115-114 | judge: Al Bennett 114-114. Quite possibly the worst decision of the last twenty years. I scored the fight 118-110 for Lara.

Brandon Rios KO 3 Urbano Antillon, Carson, CA. Retains WBA Lightweight Title.

Jhonny Gonzalez KO 4 Tomas Villa, Atlantic City. Retains WBC Featherweight Title.

Rico Ramos KO 7 Akifumi Shimoda, Atlantic City. Wins WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

Hugo Cazares KO 3 Arturo Badillo, Mazatlan, Mexico. Retains WBA Super Flyweight Title.

July 10,

1900: Joe Gans KO 8 Young Griffo, NYC.

1922: Jake LaMotta born Giacobe LaMotta.

Joe Lynch KO 14 Johnny Buff, Bronx, NY. Retains world bantamweight title.

1932: Panama Al Brown W 15 Kid Francis, Marseilles. Retains world bantamweight title.

1933: Ben Jeby W 15 Young Terry, Newark, NJ. Retains New York world middleweight title.

1951: Randy Turpin W 15 Sugar Ray Robinson, London. Wins world middleweight title.

1955: Vinnie Curto born.

1959: Don Jordan W 15 Denny Moyer, Portland. Retains world welterweight title.

1965: Carlos Hernandez KO 3 Percy Hayles, Kingston. Retains world super-lightweight title.

1970: Bruno Acari WF 6 Rene Roque, Lignano Sabaiadoro, Italy. Retains world super-lightweight title.

1976: Alfonso Zamora KO 3 Gilberto Illueca, Juarez, Mexico. Retains WBA bantamweight title.

1978: Clarence Vinson born. U.S Bronze Medalist in the bantamweight division at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

1983: Lupe Madera TW 4 Katsuo Tokashiki, Tokyo. Wins WBA junior-flyweight title.

1987: Jeff Fenech KO 5 Greg Richardson, Sydney. Retains WBC super-bantamweight title.

1989: Juan Jose Estrada W 12 Luis Mendoza, Tijuana. Retains WBA super-bantamweight title.

1993: Julio Cesar Vasquez W 12 Alejandro Ugueto, Tucuman, Arg. Retains WBA super-welterweight title.

1998: Freddie Norwood W 12 Luis Mendoza, Miami FL. Retains WBA featherweight title.

2001: Eric Lucas KO 7 Glenn Catley, Montreal, Quebec. Wins vacant WBC Super Middleweight Title.

2010: Juan Manuel Lopez KO 2 Bernabe Concepcion, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Nonito Donaire KO 8 Hernan Marquez, San Juan Puerto Rico.

July 11,

1928: Carl (Bobo) Olson born.

1936: Freddie Steele W 15 Babe Risko, Seattle. Wins NBA & New York world middleweight titles.

1943: Manuel Ortiz KO 7 Joe Robleto, Seattle. Retains world bantamweight title.

1948: Ike Williams KO 6 Beau Jack, Philadelphia. Retains world lightweight title.

1949: Sugar Ray Robinson W 15 Kid Gavilan, Philadelphia. Retains world welterweight title.

1950: Jake LaMotta W 15 Tiberio Mitri, NYC. Retains world middleweight title. Mitri, a substitute for Rocky Graziano makes for a very boring fight.

1953: Leon Spinks born.

1961: Terry Downes KO 10 Paul Pender, London. Wins world middleweight title.

1977: Wifredo Gomez KO 5 Raul Tirado, Hato Rey, PR. Retains WBC super-bantamweight title.

1992: Gianfranco Rosi W 12 Gilbert Dele, Monte Carlo. Retains IBF super-welterweight title.

Robert Quiroga W 12 Jose Ruiz, Las Vegas. Retains IBF super-flyweight title.

1996: Riddick (Big Daddy) Bowe DQ 7 Andrew Golota, NYC. A riot erupts at Madison Square Garden after the fight.

2008: Daniel Santos KO 6 Joachim Alcine, Montreal, Quebec. Wins WBA Super Welterweight Title.

2009: Tomasz Adamek KO 4 Bobby Gunn, Newark, New Jersey. Retains World Cruiserweight Title.

Felix Sturm W 12 Khoren Gevor, Nuremberg, Germany. Retains WBA Middleweight Title.

Cristobal Cruz W 12 Jorge Solis, Tuxla Gutierrez, Mexico. Retains IBF Featherweight Title.

Joseph Agbeko W 12 Vic Darchinyan, Sunrise, Florida. Retains IBF Bantamweight Title.

July 12,

1915: Tommy Gibbons ND 10 Billy Miske, St Paul, MN. Referee: Cpt. Frank Whitmore. Gibbons won the newspaper decision. (Daily Northwestern). The Milwaukee Free Press reported the same result. Attendance: 3,800

1943: Fritzie Zivic W 15 Jake LaMotta, Pittsburgh. Referee: Ernie Sesto. “LaMotta, a human windmill could not get started as Zivic kept him continuously off balance through the early rounds with a left jab. Zivic was the boxing master through the first nine rounds and only in the 2nd and 7th did LaMotta gain an edge. After the 9th the veteran couldn’t hold the heavier puncher but it was apparently a fast rally in the final round that gave him the decision.” (New York Times).

1962: Julio Cesar Chavez born.

1971: Joel Casamayor born.

1974: Danny Romero born.

1975: Jose Napoles W 15 Armando Muniz, Mexico City. Retains world welterweight title.

1980: Maurice Hope KO 11 Rocky Mattioli, Wembley. Retains WBC super-welterweight title.

1985: Barry Michael W 15 Lester Ellis, Melbourne. Wins IBF super-featherweight title.

1986: Evander (Real Deal) Holyfield W 15 Dwight Qawi, Atlanta, GA. Wins WBA cruiserweight title. Holyfield improves his record to 12-0 (8).

1987: Lupe Aquino W 12 Duane Thomas, Bordeaux, France. Wins WBC super-welterweight title.

1991: Tony Lopez KO 6 Lupe Gutierrez, Lake Tahoe. Retains IBF super-featherweight title.

1997: Lennox Lewis DQ 5 Henry Akinwande, Stateline, NV. Retains WBC heavyweight title. Akinwande totally disgraces himself.

2003: Ricardo Mayorga W 12 Vernon Forrest, Las Vegas. Retains World Welterweight Title.

Noel Arambulet W 12 Yutaka Niida, Yokohama, Japan. Retains WBA Strawweight Title.

2007: World Super Lightweight Champion Ricky Hatton is presented with the Member of the British Empire medal by the Prince of Wales at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

2008: Wladimir Klitschko KO 11 Tony Thompson, Hamburg, Germany. Retains IBF Heavyweight Title.

Ulises Solis W 12 Glenn Donaire, Hermosillo, Mexico. Retains IBF Junior Flyweight Title.

July 13,

1901: Mickey Walker born Edward Patrick Walker.

Peter Jackson, 40, died as a result of tuberculosis.

1909: Ad Wolgast ND 10 Battling Nelson, Los Angeles.

1931: Tony Canzoneri W 10 Cecil Payne, Los Angeles. Retains world super-lightweight title.

Midget Wolgast W 15 Ruby Bradley, Brooklyn. Retains New York world flyweight title.

1939: Billy Conn W 15 Melio Bettina, Pittsburgh. Wins world light-heavyweight title.

1956: Michael Spinks born.

1962: Emile Griffith W 15 Ralph Dupas, Las Vegas. Retains world welterweight title.

1963: Sugar Ramos W 15 Rafiu King, Mexico City. Retains world featherweight title.

1966: Julio Cesar Vasquez born.

Emile Griffith W 15 Joey Archer, NYC. Retains world middleweight title.

1968: Lou Del Valle born.

1980: Matthew Saad Muhammad KO 14 Yaqui Lopez, McAfee, NJ. Retains WBC light-heavyweight title. One of the greatest fights of all-time.

1982: Chad Dawson born.

1990: (Terrible) Terry Norris W 12 Rene Jacquot, Annecy, France. Retains WBC super-welterweight title.

1991: Gianfranco Rosi W 12 Glenn Wolfe, Avezzano, Italy. Retains IBF super-welterweight title.

1996: Ratanapol Sor Vorapin KO 3 Joseph Orgaleza, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Retains IBF strawweight title.

2001: Mickey Ward W 10 Emanuel Augustus, Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach, NH. Ring Magazine’s fight of the year! Referee: Steve Smoger | Judge: Mike Nolan 98-90 | Judge: Jim Fagin 96-91 | Judge: John Stevens 96-94. The fight was much closer than the scores.

2007: Cristian Mijares KO 10 Teppei Kikui, Gomez Palacio, Mexico. Retains WBC Super Flyweight Title.

July 14,

1925: World Flyweight Champion Pancho Villa, 23, dies from blood poisoning caused by an ulcerated tooth.

1932: (Slapsie) Maxie Rosenbloom W 15 Lou Scozza, Buffalo. Retains world light-heavyweight title.

1965: Lou Savarese born.

1973: Ernesto Marcel KO 12 Antonio Gomez, Panama City. Retains WBA featherweight title.

1985: Milton McCrory KO 3 Carlos Trujillo, Monte Carlo. Retains WBC welterweight title.

1994: Anaclet Wamba D 12 Adolpho Washington, Monte Carlo. Retains WBC cruiserweight title.

2005: Roman Karmazin W 12 Kassim Ouma, Las Vegas. Wins IBF Super Welterweight Title.

2007: Paul Williams W 12 Antonio Margarito, Carson, CA. Referee: Lou Moret | judge: David Mendoza 115-113 | judge: Marty Sammon 115-113 | judge: Tom Miller 116-112. I scored it 114-114.

Kermit Cintron KO 2 Walter Matthyssee, Atlantic City. Retains IBF Welterweight Title.

Alfonso Gomez KO 7 Arturo Gatti, Atlantic City.

Steve Molitor KO 9 Takalani Ndlovu, Orilla, Ontario, Canada. Retains IBF Super Bantamweight Title.

2009: Elio Rojas W 12 Takahiro Aoh, Tokyo. Wins WBC Featherwight Title.

Hozumi Hasegawa KO 1 Nestor Rocha, Kobe, Japan. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title.

Roman Gonzalez W 12 Katsunari Takayama, Kobe, Japan. Retains WBA Strawweight Title.

2012: Danny Garcia KO 4 Amir Khan, Las Vegas. Wins vacant World Super Lightweight Title.

July 15,

1889: James J. Corbett W 4 Joe Choynski, San Francisco.

1930: Bat Battalino KO 5 Ignacio Fernandez, Hartford. Retains world featherweight title.

1931: Kid Chocolate KO 7 Benny Bass, Philadelphia. Wins world super-featherweight title.

1959: James (Quick) Tillis born.

1961: Victor Claudio born.

1964: Tom Johnson born.

1966: Horacio Accavallo W 15 Hiroyuki Ebihara, Buenos Aires. Retains WBA flyweight title.

1970: Emile Griffith W 10 Dick Tiger, NYC. Tiger’s final ring performance.

1975: Saensak Muangsurin KO 8 Perico Fernandez, Bangkok. Wins WBC super-lightweight title. Muangsurin raises his log to 3-0. That’s right three wins no losses.

1976: Steve Cunningham born.

1984: Billy Costello W 12 Ronnie Shields, Kingston, NY. Retains WBC super-lightweight title.

1987: Louie Espinosa KO 15 Manuel Vilchez, Phoenix. Retains WBA super-bantamweight title.

1989: Evander (Real Deal) Holyfield KO 2 Adilson Rodriguez, Lake Tahoe.

Gianfranco Rosi W 12 Darrin Van Horn, Atlantic City. Wins IBF super-welterweight title.

1992: Genaro Hernandez W 12 Masuaki Takeda, Tokyo. Retains WBA super-featherweight title.

1995: Saman Sorjaturong KO 7 Humberto (Chiquita) Gonzalez, Inglewood. Wins IBF/WBC junior-flyweight title.

2000: Lennox Lewis KO 2 Frans Botha, London. Retains World Heavyweight Title.

2001: Pongsaklek Wonjongkam KO 5 Hayato Asai, Nagoya, Japan. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

2004: Pongsaklek Wonjongkam KO 5 Luis Angel Martinez, Khonkaen, Thailand. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

2006: Javier Castijello KO 10 Felix Sturm, Hamburg, Germany. Wins WBA Middleweight Title.

Sugar Shane Mosley KO 6 Fernando Vargas, Las Vegas.

Juan Diaz KO 9 Randy Suico, Las Vegas. Retains WBA Lightweight Title.

Wladimir Sidorenko W 12 Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym, Hamburg, Germany. Retains WBA Bantamweight Title.

2011: Pawel Wolak D 10 Delvin Rodriguez, NYC. Referee: Steve Smoger | judge: Julie Lederman 95-95 | judge: Steve Weisfeld 95-95 | judge: Tom Schreck 93-97. Fight of the year candidate.

July 16,

1924: Abe Goldstein W 15 Charles Ledoux, Bronx, NY. Retains world bantamweight title.

1925: Harry Greb ND 10 (Slapsie) Maxsie Rosenbloom, Cleveland.

1926: Jack Delaney W 15 Paul Berlenbach, Brooklyn. Wins world light-heavyweight title.

1928: Tommy Loughran W 10 Pete Latzo, Wilkes-Barre, PA. Retains world light-heavyweight title.

1930: Joey Giardello born Carmine Orlando Tilelli.

1931: Frankie Genaro KO 4 Routier Parra, N. Adams, MA. Retains NBA flyweight title.

1947: Rocky Graziano KO 6 Tony Zale, Chicago. Wins world middleweight title. Graziano’s only win in their 3-fight series.

1948: Cedric Kushner born.

1976: David Kotey KO 3 Shig Fukuyama, Tokyo. Retains WBC featherweight title.

1983: Mustafa Hamsho W 12 Wilfred Benitez, Las Vegas. Hamsho earns a second shot at middleweight champ, Marvelous Marvin Hagler with this one-sided drubbing of the three-division champion.

1988: Simon Brown KO 3 Jorge Vaca, Kingston, Jamaica. Retains IBF welterweight title.

1993: Al Cole W 12 Glenn McCrory, Moscow, RUS. Retains IBF cruiserweight title.

Yuri Arbachakov W 12 Ysias Zamudio, Kobe, Japan. Retains WBC flyweight title.

1994: Daorung Chuvatana KO 1 John Michael Johnson, Bangkok. Wins WBA bantamweight title.

1995: Former WBA flyweight champion Elvis Alvarez, 30, is shot to death in Medellin, Columbia, by several gunmen who approached him while he was on a motorcycle.

1996: Bernard Hopkins KO 11 Bo James, Atlantic City. Retains IBF middleweight title.

1999: David Reid W 12 Kevin Kelly, Atlantic City. Retains WBA super-welterweight title.

2005: Jermain Taylor W 12 Bernard Hopkins, Las Vegas. Wins World Middleweight Title.

Oscar Larios KO 10 Wayne McCullough, Las Vegas. Retains WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

July 17,

1907: Jack Johnson KO 2 Bob Fitzsimmons, Philadelphia.

1930: Al Singer KO 1 Sammy Mandell, Bronx, NY. Wins world lightweight title.

1939: Charley Burley W 10 Fritzie Zivic, Pittsburgh.

1940: Henry Armstrong KO 6 Lew Jenkins, NYC. Non-title fight.

1944: Willie Pep W 10 Manuel Ortiz, Boston, MA. Non-title fight.

1965: Ismael Laguna D 10 Nicolino Locche, Buenos Aires. Non-title fight.

1966: Richard Duran born.

1974: Bob Foster D 15 Jorge Ahumada, Albuquerque. Retains world light-heavyweight title. Foster’s final title defense.

1976: Pipino Cuevas KO 2 Angel Espada, Mexico. Wins WBA welterweight title.

1977: Luis Estaba W 15 Ricardo Estupian, Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela. Retains WBC junior-flyweight title.

1982: Davey Moore KO 10 Ayub Kalule, Atlantic City. Retains WBA super-welterweight title.

1983: Carlos DeLeon W 12 S.T Gordon, Las Vegas. Regains WBC cruiserweight title.

Santos Laciar KO 1 Hi Sup Shin, Cheju-do, S. Korea. Retains WBA flyweight title.

1985: Khaosai Galaxy KO 5 Rafael Orono, Bangkok. Retains WBA super-flyweight title.

Soon Chun Kwon D 15 Chong Kwan Chung, Masan, S. Korea. Retains IBF flyweight title.

Oleydong Sithamerchai born.

1993: Freddie Pendleton W 12 Jorge Paez, Las Vegas. Retains IBF lightweight title.

Michael Carbajal KO 7 Kwang-Sun Kim, Las Vegas. Retains IBF/WBC junior-flyweight title.

1995: 1984 Olympic gold medalist Henry Tillman, 34, pleads guilty to credit card forgery in Torrence, CA. Superior Court.

1999: Fernando Vargas KO 11 Raul Marquez, Lake Tahoe, NV. Retains IBF super-welterweight title.

Juan Carlos Gomez KO 6 Bruce Scott, Dusseldorf, Germany. Retains WBC cruiserweight title.

2001: WBC Super Welterweight champion Oscar De La Hoya settles out of court with a woman who alleged in a civil suit that the boxer raped her in 1996 at the Mexican resort of Cabo San Lucas. The terms of the settlement were not announced.

Former IBF Super Middleweight titleholder Graciano Rocchigiani, 37, is sent to prison for 12-months for violating probation.

2004: Juan Diaz W 12 Lakva Sim, Houston, TX. Wins WBA Lightweight Title.

2010: Timothy Bradley W 12 Luis Carlos Abregu, Rancho Mirage, CA. Non-title fight. Referee: Jack Reiss | judge: Fritz Werner 118-110 | judge: Barry Druxman 117-111 | judge: Jonathan Davis 116-112.

Fernando Montiel KO 3 Rafael Concepcion, Tuxla Gutierrez, Mexico. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title.

July 18,

1910: Midget Wolgast born Joseph Loscalzo.

1928: Tod Morgan W 15 Cannonball Martin, Brooklyn. Retains world super-featherweight title.

1929: Tommy Loughran W 15 James J. Braddock, Bronx, NY. Retains world light-heavyweight title.

1932: Johnny Jadick W 10 Tony Canzoneri, Philadelphia. Retains world super-lightweight title.

Jackie (Kid) Berg W 15 Kid Chocolate, Long Island City, NY. Non-title fight.

1948: Jim Watt born.

1951: Jersey Joe Walcott KO 7 Ezzard Charles, Pittsburgh. Wins world heavyweight title. Walcott’s (37 years old) 5th try at the heavyweight title.

Arnie Rosenthal born.

1960: Sonny Liston KO 3 Zora Folley, Denver.

1963: Quincy Taylor born.

1969: Vicente Saldivar W 10 Jose Legra, Los Angeles. Saldivar’s first fight in 2-years.

1973: In Jin Chi born.

1976: Luis Estaba KO 3 Franco Udella, Caracas. Retains WBC junior-flyweight title.

1979: Alejandro Garcia born.

1981: Michael Spinks W 15 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, Las Vegas. Wins WBA light-heavyweight title.

1986: Jeff Fenech KO 14 Steve McCrory, Sydney. Retains IBF bantamweight title.

Gilberto Roman W 12 Ruben Condori, Salta, Argentina. Retains WBC super-flyweight title.

1987: Mike McCallum KO 5 Donald Curry, Las Vegas. Retains WBA super-welterweight title.

1990: Saul Alvarez born.

1992: Pernell (Sweet Pea) Whitaker W 12 Rafael Pineda, Las Vegas. Wins IBF super-lightweight title.

1996: Promoter Babe Griffin, 88, dies in a nursing home in Los Gatos, CA. Bobby Chacon and Pete Ranzany were among the fighters Griffin built into major drawing cards.

1997: Johnny Tapia W 12 Danny Romero, Las Vegas. Wins IBF super flyweight title.

(Baby) Jake Matlala KO 9 Michael Carbajal, Las Vegas.

1998: Roy Jones Jr. W 12 Lou Del Valle, NYC. Unifies WBC/WBA light-heavyweight titles.

2000: The Nevada State Athletic Commission files a complaint against Bob Arum, based on the testimony the promoter gave at the racketeering trial of IBF President Bob Lee. Arum admitted under oath that he paid Lee a $100,000 bribe.

2005: Masamori Tokuyama W 12 Katsushige Kawashima, Osaka, Japan. Wins WBC Super Flyweight Title.

2007: Daisuke Naito W 12 Pongsaklek Wonjongkam, Tokyo. Wins WBC Flyweight Title. Huge upset!!

2009: Amir Khan W 12 Andreas Kotelnik, Manchester, England. Wins WBA Super Lightweight Title.

July 19,

1940: Tony Zale KO 13 Al Hostak, Seattle. Wins NBA middleweight title.

1971: Vitali Klitschko born.

1981: Hwan Jin Kim KO 13 Pedro Flores, Taegu, S. Korea. Wins WBA junior-flyweight title.

1986: (Terrible) Tim Witherspoon KO 11 Frank Bruno, London. Retains WBA heavyweight title.

1987: Jose Luis Ramirez W 12 Terrence Alli, St. Tropez. Regains vacant WBC lightweight title.

Seung Hoon Lee KO 5 Leon Collins, Pohang, S. Korea. Retains IBF super-bantamweight title.

1990: Robert Daniels W 12 Craig Bodzianowski, Seattle. Retains WBA cruiserweight title.

Lindell Holmes KO 9 Carl Sullivan, Seattle. Retains IBF super-middleweight title.

1997: Willam Guthrie KO 3 Darrin Allen, Indio, CA. Wins vacant IBF light-heavyweight title.

Tim Austin KO 8 Mbulelo Botile, Nashville, TN. Wins IBF bantamweight title.

Frankie Liles W 12 Zafarou Ballogou, Nashville, TN. Retains WBA super-middleweight title.

July 20,

1887: Mike Gibbons born.

1928: Corp. Izzy Schwartz WF 4 Frisco Grande, Rockaway, NY. Retains world flyweight title.

1953: Rocky Mattoli born.

1955: Flash Elorde W 10 Sandy Saddler, Manila. Non-title fight.

1959: Harold Gomes W 15 Paul Jorgensen, Providence, RI. Wins vacant world super-featherweight title.

1974: Betulio Gonzalez KO 10 Franco Udella, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy. Retains WBC flyweight title.

1980: Eddie Mustafa Muhammad KO 10 Jerry Martin, McAfee, NJ. Retains WBA light-heavyweight title.

Eusebio Pedroza KO 8 Sa Wang Kim, Seoul. Retains WBA featherweight title.

1982: Hilario Zapata W 15 Tadashi Tomori, Kanazawa, Japan. Regains WBC junior-flyweight title.

1984: Joo Do Chun KO 7 William Develos, Pusan, S. Korea. Retains IBF super-flyweight title.

1990: Christophe Tiozzo KO 8 Paul Whitaker, Aries, France. Retains WBA super-middleweight title.

1991: Charles Williams KO 3 Vincent Boulware, Italy. Retained IBF light-heavyweight title.

Anaclet Wamba KO 11 Massimiliano Duran, Palermo, Italy. Wins WBC cruiserweight title.

Sung Kil Moon KO 5 Ernesto Ford, Seoul. Retains WBC super-bantamweight title.

Khaosai Galaxy KO 5 David Griman, Bangkok. Retains WBA super-bantamweight title.

1996: Daniel Zaragoza KO 7 Tsuyoshi Harada, Osaka, Japan. Retains WBC super-bantamweight title.

1997: Bernard Hopkins KO 11 Glen Johnson, Indio, CA. Retains IBF middleweight title.

2002: Vernon Forrest W 12 Shane Mosley, Indianapolis, Indiana. Retains World Welterweight Title.

2011: Antonio Tarver KO 9 Danny Green, Sydney, Australia.

July 21,

1905: Jimmy Britt W 20 Kid Sullivan, San Francisco. Retains world lightweight title.

1927: Jack Dempsey KO 7 Jack Sharkey, NYC. When asked why he struck Sharkey (with the knockout blow) while Sharkey was complaining to the referee, Dempsey replied, “What was I supposed to do, write him a letter?”

1930: Tony Canzoneri W 10 Benny Bass, Philadelphia.

1931: Gene Fullmer born.

1936: Petey Sarron W 15 Baby Manuel, Dallas. Retains world featherweight title.

1941: Sugar Ray Robinson W 10 Sammy Angott, Philadelphia. Non-title fight. Robinson, a pro for only nine months easily defeats the reigning NBA lightweight champion.

1949: Ike Williams KO 4 Enrique Bolanos, Los Angeles. Retains world lightweight title.

1964: Steve Collins born.

1968: Kenny Keene born.

1979: Eusebio Pedroza KO 12 Ruben Olivares, Houston. Retains WBA featherweight title.

1982: Salvador Sanchez KO 15 Azumah Nelson, NYC. Retains WBC featherweight title. Sanchez’ final defense before his untimely death on 8/12/1982.

1985: Ubaldo Sacco KO 9 Gene Hatcher, Campione d’Italia, Italy. Wins WBA super-lightweight title.

1989: Mike Tyson KO 1 Carl Williams, Atlantic City. Retains world heavyweight title. 93-seconds is all Iron Mike needed to finish off Williams.

1990: Gianfranco Rosi W 12 Darrin Van Horn, Marino, Italy. Wins IBF super-welterweight title.

2000: Francisco Castillejo W 12 Tony Marshall, Madrid, Spain. Retains WBC Super Welterweight Title.

2001: Sugar Shane Mosley KO 3 Adrian Stone, Las Vegas. Retains WBC Welterweight Title.

2007: Bernard Hopkins W 12 Winky Wright, Las Vegas. Retains World Light Heavyweight Title.

Gavin Rees W 12 Souleymane M’baye, Cardiff, Wales. Wins WBA Super Lightweight Title.

Jorge Linares KO 10 Oscar Larios, Las Vegas. Wins vacant WBC Featherweight Title.

2012: Adrien Broner KO 5 Vicente Escobedo, Cincinnati, OH Broner loses his “title” on the scales when he fails to make the 130lb weight limit.

July 22,

1931: Mickey Walker D 15 Jack Sharkey, Brooklyn.

1955: Sugar Ray Robinson W 10 Rocky Castellani, San Francisco.

1963: Sonny Liston KO 1 Floyd Patterson, Las Vegas. Retains world heavyweight title.
Listons’ 2nd consecutive first round KO over Patterson.

1987: Rene Arredondo KO 6 Tsuyoshi Hamada, Tokyo. Regains WBC super-lightweight title.

1995: Nate Miller KO 8 Orlin Norris, England. Wins WBA cruiserweight title.

Nigel Benn KO 8 Vincenzo Nardiello, London. Retains WBC super-middleweight title.

Alimi Goitia KO 4 Hyung Chul Lee, Seoul, S. Korea. Wins WBA super-flyweight title.

1998: Broadcaster Don Dunphy, 90, dies of heart failure.

1999: Undefeated heavyweight contender Ike Ibeabuchi, 26, is arrested in Las Vegas on charges he sexually assaulted a women (an exotic dancer) in his hotel room.

2000: Felix (Tito) Trinidad KO 3 Mamadou Thiam, Miami. Retains WBA Super Welterweight Title.

Felix Machado W 12 Julio Gamboa, Miami, FL. Wins vacant IBF Super Flyweight Title.

2006: Carlos Baldomir KO 9 Arturo Gatti, Atlantic City. Retains World Welterweight Title.

Nobuo Nashiro KO 10 Martin Castillo, Osaka, Japan. Wins WBA Super Flyweight Title.

July 23,

1923: Benny Leonard W 15 Lew Tendler, Bronx, NY. Retains World Lightweight Title.

1925: Charley Phil Rosenberg KO 4 Eddie Shea, Bronx, NY. Retains world bantamweight title.

1931: Bat Battalino W 10 Freddie Miller, Cincinnati. Retains world featherweight title.

1963: Vincent Phillips born.

1958: Joe Brown W 15 Kenny Lane, Houston. Retains world lightweight title. Lane is the first southpaw to challenge for the lightweight honors since Lew Tendler 35-years prior.

1964: Two-time middleweight champion Gene Fullmer announces his retirement. Fullmer concludes his career with a 55-6-3 (24).

1970: Gabriel Ruelas born.

1972: Mbulelo Botile born.

1988: Tony Lopez W 12 Rocky Lockridge, Sacramento. Wins IBF super-featherweight title.

1990: Humberto (Chiquita) Gonzalez KO 5 Jung Keun Lim, Inglewood. Retains WBC junior-flyweight title.

1994: Virgil Hill W 12 Frank Tate, Bismark, ND. Retains WBA light-heavyweight title.

Mike McCallum W 12 Jeff Harding, Bismark, ND. Wins WBC light heavyweight title.

Al Cole W 12 Nate Miller, Bismark, ND. Retains IBF cruiserweight title.

2000: IBF Super Featherweight Champion Diego Corrales is arrested in Sacramento on charges of spousal abuse, assault, and possession of a sawed-off shotgun. Corrales’ pregnant wife was hospitalized with a broken jaw, collarbone, and ribs.

2010: Beibut Shumenov W 12 Vyacheslav Uzelkov, Lemoore, California. Retains WBA Light Heavyweight Title. Referee: Jon Schorle | judge: Ray Balewicz 117-109 | judge: Ralph McKnight 118-108 | judge: Ignacio Robles 118-108.

2011: Amir Khan KO 5 Zab Judah, Las Vegas. Unifies WBA & IBF Super Lightweight Title.

Orlando Salido KO 11 Kenichi Yamaguchi, Ciudad Obregon, Mexico.

July 24,

1902: Joe Gans KO 15 Rufe Turner, Oakland. Retains world lightweight title.

1925: Tony Canzoneri KO 1 Jack Gardner, Rockaway, NY. Canzoneri’s pro debut.

1968: Jose Legra KO 5 Howard Winstone, Porthcawl. Wins vacant WBC featherweight title.

1982: Freddie Castillo W 15 Prudencio Cardona, Merida, MX. Wins WBC flyweight title.

Ray Mancini KO 6 Ernesto Espana, Warren, OH. Retains WBA lightweight title.

1986: Tsuyoshi Hamada KO 1 Rene Arredondo, Tokyo. Wins WBC super-lightweight title.

1988: Yong Kang Kim W 12 Sot Chitalada, Pohang, S. Korea. Wins WBC flyweight title.

1993: Charles Murray W 12 Juan LaPorte, Atlantic City. Retains IBF super-lightweight title.

1994: Zach Padilla KO 10 Juan LaPorte, Los Angeles.

1999: James Page KO 11 Freddie Pendleton, Las Vegas. Retains WBA Welterweight Title

Terron Millett KO 12 Virgil McClendon, Las Vegas. Retains IBF super-lightweight title.

2004: Arturo Gatti KO 2 Leonard Dorin, Atlantic City.

Jesse James Leija W 10 Francisco Bojado, Atlantic City. Minor upset. Leija down in round two.

In Jin Chi KO 10 Eiichi Sugama, Seoul, South Korea. Retains WBC Featherweight Title.

July 25,

1902: James J. Jefferies KO 8 Bob Fitzsimmons, San Francisco. Retains world heavyweight title.

1921: Pete Herman W 15 Joe Lynch, Brooklyn. Wins world bantamweight title.

1929: Jackie Fields WF 2 Joe Dundee, Detroit. Retains world welterweight title.

1953: Carmen Basilio D 12 Billy Graham, Syracuse. Retains NY State welterweight title.

1967: Glenwood Brown born.

Ricardo Lopez born.

1976: Toshiaki Nishioka born.

1981: Jeff Chandler KO 7 Julian Solis, Atlantic City. Retains WBA bantamweight title.

1987: Miguel Lora KO 4 Antonio Avelar, Key Biscayne, FL. Retains WBC bantamweight title.

2009: Paulus Moses W 12 Takehiro Shimada, Windhoek, Namibia. Retains WBA Lightweight Title.

Giovanni Segura KO 8 Juanito Rubillar, Nuero Vallarta, Mexico. Retains WBA Light Flyweight Title.

July 26,

1923: Johnny Dundee W 15 Eugene Criqui, NYC. Wins world featherweight title. Dundee ends Criqui’s 24-day reign as world featherweight champ.

1928: Gene Tunney KO 11 Tom Heeney, NYC. Retains world heavyweight title. Tunneys’ final fight.

Billy Petrolle D 10 Jack (Kid) Berg, Chicago.

1933: Barney Ross KO 6 Johnny Farr, Kansas City. World super-lightweight title.

1938: Al Hostak KO 1 Freddie Steele, Seattle. Wins NBA middleweight title.

1948: Freddie Mills W 15 Gus Lesnevich, London. Wins world light-heavyweight title.

1967: Chartchai Chionoi KO 3 Puntip Keosuriya, Bangkok. Retains WBC flyweight title.

1971: Muhammad Ali KO 12 Jimmy Ellis, Houston. Wins vacant NABF heavyweight title.

1977: Matthew (Franklin) Saad Muhammad KO 12 Marvin Johnson, Philadelphia. Wins vacant NABF light heavyweight title. A quintessential Philly war!

1978: Vilomar Fernandez W 10 Alexis Arguello, NYC. Non-title fight. Upset of the year!

1981: Lupe Pintor KO 8 Jovito Rengifo, Las Vegas. Retains WBC bantamweight title.

1986: Mike Tyson KO 1 Marvis Frazier, Glen Falls, NY. Less than thirty seconds in, and Marvis is toast. Smokin’ Joe wanted it; Marvis got it!

1987: Chong Pal Park KO 4 Emmanuel Otti, Kwangiu, S. Korea. Retains IBF super-middleweight title.

Antonio Esparragoza KO 10 Pascual Aranda, Houston. Retains WBA featherweight title.

1997: Antonio Cermeno KO 12 Yuichi Kasai, Yokohama, Japan. Retains WBA super-bantamweight title.

Stevie Johnston W 12 Hiroyuki Sakamoto, Yokohama, Japan. Retains WBC lightweight title.

1998: Mark (Too Sharp) Johnson W 12 Luis Rolon, Verona, NY. Retains IBF flyweight title.

Satoshi Iida W 12 Joma Gamboa, Nagoya, Japan. Retains WBA super-flyweight title.

1999: Mateo Baring, 31, dies from a brain injury suffered in his seventh-round knockout loss at the hands of Fabio Marfa in the Philippines.

IBF super-welterweight champion Fernando Vargas, 21, is arrested in Summerland, California, for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon and burglary.

2003: Manny Pacquiao KO 3 Emmanuel Lucero, Los Angeles. Retains IBF Super Bantamweight Title.

2008: Antonio Margarito KO 11 Miguel Cotto, Las Vegas. Wins WBA Welterweight Title.

July 27,

1918: Jack Dempsey KO 1 Fred Fulton, Harrison, NJ. Dempsey flattens the 6’ 3” Fulton in 23 seconds. When chronicling Dempsey’s rise to the heavyweight title, “historians” just loved giving the details of his first round KO of “the 6’ 7” Fred Fulton. Talk about tall tales.

1921: Johnny Wilson WF 7 William Bryan Downey, Cleveland. Retains world middleweight title.

1922: Benny Leonard ND 12 Lew Tendler, Jersey City, NJ.

1937: Henry Armstrong KO 4 Benny Bass, Philadelphia.

1961: Rene Jacquot born.

1964: Flash Elorde KO 12 Teruo Kosaka, Tokyo. Retains world super-featherweight title.

1967: John Scully born.

1971: Lehlo Ledwaba born.

1973: Juan Carlos Gomez born.

1979: Jorge Arce born.

1981: Paul Williams born.

1985: Dwight Qawi KO 11 Piet Crous, Sun City, SA. Wins WBA cruiserweight title.

1990: Massimilliano Duran WF 11 Carlos DeLeon, Capo d’Orlando, Italy. Wins WBC cruiserweight title.

1991: Mauro Galvano W 12 Ron Essett, Capo d’Orlando, Italy. Retains WBC super-middleweight title.

Pernell (Sweet Pea) Whitaker W 12 Poli Diaz, Norfolk. Retains WBC/IBF lightweight title.

1992: Manuel Medina KO 10 Fabrizio Cappai, Capo d’Orlando, Italy. Retains IBF featherweight title.

Victor Rabanales KO 4 Luis Alberto Campo, Tuxtla, Mexico. Retains WBC interim bantamweight title.

2002: John Ruiz W disq. 10 Kirk Johnson, Las Vegas. Retains WBA Heavyweight Title. Ruiz has to be one of the weakest heavyweight belt holders of all-time.

Byron Mitchell KO 4 Julio Cesar Green, Las Vegas. Retains WBA Super Middleweight Title.

Tim Austin KO 10 Adan Vargas, Las Vegas. Retains IBF Bantamweight Title.

July 28,

1931: Al Iovino KO 3 Henry Armstrong, Braddock, PA. Armstrong’s pro debut.

1969: Johnny Famechon W 15 Fighting Harada, Sydney. Retains WBC featherweight title.

1974: Antonio Cervantes KO 2 Victor Ortiz, Cartagena. Retains world super-lightweight title.

1975: Takanori Hatakeyama born.

1979: Sung Jun Kim W 15 Siony Carupo, Seoul. Retains WBC junior-flyweight title.

1980: Rafael Orono D 15 Willie Jensen, Caracas. Retains WBC super-flyweight title.

Shoji Oguma W 15 Sung Jun Kim, Tokyo. Retains WBC flyweight title.

1985: Mike McCallum KO 8 David Braxton, Miami. Retains WBA super-welterweight title.

Joey Olivo W 15 Moon Jin Choi, Seoul. Retains WBA junior-flyweight title.

1988: Michael Nunn KO 9 Frank Tate, Las Vegas. Wins IBF middleweight title.

1989: Adrien Broner born.

1990: Dennis Andries KO 7 Jeff Harding, Melbourne. Wins WBC light heavyweight title for a 3rd time.

Leopard Tamakuma KO 10 Yul Woo Lee, Tokyo. Wins WBA flyweight title.

1996: Amateur boxer Reginaldo Tavares Da Silva Jr., 18, dies if internal injuries suffered during a bout in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

2001: Roy Jones Jr. W 12 Julio Gonzalez, Los Angeles. Retains World Light Heavyweight Title.

Andrew Lewis NC 2 Ricardo Mayorga, Los Angeles. Retains WBA Welterweight Title.

Erik Morales W 12 In Jin Chi, Los Angeles. Retains WBC Featherweight Title.

2007: Vernon Forrest W 12 Carlos Baldomir, Tacoma, Washington. Wins vacant WBC Super Welterweight Title.

Edgar Sosa W DQ 10 Luis Lazarte, Cancun, Mexico. Retains WBC Junior Flyweight Title.

July 29,

1870: George Dixon born.

1927 Freddie Welsh, 41, dies.

1941: Freddy Cochrane W 15 Fritzie Zivic, Newark, NJ. Wins world welterweight title.

1956: Teddy Atlas born.

1957: Floyd Patterson KO 10 Tommy Jackson, NYC. Retains world heavyweight title.

1971: Alfredo Marcano KO 10 Hiroshi Kobayashi, Aomori, Japan. Wins WBA super-featherweight title.

1978: Netmoi Vorasingh KO 5 Luis Estaba, Caracas. Retains WBC junior-flyweight title.

1979: Yoko Gushiken W 15 Rafael Pedroza, Kitakyushu, Japan. Retains WBA junior-flyweight title.

1981: Chul Ho Kim KO13 Willie Jensen, Pusan, S. Korea. Retains WBC super-flyweight title.

1982: Jiro Watanabe KO 10 Gustavo Ballas, Osaka. Retains WBA super-flyweight title.

1988: Lloyd Honeyghan KO 5 Yung Kil Chung, Atlantic City. Retains WBC welterweight title.

Tomas Molinares KO 6 Marlon Starling, Atlantic City. Wins WBA welterweight title.
Molinares’ KO punch clearly lands after the bell ending the 6th round.

1989: Khaosai Galaxy KO 10 Alberto Castro, Surin, Thailand. Retains WBA super-flyweight title.

1990: Jeff Lampkin KO 8 Siza Makhathini, St. Petersburg, FL. Retains IBF cruiserweight title.

Michael Carbajal KO 7 Muangchai Kittikasem, Phoenix. Wins IBF junior-flyweight title.

1994: James Toney KO 12 Charles Williams, Las Vegas. Retains IBF super-middleweight title.

Oscar De La Hoya KO 2 Jorge Paez, Las Vegas.

1995: Danny Romero KO 6 Miguel Martinez, San Antonio. Retains IBF flyweight title.

2000: Kostya Tszyu KO 6 Julio Cesar Chavez, Phoenix, AZ. Retains WBC Super Lightweight Title.

2002: Noel Arambulet W 12 Keitaro Hoshino, Yokohama, Japan. Regains WBA Strawweight Title.

2006: Gary St. Clair W 12 Cassius Baloyi, Johannesburg, South Africa. Wins IBF Super Featherweight Title.

2011: Beibut Shumenov KO 9 Danny Santiago, Las Vegas. Retains WBA Light Heavyweight Title.

July 30,

1884: Jack Dempsey (The Nonpareil) KO 22 George Fulljames. Becomes the first recognized world middleweight champion. The first bout under the Marquis of Queensberry rules.

1917: Harry Greb ND 10 Jack Dillon, Pittsburgh.

1931: Frankie Genaro KO 6 Jackie Harmon, Waterbury, CT. Retains NBA flyweight title.

1972: Enrique Pinder W 15 Rafael Herrera, Panama City. Wins world bantamweight title.

1977: Carlos Monzon W 15 Rodrigo Valdez, Monte Carlo. Retains world middleweight title. In round two Monzon is knocked down for the first time in thirteen years. Monzon controls the last half of the fight to earn the unanimous nod of 144-141,147-144 and 145-143. Afterward, the 34 year-old Monzon would announce his retirement.

Jerson Ravelo born. Dominican Republic Representative at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

1979: Pipino Cuevas W 15 Randy Shields, Chicago. Retains WBA welterweight title.

1988: Julian Jackson KO 3 Buster Drayton, Atlantic City. Retains WBA super-welterweight title.

1989: Julian Jackson KO 2 Terry Norris, Atlantic City. Retains WBA super-welterweight title.

1992: Al Cole W 12 James Warring, Stanhope, NJ. Wins IBF cruiserweight title.

1994: Alfred Kotey W 12 Rafael Del Valle, London.

1995: Wayne (Pocket Rocket) McCullough W 12 Yasuei Yakushiji, Nagoya. Retains WBC bantamweight title.

2004: Danny Williams KO 4 Mike Tyson, Louisville, KY.

2006: Rudy Lopez KO 7 Takashi Koshimoto, Fukuoka, Japan. Wins WBC Featherweight Title.

2008: Daisuke Naito KO 10 Tomonobu Shimizu, Tokyo. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

Takefumi Sakata W 12 Hiroyuki Hisataka, Tokyo. Retains WBA Flyweight Title.

July 31,

1908: Stanley Ketchel KO 3 Hugo Kelly, San Francisco. Retains world middleweight title.

1915: Les Darcy KO 15 Eddie McGoorty, Sydney. Retains Australian world middleweight title.

1916: Jimmy Wilde KO 10 Johnny Hughes, London. Retains world flyweight title.

1920: Harry Greb ND 10 Tommy Gibbons, Pittsburgh.

1933: John Henry Lewis W 10 (Slapsie) Maxie Rosenbloom, San Francisco.

1942: Sugar Ray Robinson W 10 Sammy Angott, NYC. Non-title fight. Robinson ups his record to 33-0 (25). Robinson’s second consecutive victory over the reigning world lightweight champion. Robinson hasn’t even been a pro for two years!

1982: Alexis Arguello KO 2 Kevin Rooney, Atlantic City. Non-title fight.

1987: Brian Mitchell KO 14 Francisco Fernandez, Panama City. Retains WBA super-featherweight title.

1988: Buddy McGirt KO 1 Howard Davis, NYC. Retains IBF super-lightweight title.

1999: Erik Morales KO 6 Reynante Jamili, Tijuana, MX. Retains WBC super-bantamweight title.

Hideki Todaka W 12 Jesus Rojas, Nagoya, Japan. Wins WBA super-flyweight title.

Michael Carbajal KO 11Jorge Arce, Tijuana, MX.

2002: Alexander Munoz KO 2 Eiji Kojima, Osaka, Japan. Retains WBA Super Flyweight Title.

2004: Erik Morales W 12 Carlos Hernandez, Las Vegas. Retains WBC; wins IBF Super Featherweight title.

Rafael Marquez KO 3 Heriberto Ruiz, Las Vegas. Retains IBF Bantamweight Title.

2010: Juan Manuel Marquez W 12 Juan Diaz, Las Vegas. Retains World Lightweight Title.



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