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Derrick Findley Stops Miguel Hernandez in Hammond

by on May.08, 2010, under Boxing News, Juan Ayllon

By Juan C. Ayllon at ringside
Photos by Daniel Royle

Findley (right) attacks Hernandez

Findley (right) attacks Hernandez

HAMMOND, IN – Built like a 5’ 7” ebony-hued bullfrog on steroids, Indiana super middleweight boxer fights with the subtlety of a blacksmith slamming his hammer down on an iron horseshoe, bludgeoning foes with brute, thudding force with a little science thrown in.

And thus before a lively crowd at the Hammond Civic Center, he dispatched fellow Chicagoan Miguel Hernandez in a rematch of a bout he’d won unanimously in May 2008.

Hernandez had early success in the first round, driving Findley back into the ropes with a solid combination and – later – with a hook that knocked an off-balance Findley back several steps in the first round.  However, Findley appeared to edge behind a busier and more bruising work rate in a close-fought first.

Findley drilled Hernandez with three hard rights early in the second, serving notice that he was in a tough fight.  Hard jabs drove Hernandez back.  A smashing right to the head knocked him back into the ropes.  Yet, still Hernandez pressed forward, popping the jab and hooking with the left.  They traded at the bell and Findley bounced a late right hand off Hernandez’ head moments after the gong had sounded.

Hernandez smacked Findley early in the third with a hard left and caught some hard counters to the body. The two traded, with Findley asserting himself with the heavier punches.  Hernandez came back with a few blows, but a left hook and a right wobbled Hernandez, who waded back in and refused to fold. Another walloping left-right combination knocked him back and left him tentative, wincing from anticipated follow-up blows.

“Move, move the head – move, Macho!” shouted fellow boxer Ninos Abraham. Findley bobbled his head with a succession of lefts and rights.  A low blow bought Hernandez a reprieve, as referee Kurt Spivey gave him a few moments to regroup.

Trapping him on the ropes, Findley battered Hernandez, who fell from a succession of thudding late punches to the head several seconds after the bell.

Following the round, Hernandez’ trainer, Sam Colonna halted the bout.  “I stopped the fight – I stopped the fight,” Colonna said.

Hernandez (left) and Findley mug for the camera afterwards

Hernandez (left) and Findley mug for the camera afterwards

“He was hitting me to the back of the head and making me dizzy,” Hernandez said afterwards.  “He said I was coming in like this (leaning forward close with his head, his gloves to his chin), but an illegal blow is an illegal blow.”

With the win, Findley advanced to 16-3 with 10 knockouts, while Hernandez slumped to 20-11 with 10 knockouts.

Schereville, Indiana’s popular middleweight Josh Crouch (5-1, 5 KO’s going into the bout) wasted little time stopping Cincinnati, Ohio’s Valdez Eason (0-1).

Eason started strongly, driving Crouch to the ropes with a series of two-fisted salvoes, but his success was short-lived.  Crouch dropped Eason with a flurry of blows, capped off by a right hand.  Rising at about the four count, Eason was asked by referee Eric Fetzer if he wanted to continue. He refused and was waved off at 1:16 into the first round.

Tyree Ortiz (left) administers a pummeling

Tyree Ortiz (left) administers a pummeling

Pulling double d promoter and fighter, Merrillville, Indiana’s “Big” Tyree Ortiz (274, 3-0, 3 KO’s going in) took it to Cincinnati, Ohio’s Dione Craig (241.3 lbs., 4-17-1, 1 KO) in winning a dominating, but rugged four round decision.

Ortiz was caught flush pulling back from a left hook to the jaw, and his face reddened as he caught a right over the top.  Nevertheless, towering at about 6’ 3”, he applied a steady thumping to his stubbier, 5’ 9ish foe in the first and second.

Stunned by a left, Craig caught him with a handful of hooks and several rights in the third, as Ortiz seemed to tire as he tried in vain to get him out of there.

Ortiz maintained the higher work rate in the fourth and final round, smothered his punches as he leaned in on Craig, and caught a few jarring counters to the head from his smaller foe.

Judges scored the bout 40-36, 39-37 and 40-36 for Ortiz, who hoisted Craig’s gloved fist overhead in a show of sportsmanship afterwards.

Lafayette, Indiana’s Darnell Wilson (165.2 lbs., 8-1-1, 6 KO’s going into the fight) dominated and ultimately stopped Cincinnati, Ohio’s Chris Govan (164.4 lbs., 2-6-1, 2 KO’s).

According to Indiana Boxing Commissioner, Wilson was ranked number one in the amateurs and it showed in their stylistic differences; Wilson’s was a more scientific, hunt and peck style, while Govan’s was more brawler.  Following a dominant first round, Wilson turned it up a notch: In the second, Govan slumped to the canvas from an accumulation of blows.  Referee Eric Fetzer gave him a standing eight count before allowing it to resume.  Wilson battered him with both fists.  A right to the head finished it.  Rising, he nodded his head, “no,” when Fetzer asked if he wanted to continue.   Referee Fetzer waved off the bout about a minute into the second round.

Afterwards, Govan said, “It was a pulled muscle in my quad – he didn’t punch for sh—t!  Where’s the doctor?”

Michigan City, Indiana’s Marcus Thompkins (4-0, 1 KO going in) ruined South Bend, Indiana’s William Bokhart pro debut, halting him at 0:01 into the second round.  Thompkins capped off a dominating first, as he snapped Bokhart’s head back toward the end of the round with a four-punch combination.

Perry (right) batters Yeoman in a corner

Perry (right) batters Yeoman in a corner

Frankfort, Indiana’s Ed Perry (205.3 lbs., 16-4-2, 9 KO’s going into the bout) stopped Laayette, Indiana’s Jeff Yeoman (205.4 lbs., 22-11, 8 KO’s) inside a rather one-sided contest.

It was more give than take, as Perry dropped Yeoman with a stiff left to the head in round five for about a four count.  It was target practice after that.  Bleeding from the nose, however, Yeoman survived to finish the round.

In the seventh, a left uppercut deposited Yeoman onto the mat.  He rose at about the eight count.  Another left to the head dropped him in a corner again.  A straight right finished it.  Perry drilled Yeoman to the face. Wincing, Yeoman collapsed to all fours and referee Eric Fetzer waved it off at 2:04 into the seventh round.

Left to right:  Former champ Angel Manfredy, Connor and Daniel Royle

Left to right: Former champ Angel Manfredy, Connor and Daniel Royle

Left to right: Connor, Rita "La Guera" Figueroa, "Macho" Miguel Hernandez and Daniel Royle

Left to right: Connor, Rita "La Guera" Figueroa, "Macho" Miguel Hernandez and Daniel Royle

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