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Chris “Hard Hittin’” Henry: “It’s Gonna Be a Massacre in Monterrey for Hugo Garay!”

by on Mar.22, 2010, under Boxing News, Guest Columnists

By Karl Hegman

HOUSTON, TEXAS, March 22, 2010 – The shots slam into the heavy bag at Houston’s Main Gym with force and velocity.  Jabs, hooks, right hands, and uppercuts knock the big bag back and up on it’s chains, the inanimate catcher of mayhem jingles back and forth like an old man getting caught up in a crosswalk in rush hour traffic in downtown Houston, confused and wondering which way he should turn.  Chris Henry grunts as he whips all of his body to the left and then to the right side, throwing everything he has into his punches, the blows which are designed to crush the fighting spirit, to break the bones, and disfigure the flesh of two time WBA Light Heavyweight Champion Hugo Hernan Garay.

Chris Henry has been waiting to get number three WBA ranked Senor Garay back into the squared circle for the last 13 years, wanting payback for what he perceives as an injustice that happened in Argentina at the 1997 World Under 19 Amateur Tournament where native Argentinian Garay was awarded with a hometown decision over Henry after a bitterly fought struggle. The big hitting belter Henry, known as “The Pride of the Golden Triangle” will finally get his long awaited opportunity to exact revenge on March 27th in Monterrey, Mexico, as he meets Garay in the Co-Feature on “The Champion Returns” PPV card that features the return of the great ring legend Erik “El Terrible” Morales in the Main Event.

The fight has been postponed twice before through no fault of the fighters, and Henry’s trainer, Bobby Benton, had these thoughts to offer on his hitter: “Chris is in the best condition of his life, both mentally and physically.  He has never looked better in the gym and is totally focused on victory.  He has had great sparring with the tremendous Marcus Johnson, and Cornelius White, among others, and Chris, Bob Spagnola, and myself are extremely confident that he will emerge as the winner over Garay!”

Ranked number four by the WBA, Henry is firm in his resolve and has the courage of his conviction in what he sees as his life’s destiny:  “God has given me this fantastic opportunity as far as my life is concerned and I am truly blessed.  I have a clear goal now and have embraced a vision to provide a great life and future for my children.  I am going to seize the moment, to carry my dream forward in the face of adversity, and my renewed focus on winning the championship drives me to work harder each and every day, while my paramount objective remains on eliminating Hugo Garay!”

The winner of the WBA Elimination fight will be in line for a shot at that organization’s champion, Beibut Shumenov, winner of a highly controversial decision over Gabriel Campillo in January.  “I don’t care who I fight, I’m gonna destroy all of these guys, as it’s my time!” says Henry.  “Hugo Garay is not a hard puncher by any means, but he is fast and clever, and dirty as well.  I’m going to have to pressure him from the start as he has more moves than a bowl of jello, and there’s no laying back and waiting to counter, I’m going to have to jump on him!  The rush is on, baby!  I’m coming out of that corner and going forward, no backing up!  I’m gonna massacre him in Monterrey!” concludes the big banger from Orange.

The bout looks to be a very good and competitive one going in, and pits the experienced and ringwise Garay against a stronger, harder punching, and more powerful opponent in Henry.  Garay does make a nice couple of moves in there, throws a sucker shot left uppercut from the outside and goes to the body quite well also, but he has a history of stamina issues in the final third of fights.  These issues will be compounded as Garay feels the power of Henry early on, and debilitating blows to the belly and flanks will most surely take a lot of starch out of the Argentinian, who has been involved in many hard and draining battles throughout the course of his career.

To quote the great Rocky Graziano: “There’s no better feeling than being in fighting condition!”  Hugo Garay has never met anyone as powerful or determined as Chris Henry, and combined with the aggression and pace he will set, his immaculate conditioning augmented by running nine miles, these intangibles should be too much for Garay to overcome as he will tire badly and fade in the second half of the fight, and this writer’s pick is Henry inside the distance in the later rounds.  “This is my chance, my time, and my fight.  Defeat will be final and absolute for Garay.  There is no doubt in my mind I am going to win, and I wish the fight was today.  Revenge will be mine on the 27th, this is the big payback baby, this is the big wipeout for you, Hugo!” concludes Henry.

This is a can’t miss event for boxing fans around the globe, although on another note, I am sorry that Erik Morales is coming back.  In my opinion, at one time, he was The Best and most exciting Fighter in the entire sport of boxing, and I’m talking an era of a peak Roy Jones.  The Immortals never seem to stop coming back in their quest for past glories.  As my father used to say, everything in life is temporary.

Karl Hegman

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