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Assoc. of Boxing Commissions President to WBC’s Sulaiman: Margarito’s Suspension Stands

by on Jul.14, 2009, under Boxing News

Lueckenhoff warns of perils when ”the WBC, FECOMBOX or any other entity” unilaterally attempts to cancel suspensions or revocations of a boxer’s license by a “duly authorized boxing commission” in the U.S.

[Editor's note:  This letter was sent off to the World Boxing Council's president, Jose Sulaiman on Monday, July 13th]

Mr. Jose Sulaiman CH.
World Boxing Council
Cuzco #872, COL Lindavista
Mexico, D. F. 07300

Re: Antonio Margarito

Dear Mr. Sulaiman:

 Reference is made to your letter dated June 29, 2009 in which you advise that the WBC and FECOMBOX have put a “voting request” to their respective Board of Directors to “cancel the suspension” by the California State Athletic Commission (“CSAC”) of the boxer license issued to Antonio Margarito; effective, July 24, 2009 – six months following the imposition of the “suspension” (in reality, revocation).  You note that the proposed action of the WBC and FECOMBOX are premised upon Mr. Margarito “strongly stating” he did not know that his trainer had saturated the hand-wrap with an illegal substance; adding that all of the boxing commissions of Mexico, led by FECOMBOX, decided to “respect” the CSAC “suspension for 6 months but no more.”  At the conclusion of the letter, you suggest that you and I have a “personal conversation” regarding these matters during “the process of this voting.”  This letter shall serve as my response.

 First, after conducting a full, and lengthy, adjudicatory hearing, the CSAC determined that, prior to his January 24, 2009 fight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California against Shane Mosley, the hand-wrap of Antonio Margarito had been saturated with two elements (calcium and sulfur) commonly found in plaster of Paris; and, in a five page Order, dated March 31, 2009, the CSAC ordered that the boxer license of Mr. Margarito be revoked.  To the knowledge of the Association of Boxing Commissions, the CSAC Order has not been reversed by any appellate court and remains in full force and effect.

Second, under the laws of the United States, suspensions / revocations involving “unsportsmanlike or other inappropriate behavior inconsistent with generally accepted methods of competition in a professional boxing match” are to be reciprocally enforced by all boxing commissions throughout the country.  15 USC§6306(a)(2)(E).  It appears obvious that the offenses for which Mr. Margarito was found to be in violation fit squarely within the confines of this provision.

Third, the ABC strongly encourages its member commissions to adhere to, and enforce, all applicable federal laws.

Finally, although the laws of the United States are neither applicable to, nor enforceable in, Mexico, the ABC vehemently opposes the WBC, FECOMBOX or any other entity unilaterally determining that the suspension or revocation of a boxer’s license by a duly authorized boxing commission in the United States is to be “cancelled”; at least not prior to the expiration of such a license.  Such actions  directly contravene, and are inapposite to, the effective regulation of professional boxing.

Very truly yours, 
 Tim Lueckenhoff
cc:  Honorable John McCain
      ABC Board of Directors
      Karen Chappelle, Supervising Deputy Attorney General (California)

[1]   The term “suspension” includes within its meaning “revocation” 15 USC §6301(15).

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