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Chris “Hard Hittin’” Henry Hammers Out Hugo Garay in One

by on Mar.28, 2010, under Boxing News, Guest Columnists

Wants  Beibut Shumenov Next

By Karl Hegman

Light Heavyweight powerhouse Chris “Hard Hittin’” Henry needed just 2:20 of the first round to overwhelm and knock cold former two time WBA Light Heavyweight Champion Hugo Hernan Garay in the co-feature event on “The Champion Returns” PPV card last night from Monterrey, Mexico, that also featured the triumphant return of ring legend Erik “El Terrible” Morales.  The pony-tailed Garay came charging out of his corner at the opening bell, head down, looking to butt Henry and turn the bout into a street fight by throwing chopping blows behind the head, and was met with two hooks to the head for all of his hectic troubles that hurt him at the :20 second mark.

The size difference between the two was very evident from the get go, as the heavily muscled belter know as “The Pride of the Golden Triangle” Henry appeared to be a couple of inches taller and more solid than his South American foe.  Both men landed several punches during a hectic exchange, when Henry shoved Garay back off of him several feet like a sack of flour, and began to get his jab untracked in an attempt to set up his big right hands.  Henry showed improved defense and head movement as he slipped and blocked Garay’s leads while putting in hurtful counters of his own, and threw Garay back yet again when the former champion tried to butt him when the two fell into close quarters.

Garay lunged in low yet again and Henry was warned by the referee for hitting as holding as he was trying to keep out of harm’s way as Garay was obviously trying to bring about a head butt, but was met by a bigger and stronger fighter in Henry whom he could not force back, and who met him in ring center, pushing him back against the ropes and shooting in short and hurtful combos with his superior strength and handspeed.  Henry rolled with and blocked Garay’s incoming with his shoulders, forearms, and gloves, and got inside and under his opponent’s best shots, grunting as he boxed and jabbed, and looked to be the more relaxed of the fighters before setting Garay up for the fatal punches that would send senor Hugo into “Sominex City.”

Exhorted by trainer Bobby Benton’s instructions to “Relax!” and “He’s starting to get tired!”, Henry let Garay rush in recklessly with head yet again and grab, but slipped his way outside of the clinch to his own right, and hit Garay with two brutal, clubbing right hands to the temple that drove Garay’s head to the right and sent Hugo flat on his back into a neutral corner, with Garay crashing down, back of the head first with his spinal column whiplashing hard into the wooden canvas with a thud that could be heard throughout the arena.

As Garay stared up at the ceiling with unfocusing eyes, the referee counted up to five and then waved off the action as Henry clebrated and was lifted off his feet in ring center by Benton as Garay made it back unsteadily to his feet, staggering as he struggled to maintain his balance.  Amazingly, instead of coming to the aid of their stricken fighter who obviously didn’t know where he was, Garay’s corner jumped referee Aguilera in protest and shoved him, claiming their fighter had been fouled.

Henry’s manager, Bob Spagnola and one of Henry’s cornermen came to the referee’s rescue and attempted to break the melee up as Henry and his team celebrated their big victory in ring centre.  Referee Gerardo Aguilera explained in the post fight interview that the knockout blows Henry landed were of the legal variety, and that no controversy existed, and this writer thinks that the Garay camp are nothing more than a bunch of sore losers, as their man was beaten by a better man, and Garay lost fairly and squarely, albeit, painfully as well.

In an exclusive interview with the cyberboxingzone immediately after his big win, Henry had these thoughts to offer:  “Everything turned out just great tonight after all of those hard months of training, and now I’m ready to go home to Orange and celebrate this victory with my family as it is my birthday tomorrow.  It all fell into place pretty much as we thought it would as I was ready for him to come in with his head low, trying to butt me, but I kept my cool and used the ring to set up my shots, and I let him know who the boss in there was tonight.”

“It felt great to avenge that loss in the amateurs years back, and I felt much the bigger and stronger fighter in there tonight as I felt him start to weaken at the halfway point of the round.  I think I sent a message to the other light heavyweights out there this evening that I am the most powerful fighter out there, and am ready to take any of them on right now.  I should be in line for the WBA title next vs. Beibut Shumenov, and I am looking forward to beating him as soon as he gets his mandatory out of the way, as this is my year, 2010 is the year that I win my first world championship when I put Shumenov on the slab!” concludes Chris.

As he predicted last week in the CBZ, defeat was indeed final and absolute for Garay, and when this young man Henry speaks, it is a good idea for boxing people to listen as he means business in that squared circle.  If he indeed does meet Shumenov next for the WBA title, Henry will realize his life’s dream and garner his first world championship as he is simply too powerful, too hard a puncher, and too determined for the inexperienced youngster Shumenov, who has had only 10 professional fights and has already suffered a defeat.

The battle hardened and hungry Henry should finish off Beibut in the middle rounds if not earlier without too much trouble, and that will put him in line for huge paydays next year vs. the likes of Chad Dawson, Glen Johnson, and other marquee names that sit atop the division, that is for right now.  Don’t be surprised to see Chris “Hard Hittin’” Henry recognized as the world’s elite light heavyweight within the next year or two, folks.  Congrats to the big belter from Texas and we at the CBZ wish him a very well-deserved Happy Birthday!

Karl Hegman

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