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‘Ice’ John Scully Interviews Former Boxing Standout, Floyd Favors

by on Nov.29, 2014, under Boxing News


Floyd Favors of Capitol Heights, Maryland decisioned Jesse Benavides of Corpus Christi, Texas to win the 1983 United States Sports Festival Bantamweight title at Colorado Springs, Colorado

Floyd Favors of Capitol Heights, Maryland decisioned Jesse Benavides of Corpus Christi, Texas to win the 1983 United States Sports Festival Bantamweight title at Colorado Springs, Colorado


When I was coming up in the early 1980′s as a novice amateur light middleweight I used to follow the amateur game very closely. Every month I would read the top magazine for amateur boxing at the time, “The Amateur Boxer’ magazine that had a list of top ten ratings for each weight class in the nation. To me the names on those lists were every bit as famous and revered by me as the names in the WBA and WBC top 10.

They were the ones kids like me first wanted to be like and one of them whose name appeared month after month and year after year during that time was that of the very talented and highly accomplished bantamweight out of Capitol Heights, Maryland, Mr. Floyd Favors

Floyd was one of the world’s best 119 pound boxers in the world over the first half of the 1980′s, winning some of the biggest titles available in amateur boxing including championship titles on both national and world levels.

Highlights include:

  • 1982 World Amateur Champion 119 pound champion
  • 1982 USA/ABF National 119 pound Champion
  • 1982-1983 National Sports Festival 119 pound champion
  • 1984 USA Olympic boxing team alternate at 119 pounds

When I asked the 1982 World Champion for his list, he named nationally ranked American Herbie Bivelaqua, Russian star Victor Michinchov and future world champion Jon-Jon Molina (at the 1983 Pan-American Games) as his three greatest amateur victories.

Retiring in 1992 after compiling a 14-5 professional record that included bouts against the likes of Tyrone “The Harlem Butcher” Jackson, Dana Roston, Eugene Speed, Kenny Baysmore and world champion Leavander Johnson, Floyd is now an active USA/ABF amateur boxing official in the greater Washington D.C. area.

I am proud to call him a friend.

ICEMAN: In a nutshell, how did you get started boxing??

Floyd Favors: I was 11 years old and the bag boy for my best friend who was the only boxer for Coach William Dunlap. One day William told me to start training because I was coming everyday with Reynard and wasn’t doing anything anyway!

ICEMAN: When you were very young in the game, who did you idolize in the sport?

Floyd Favors: Dale Staley, a white kid from Hillcrest who I saw knock out this tough black boxer right up over the top rope and down to the canvas. He was set to fight a boxer in the Golden Gloves named Sugar Ray Leonard and I said to my friends “this guy named Sugar Ray is in trouble!”

Ray ended up beating Dale that time but Dale could definitely fight!

ICEMAN: What is the best fight you have ever watched, either live or on TV?

Floyd Favors: The first Leonard versus Hearns fight.

ICEMAN: Who is your favorite fighter of all time and why?

Floyd Favors: Sugar Ray Robinson

ICEMAN: What is your favorite moment from your boxing career?

Floyd Favors: When I won my first National AAU championship at 119 pounds in 1982. My career was complete.

ICEMAN: Tell me about your trainer (or trainers if you’ve had more than one)?

Floyd Favors: William Dunlap was the man. I modeled my life to be like him. His vocabulary fascinated me. And, he was a father figure even though I had my biological father.

ICEMAN: Of all the people you sparred, even among the lesser known boxers, who was the one guy you really didn’t look forward to sparring with??? Maybe they hit really hard, maybe they were just really awkward for you. Who was it?

Floyd Favors: Raynard Knight. We fought each other in my first amateur bout before I started training with Mr. Dunlap and later on when I started training with him, if during the day I pissed him off, he used to take it out on me in the gym. It was my own mouth that kept getting my butt kicked. We were sparring one time and I didn’t have a mouthpiece and Raynard was a southpaw and hit me with a big shot and chipped my tooth. I tried to stop boxing after that but big brother Kenny made me keep going back until I finally got Raynard back!

ICEMAN: When you first started boxing who were the top dogs in your area, the better or more well known boxers. the ones you looked up to?

Floyd Favors: Sugar Ray Leonard, Tyrone and Jerome Stewart, William “Flip” Johnson, Kenneth Baysmore, Louis Curtis, Derrick Holmes, Dale Staley, Bush Collins, and Dominic “Chippy” Henry, who guided me to Dunlap.

ICEMAN: Who was your favorite sparring partner (you can name more than one if you want to) and WHY?

Floyd Favors: I didn’t exactly have a favorite one but (Washington D.C. based lightweight) Larry Pringle comes to mind. He was strong and we were pro then, and helping each other for our bouts.

ICEMAN: What is or was your absolute favorite part of being a boxer?

Floyd Favors: After winning my first national tournament and I remember walking to Mickey D’s on Marlboro Pike in Capitol Heights, Maryland. No one knew me and I was so proud of myself that I did not care about the lack of recognition. Just being a champion at that level was good enough for me.


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