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On This Day in Boxing History: October

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Compiled by Richey S. Jones

October 1,

1914: Sam Langford ND 10 Joe Jeanette, NYC. Jeanette won the newspaper decision per the New York Times.

1924: Mickey Walker KO 6 Bobby Barrett, Philadelphia. Retains World Welterweight Title.

1943: Manuel Ortiz KO 4 Leonardo Lopez, Hollywood, CA. Retains World Bantamweight Title

1974: John Conteh W 15 Jorge Ahumada, London. Wins vacant WBC Light Heavyweight Title.

Shoji Oguma W 15 Betulio Gonzalez, Tokyo. Wins WBC Flyweight Title.

1975: Muhammad Ali KO 14 (Smokin’) Joe Frazier, Manila. Retains World Heavyweight Title. One of the greatest fights in history. After 14 completed rounds, Ali led 8-5-1, 8-2-4, and 9-3-2 on the scorecards.

 Eric Morel born.

1993: Lennox Lewis KO 7 Frank Bruno, Cardiff, Wales. Retains WBC Heavyweight Title.  Time: 1:12.  Referee: Mickey Vann.  Judge Tony Castellano 57-57, Jerry Roth 57-57, Adrian Morgan 59-55 for Bruno.

Joe Calzaghe KO 1 Paul Hanlon, Cardiff, Wales. Calzaghe’s pro debut.

John David Jackson W 12 Reggie Johnson, Buenos Aires. Wins WBA Middleweight Title. Referee: Oscar Coronel. Judge Steve Smoger 115-114, judge Uriel Aguilera 115-113, judge Angel C. Tovar 115-114.

1994: Pernell (Sweet Pea) Whitaker W 12 James (Buddy) McGirt, Norfolk, VA. Retains WBC Welterweight Title. Following this contest an irate Jose Suliaman, The WBC president, asked the Whitaker representatives why Whitaker does not wear his WBC belt into the ring. The answer; he was never presented with one following his victory over James (Buddy) McGirt for the title on March 6, 1993.

Ike Quartey KO 5 Alberto Cortes, Carpenttras, France. Retains WBA Welterweight Title.

1996: Rosendo Alvarez KO 8 Takashi Shiohama, Kitakyushu City, Japan. Retains WBA Strawweight Title.

1998: Marty Kramer, 76, dies. Kramer promoted boxing at Philadelphia’s Blue Horizon Auditorium in the 1960’s, prior to J. Russell Peltz.

2005: James (Lights Out) Toney W 12 Dominick Guinn, Reno, NV. Referee Jay Nady.  119-109 | 117-111 | 119-109

Chris Byrd W 12 DaVarryl Williamson, Reno. Retains IBF Heavyweight Title. Referee: Vic Drakulich | Judge: Pat Russell 116-112 | Judge: Glenn Trowbridge 115-113 | Judge: Doug Tucker 116-112. Only one way to describe this “fight”; ZZZZZZZZZZ.

Antonio Tarver W 12 Roy Jones Jr., Tampa, FL. Retains World Light Heavyweight Title. Referee: Tommy Kimmons | Judge: Peter Trematerra 117-111 | Judge: Paul Herman 116-112 | Judge: Michael Pernick 116-112.

October 2,

1906: Tommy Burns KO 15 (Fireman) Jim Flynn, Los Angeles. Retains World Heavyweight Title.

1933: Marcel Thil W 15 Kid Tunero, Paris. Retains World Middleweight Title.

Young Stribling, 28, dies when his motorcycle slams into a car.

1939: Ceferino Garcia KO 7 Fred Apostoli, NYC. Wins World Middleweight Title.

1942: Sugar Ray Robinson W 10 Jake LaMotta, NYC. The first in a 6-fight series between these two.

1948: Joey Giardello KO 2 Johnny Noel, Trenton, NJ. Giardello’s pro debut.

1967: Curtis Cokes KO 8 Charlie Shipes, Oakland. Retains World Welterweight Title.

1976: Guty Espadas KO 13 Susumu Hanagata, Los Angeles. Wins vacant WBA Flyweight Title.

1978: Yutaka Niida born.

1980: Larry Holmes KO 11 Muhammad Ali, Las Vegas. Retains WBC Heavyweight Title.

Saoul Mamby W 15 Termite Watkins, Las Vegas. Retains WBC Super Lightweight Title.

1981: Cristian Mijares born.

1987: Gianfranco Rosi W 12 Lupe Aquino, Perugia, Italy. Wins WBC Super Welterweight Title.

1988: Fidel Bassa W 12 Ray Medel, San Antonio. Retains WBA Flyweight Title.

1999: Willy Wise W 10 Julio Cesar Chavez, Las Vegas. Referee Mitch Halpern. Judges scoring: Dave Moretti 98-92, Duane Ford 99-91, Chuck Giampa 97-93.

Ricardo Lopez W 12 Will Grigsby, Las Vegas. Wins IBF Junior Flyweight Title.

2004: Jeff (Left Hook) Lacy KO 8 Syd Vanderpool, Las Vegas. Wins vacant IBF Super Middleweight Title.

Felix (Tito) Trinidad KO 8 Ricardo Mayorga, NYC.

Kassim Ouma W 12 Verno Phillips, Las Vegas. Wins IBF Super Welterweight Title.

October 3,

1919: Young Corbett III D 4 Kid Jeffries, Fresno, CA. Corbett’s pro debut.

1931: Frankie Genaro W 15 Valentin Angelmann, Paris. Retains NBA Flyweight Title.

1949: Dan Goosen born.

1951: Dave Sands W 10 Bobo Olson, Chicago. The first ever coast-to-coast televised fight.

1964: Sandro Mazzinghi KO 12 Tony Montano, Genoa. Retains World Super Welterweight Title.

1967: Ki Soo Kim W 15 Freddie Little, Seoul. Retains World Super Welterweight Title.

1973: Ricardo Mayorga born.

1976: Miguel Canto W 15 Betulio Gonzalez, Caracas. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

1981: Mike Weaver W 15 James Tillis, Rosemont, IL. Retains WBA Heavyweight Title.

Marvelous Marvin Hagler KO 11 Mustafa Hamsho, Rosemont, IL. Retains World Middleweight Title.

Alexis Arguello KO 14 Ray Mancini, Atlantic City. Retains WBC Lightweight Title.

Sergio Palma W 15 Vichit Muangroi-et, Buenos Aires. Retains WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

Fidel LaBarba, 76, dies.

1987: Brian Mitchell W 15 Daniel Londas, Gravelines, France. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

1991: Vinny Pazienza KO 12 Gilbert Dele, Providence, RI. Wins WBA Super Welterweight Title.

1992: Nigel Benn KO 3 Mauro Galvano, Marchino, Italy. Wins WBC Super Middleweight Title.

1993: Pichit Sithbangprachan, KO 9 Miguel Martinez, Chaiyaphum, Thailand. Retains IBF Flyweight Title.

1998: Juan Carlos Gomez KO 3 Alexei Iliin, Augsburg, Germany. Retains WBC Cruiserweight Title.

Floyd Mayweather KO 8 Genaro Hernandez, Las Vegas. Wins WBC Super Featherweight Title.

Antonio Cermeno KO 4 Genaro Rios, Caracas. Wins vacant WBA Featherweight Title.
October 4,

1880: Young Corbett II born William H. Rothwell.

1923: Paul Berlenbach KO 1 Jimmy Roberts, NYC. Berlenbach’s pro debut.

1930: Panama Al Brown W 15 Eugene Huat, Paris. Retains World Bantamweight Title.

1935: Tony Canzoneri W 15 Al Roth, NYC. Retains World Lightweight Title.

Joe Walcott, 62, dies.

1940: Fritzie Zivic W 15 Henry Armstrong, NYC. Wins World Welterweight Title. Armstrong was even on two cards going into the final round. However according to the newspaper report in the New York Times, he was battered in the 15th round and nearly stopped, and was pushed to the canvas right before the final bell.

Sugar Ray Robinson KO 2 Joe Echevarria, NYC. The professional debut of the most incredible fighter ever!

1965: Orlin Norris born.

1969: Nino Benvenuti DQ 7 Fraser Scott, Naples. Retains World Middleweight Title.

Mando Ramos KO 6 Yoshiaki Numata, Los Angeles. Retains World Lightweight Title.

1979: Sang Hyun Kim KO 11 Masahiro Yokai, Tokyo. Retains WBC Super Lightweight Title.

1980: Eusebio Pedroza W 15 Rocky Lockridge, McAfee, NJ. Retains WBA Featherweight Title.

Juan Urango born.

1986: Bernardo Pinango KO 10 Ciro de Leva, Turnin, Italy. Retains WBA Bantamweight Title.

1987: Wilfredo Vasquez KO 10 Chan Young Park, Seoul. Wins WBA Bantamweight Title.

1991: Maurice Blocker W 12 Glenwood Brown, Atlantic City. Wins IBF Welterweight Title.

1993: David Griman W 12 Alvaro Marcardo, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. Retains WBA Flyweight Title.

1996: Roy Jones Jr. KO 2 Bryant Brannon, NYC. Retains IBF Super Middleweight Title.

Ike Quartey W 12 Oba Carr, NYC. Retains WBA Welterweight Title.

1997: Lennox Lewis KO 1 Andrew Golota, Atlantic City. Retains WBC Heavyweight Title.

Carl Thompson W 12 Ralf Rocchigiani, Hanover Germany.

Dariusz Michalczewski KO 7 Nicky Piper, Hanover.

Arturo Gatti KO 5 Gabriel Ruelas, Atlantic City. Retains IBF Super Featherweight Title.

2003: James (Lights Out) Toney KO 9 Evander (Real Deal) Holyfield, Las Vegas.

Joel Casamayor KO 6 Diego Corrales, Las Vegas. Corrales down twice, Casamayor down once. Severe lacerations in and around the mouth cause the doctor to advise the referee to halt the contest between the 5th and 6th rounds.

Erik Morales KO 3 Guty Espadas, Los Angeles.

Carlos Hernandez Tech. Win 10 Steve Forbes, Los Angeles. Retains IBF Super Featherweight Title.

Rafael Marquez W 12 Mauricio Pastrana, Los Angeles. Retains IBF Bantamweight Title.

Veerapol Sahaprom D 12 Toshiaki Nishioka, Tokyo. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title.

Alexander Munoz W 12 Hidenobu Honda, Tokyo. Retains WBA Super Flyweight Title.

Daniel Reyes KO 6 Edgar Cardenas, Los Angeles. Wins IBF Strawweight Title.

2006: Celestino Caballero KO 3 Somsak Sithchatchawal, Nakorn, Ratchisima, Thailand. Wins WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

October 5,

1931: Fritzie Zivic KO 1 Al Rettinger, Pittsburgh. Zivic’s pro debut.

1936: Jimmy McLarnin W 10 Tony Canzoneri, NYC. Referee: Billy Cavanaugh.
By the last round Canzoneri’s eyes were bloody and his nose was cut. The split lip he earlier sustained while training and sparring–resulting in postponing this bout–was “pulled and crimson.” The crowd of 11,423 was so sickened by the sight that they yelled for the referee to stop it. But, as Canzoneri had never been knocked out in his career, Cavanaugh allowed him to go the distance.
Source: New York Times and other day-after newspaper accounts.

1937: Baby Arizmendi W 10 Albert (Chalky) Wright, Los Angeles.

1952: Kid Gavilan W 15 Billy Graham, Havana. Retains World Welterweight Title. The first fight televised in the U.S. from outside the U.S.

1974: Carlos Monzon KO 7 Tony Mundine, Buenos Aires. Retains World Middleweight Title. Monzon’s 10th defense.

1976: Victor Galindez W 15 Kosie Smith, Johannesburg. Retains WBA Light Heavyweight Title.

1985: Hilario Zapata W 15 Alonzo Gonzalez, Panama City. Wins vacant WBA Flyweight Title.

1988: Duke McKenzie KO 11 Rolando Bohol, Wembley. Wins IBF Flyweight Title.

1991: Pernell (Sweet Pea) Whitaker W 12 Jorge Paez, Reno. Retains World Lightweight Title.

Yong Kang Kim W 12 Leo Gamez, Inchon, S. Korea. Retains WBA Flyweight Title.

1997: Yong-Soo Choi D 12 Takanori Hatakeyama, Tokyo. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

October 6,

1899: Kid McCoy D 8 Joe Choynski, Chicago. “Both men had agreed to a draw in case they were on their feet at the end of the sixth round and that was the result, as both were on their feet and comparatively fresh. McCoy, however, clearly out-classed the Californian an scored the only knockdown, putting Joe to the ropes with a left hook to the mouth in the third round.” (Cripple Creek Morning Times)

1956:  Sean Mannion born.

1968:  Hiroshi Kobayashi W 15 Jamie Valladares, Tokyo. Retains World Super Featherweight Title.

Peter McNeeley born.

1974: Katsushige Kawashima born.

1979: Jorge Lujan KO 15 Roberto Rubaldino, McAllen, TX. Retains WBA Bantamweight Title.

1983: Jiro Watanabe Tech. Dec. 11 Soon Chun Kwon, Osaka. Retains WBA Super Flyweight Title.

1984: Lee Roy Murphy KO 14 Marvin Camel, Billings, MT. Wins IBF Cruiserweight Title.

1989: Muangchai Kittikasem KO 7 Tacy Macalos, Bangkok. Wins IBF Junior Flyweight Title.

1990: Robert Quiroga KO 3 Vuyani Nene, Pagliara, Italy. Retains IBF Super Flyweight Title.

2000: Lehlo Ledwaba KO 6 Eduardo Alvarez, Kent, England. Retains IBF Super Bantamweight Title.

2007: Samuel Peter W 12 Jameel McCline, NYC. Peter is down once in the 2nd, and twice in the 3rd. Referee: Mike Ortega | judge: Bill Costello 115-110 | judge: Steve Weisfeld 115-111 | judge: Julie Lederman 113-112.

Manny Pacquiao W 12 Marco Antonio Barrera, Las Vegas. Referee: Tony Weeks | judge: Jerry Roth 118-109 | judge: Glenn Trowbridge 118-109 | judge: Tom Schreck 115-112.

2009: Denkaosan Kaowichit W 12 Daiki Kameda, Osaka, Japan. Retains WBA Flyweight Title.

October 7,

1927: Tommy Loughran W 15 Mike McTigue, NYC. Wins vacant World Light Heavyweight Title.

James J. Braddock D 10 Joe Monte, NYC.

1932: Jimmy McLarnin KO 6 Benny Leonard, NYC. Time: 2:55 | Referee: Arthur Donovan.
Leonard was down in the second round. “McLarnin, no respecter of persons or fistic kingdoms, hammered and battered Leonard pitilessly, while the veteran offered a weak resistance through five of the six rounds. When convinced that it was a futile undertaking by Leonard, Referee Donovan wisely stopped the struggle.” James P. Dawson New York Times.  The 36-year old Leonard’s final fight. He retires with an 89-5-1, 115 no-decisions and 71 KO’s.

1973: Raul Balbi born.

1975: Erbito Salavarria W 15 Susumu Hanagata, Yokohama. Retains WBA Flyweight Title.

1988: Graciano Rocchigiani KO 11 Chris Reid, Berlin. Retains IBF Super Middleweight Title.

1989: John-John Molina KO 10 Tony Lopez, Sacramento. Wins IBF Super Featherweight Title.

Fabrice Benichou W 12 Ramon Cruz, Bordeaux, France. Retains IBF Super Bantamweight Title.

1991: Raul Perez W 12 Luis Mendoza, Inglewood. Retains WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

1995: Lennox Lewis KO 6 Tommy Morrison, Atlantic City.

Dariusz Michaczewski W 12 Phillippe Michel, Frankfurt, Germany.

Carlos Salazar W 12 Harold Grey, Mar del Plata, Argentina. Wins IBF Super Flyweight Title.

1999: Former middleweight and light heavyweight contender Bill (Dynamite) Douglas, 59, dies of colon cancer in Columbus, Ohio. Douglas, 41-14-1- (31), was the father of James (Buster) Douglas.

2000: Paulie Ayala W 12 Johnny Tapia, Las Vegas. Non-title fight. Controversial decision. Referee: Richard Steele. Judges scoring: Chuck Giampa 115-113, Jerry Roth 115-113, Keith McDonald 116-112. Mayhem ensued after the decision was first announced to the 6,681 fight fans in attendance. Tapia’s brother-in-law Rob Guiterrez clipped Todd DuBoef of Top Rank and the stepson of promoter Bob Arum, with a shot to the mouth. Guiterrez was led away in handcuffs.

Eric Morel W 12 Alberto Ontiveros, Las Vegas. Retains WBA Flyweight Title.

2006: Nikolai Valuev KO 11 Monte Barrett, Chicago. Retains WBA Heavyweight Title.

Tomasz Adamek W 12 Paul Briggs, Chicago. Retains WBC Light Heavyweight Title.

Joel Casamayor W 12 Diego Corrales, Las Vegas. Wins World Lightweight Title.

Vic Darchinyan Tech. Dec. 6 Glenn Donaire, Las Vegas. Retains IBF Flyweight Title.

October 8,

1917: Billy Conn born.

1934: Fred Apostoli KO 3 Gilbert Attell, San Francisco. Apostoli’s pro debut.

1974: Oscar Albarado KO 7 Ryu Sorimachi, Tokyo. Retains World Super Welterweight Title.

1975: Rodolfo Martinez W 15 Hisami Numata, Sendai, Japan. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title.

1976: Miguel Castellini W 15 Jose Duran, Madrid. Wins WBA Super Welterweight Title.

1984: Sot Chitalada W 12 Gabriel Bernal, Bangkok. Wins WBC Flyweight Title.

1989: In Chul Baek KO 11 Ronnie Essett, Seoul. Retains WBA Super Middleweight Title.

1994: Henry Maske KO 9 Iran Barkley, Halle, Germany. Retains IBF Light Heavyweight Title.

1999: Laila Ali, 21, the daughter of Muhammad Ali, turns pro with a first-round knockout of April Fowler, a Denny’s waitress, in Verona, New York.

2001: Raul Balbi W 12 Julien Lorcy, Paris, France. Wins WBA Lightweight Title.

2005: Jose Luis Castillo KO 4 Diego Corrales, Las Vegas. Non-title fight.

Jorge Arce KO 2 Hussein Hussein, Las Vegas.

October 9,

1924: Harold Dade born.

1939: Henry Armstrong KO 4 Al Manfredo, Des Moines, IA. Retains World Welterweight Title.

1945: Jose Duran born.

1976: John Conteh W 15 Yaqui Lopez, Copenhagen. Retains WBC Light Heavyweight Title.

1977: Yoko Gushiken KO 4 Montsayarm Mahachai, Oita, Japan. Retains WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

1985: Ji Won Kim KO 1 Seung Il Suh, Seoul. Retains IBF Super Bantamweight Title.

1988: Khaosai Galaxy KO 8 Chang Ho Choi, Seoul. Retains WBA Super Flyweight Title.

1989: (Terrible) Terry Norris W 10 Jorge Vaca, Tijuana, Mexico.

1993: Nigel Benn D 12 Chris Eubank, Manchester, England. Retains WBC Super Middleweight Title.

Crisanto Espana KO 10 Donovan Boucher, Manchester. Retains WBA Welterweight Title.

John-John Molina KO 8 Bernard Taylor, San Juan. Retains IBF Super Featherweight Title.

1994: Leo Gamez KO 6 Pichit Sithbangprachan, Bangkok, Thailand. Retains WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

1996: President Bill Clinton signs into law the Professional Boxing Safety Act, which requires that all bouts be sanctioned by state authorities, all boxers register for ID cards and be certified to fight by a licensed physician, and health insurance for all boxers be provided by promoters.

2000: Leo Gamez KO 7 Hideki Todaka, Nagoya, Japan. Wins WBA Super Flyweight Title. The 37-year old Gamez wins his fourth WBA title in as many divisions. He started by wining the WBA Strawweight in January of 1988. Gamez then won the WBA Junior Flyweight Title in October of 1993. On March 13, 1999 he annexed the WBA Flyweight Title.

2002: Salim Medjkounw W 12 Osamu Sato, Tokyo. Wins WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

2004: Markus Beyer KO 6 Cristian Sanavia, Erfurt, Germany. Regains WBC Super Middleweight Title.

October 10,

1912: Sam Langford KO 11 Sam McVey, Perth, Australia.

1930: Jackie (Kid) Berg W 10 Billy Petrolle, NYC. Non-title fight.

1942: Chartchai Chionoi born.

1953: Mustafa Hamsho born.

1962: Fighting Harada KO 11 Pone Kingpetch, Tokyo. Wins World flyweight Title.

1971: Bruno Arcari KO 10 Domingo Corpas, Genoa. Retains WBC Super Lightweight Title.

Ricardo Arredondo KO 10 Yoshiaki Numata, Sendai, Japan. Wins WBC Super Featherweight Title.

1975: Daniel Santos born.

1976: Royal Kobayashi, KO 8 Rigoberto Riasco, Tokyo. Wins WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

Yoko Gushiken KO 7 Juan Guzman, Kofu, Japan. Wins WBA Junior Flyweight Title. Time: 0:32 | Referee: Jay Edson 29-24 | Judge: Cesar Ramon 29-25 | Judge: Ken Morita 29-20

1978: Ricky Hatton born.

Kermit Cintron born.

1982: Katsuo Tokashiki W 15 Sung Nam Kim, Tokyo. Retains WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

1987: Frank Tate W 15 Michael Olajide, Las Vegas. Wins vacant IBF Middleweight Title.

Jose Luis Ramirez KO 5 Cornelius Boza Edwards, Paris. Retains WBC Lightweight Title.

1990: Dennis Andries KO 4 Sergio Merani, London. Retains WBC Light Heavyweight Title.

1992: Jorge Eliecer Julio W 12 Eddie Cook, Cartagena. Wins WBA Bantamweight Title.

1998: James Page KO 2 Andrei Pestriav, Paris. Wins vacant WBA Welterweight Title.

Sharmba Mitchell W 12 Khalid Rahilou, Paris. Wins WBA Super Lightweight Title.

2001: Hall of Fame trainer Eddie Futch, 90, dies in Las Vegas.

2003: Silvio Branco KO 11 Mehdi Sahnoune, Marseille, France. Wins WBA Light Heavyweight Title.

2005: Pongsaklek Wonjongkam Tech. Win 7 Daisuke Naito, Tokyo. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

2009: Yuriorkis Gamboa KO 4 Whyber Garcia, NYC. Retains WBA Featherweight Title.

Juan Carlos Salgado KO 1 Jorge Linares, Tokyo. Wins WBA Super Featherweight Title.

Juan Manuel Lopez W 12 Rogers Mtagwa, NYC.  Referee: Eddie Cotton | judge: Carlos Ortiz Jr. 116-111 | judge: Steve Weisfeld 115-111 | judge: Kevin Morgan 114-113.

Toshiaka Nishioka KO 3 Ivan Hernandez, Tokyo. Retains WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

October 11,

1913: George Chip KO 6 Frank Klaus, Pittsburgh. Wins World Middleweight Title.

1920: Georges Carpentier KO 4 Battling Levinsky, Jersey City, NJ. Wins World Light Heavyweight Title.

1923:  Tommy Loughran W 10 Harry Greb, Boston. The Pittsburgh Post said that it was a close fight. Loughran won the first two rounds, waging a body attack. Greb dominated the next five rounds. Loughran won the last three rounds. Loughran landed the cleaner blows. It was a good fight. However, the Boston Globe said that many thought that Greb won handily although Loughran got the decision, but he was guilty of rough tactics and Tommy landed the cleaner blows.

Pancho Villa W 15 Benny Schwartz, Baltimore. Retains World Flyweight Title.

1927: Baby Arizmendi D 10 Kid Laredo, San Antonio, TX. Arizmendi’s pro debut.

1969: Nicolino Locche W 15 Joao Henrique, Buenos Aires. Retains World Super Lightweight Title.

1975: Angel Espada W 15 Johnny Gant, Ponce, Puerto Rico. Retains WBA Welterweight Title.

1981: Hwan Jin Kim W 15 Alfonso Lopez, Taejon, S. Korea. Retains WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

1988: Clinton Mitchell W 4 Bernard Hopkins, Atlantic City. Hopkins’ pro debut.

1992: Ricardo Lopez KO 2 Rocky Lin, Tokyo. Retains WBC Strawweight Title.

1993: Genaro Hernandez W 12 Harold Warren, Inglewood. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

1996: Floyd Mayweather Jr. KO 2 Robert Apodaca, Las Vegas, NV. Floyd’s pro debut.

Johnny Tapia KO 7 Sammy Stewart, Las Vegas, NV.

1997: Joe Calzaghe W 12 Chris Eubank, Sheffield, England.

Naseem Hamed KO 7 Jose Badillo, Sheffield, England.

2000: Takanori Hatakeyama KO 10 Hiroyuki Sakamoto, Yokohama, Japan. Retains WBA Lightweight Title.

2002: Wayne Braithwaite KO 10 Vincenzo Cantatore, Campione D’Italia, Italy. Wins vacant WBC Cruiserweight Title.

2005: Former WBA Flyweight Champion Eric Morel, 30, is sentenced to two years in prison, followed by two years probation, for his role in the sexual assault of a 15-year old girl at an apartment in Fitchburg, Wisconsin.

2007: Daisuke Naito W 12 Daiki Kameda, Tokyo. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

2008: Vitali Klitschko KO 8 Samuel Peter, Berlin, Germany. Regains WBC Heavyweight Title.

Chad Dawson W 12 Antonio Tarver, Las Vegas. Wins IBF Light Heavyweight Title.
October 12,

1895: Kid Lavigne D 20 Young Griffo, Masbeth, NY.

1926: Jack Sharkey WF 12 Harry Wills, Brooklyn. Referee: Patsy Haley. Haley disqualified Wills for illegal use of a backhand blow. “Wills was battered about the ring from the start.” (AP)

1965: Henry Akinwande born.

1969: Jose Napoles W 15 Emile Griffith, Inglewood. Retains World Welterweight Title. Referee: Dick Young. Griffith was knocked down in the 3rd. Scoring: 11-4, 11-3-1, 9-4-2.

1975: Alexis Arguello KO 5 Royal Kobayashi, Tokyo. Retains WBA Featherweight Title. Time: 2:47. Referee: Carlos Padilla.

1980: Yoko Gushiken W 15 Pedro Flores, Kanazawa, Japan. Retains WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

1981: Nobuo Nashiro born.

1984: Jeff Fenech KO 2 Bobby Williams, Marrickville, Australia. Fenech’s pro debut.

1985: Azumah Nelson KO 1 Pat Cowdell, Birmingham, England. Retains WBC Featherweight Title. Time: 2:24. Referee: Octavio Meyran.

Dodie Penalosa KO 3 Yani Dokolamo, Djkarta. Retains IBF Junior Flyweight Title.

1987: Khaosai Galaxy KO 3 Byung Kwan Chung, Bangkok. Retains WBA Super Flyweight Title.

1991: James Toney KO 4 Francesco Dell’Aquila, Monte Carlo. Retains IBF Middleweight Title.

1994: Johnny Tapia KO 11 Henry Martinez, Albuquerque.

1996: Robin Reid KO 7 Vincenzo Nardiello, Milan. Wins WBC Super Middleweight Title.

Julio Cesar Chavez KO 8 Joey Gamache, Anaheim.

Hiroshi Kawashima KO 2 Domingo Sosa, Tokyo. Retains WBC Super Flyweight Title.

Michael Carbajal KO 5 Tomas Rivera, Anaheim. Retains IBF Junior Flyweight Title.

2001: Winky Wright W 12 Robert Frazier, Indio, CA. Wins vacant IBF Super Welterweight Title.

2002: Eric Morel KO 11 Denkaosaen Kaowichit, Anaheim, CA. Retains WBA Flyweight Title.

October 13,

1872: Charles (Kid) McCoy born.

1902: Joe Gans KO 5 Kid McFarland, Ft. Erie, Ontario. Retains World Lightweight Title. Time: 2:25 | Referee: Charlie White.

1904: Tommy Sullivan KO 5 Abe Attell, St. Louis. Wins World Featherweight Title.

1913: Battling Nelson ND 10 Ad Wolgast, Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Free Press scored for Wolgast.

1924: Harry Greb D 10 Tommy Loughran, Philadelphia.

1932: Kid Chocolate KO 12 Lew Feldman, NYC. Retains World Super Featherweight Title.

1936: Sixto Escobar KO 1 Indian Quintana, NYC. Retains World Bantamweight Title.

1937: Benny Lynch KO 13 Peter Kane, Glasgow. Retains World Flyweight Title.

1939: Henry Armstrong KO 2 Howard Scott, Minneapolis. Retains World Welterweight Title. Armstrong’s 2nd defense in 4-days.

1960: Harold Petty born.

1973: Rafael Herrera W 15 Venice Borkorsor, Inglewood. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title.

1980: David Haye born.

1989: Mark Breland KO 2 Mauro Martelli, Geneva. Retains WBA Welterweight Title.

1990: Azumah Nelson W 12 Juan LaPorte, Sydney. Retains WBC Super Featherweight Title. Referee: Malcolm Bulner | Judge: Eddie Francis 116-113 | Judge: Gus Mercurio 116-112 | Judge: Herbert Minn 115-113

1994: Wilfredo Vasquez W 12 Juan Polo-Perez, Paris, France. Retains WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

1996: Yong Soo Choi W 12 Yamato Mitani, Tokyo. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

2001: Mike Tyson KO 7 Brian Nielson, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Joe Calzaghe KO 4 Will McIntyre, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2007: Sultan Ibragimov W 12 Evander Holyfield, Moscow, Russia.

Juan Diaz KO 9 Julio Diaz, Chicago. Retains WBA & wins IBF Lightweight Title.

Dimitri Kirilov W 12 Jose Navarro, Moscow, Russia. Wins vacant IBF Super Flyweight Title.

Juan Carlos Reveco KO 5 Humberto Pool, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Retains WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

October 14,

1885: Jack Britton born.

1912: Johnny Kilbane W 12 Ed O’Keefe, Cleveland. Retains World Featherweight Title.

1934: Horacio Accavallo born.

1935: Ralph Dupas born.

1949: Ezzard Charles KO 8 Pat Valentino, San Francisco. Retains NBA Heavyweight Title. “One great fight” Eddie Muller, San Francisco Examiner.

Kid Gavilan W 10 Beau Jack, Chicago. Referee: Frank Sikora. Scoring: 55-45, 58-42, 54-46 “Gavilan, with superior boxing skill, punished the rushing, wild-swinging Beau Jack with jolting left hooks to the head and body and mixed these punches with sharp right crosses. Beau Jack, the one time Augusta, Ga., bootblack, fought five rounds with his left eye swollen nearly shut. Gavilan popped a hard right into the eye in the fourth round and it started swelling immediately. The squat Beau Jack always rushed into close quarters with swinging fists, but failed to land effectively. Gavilan kept his foe tied up after Beau Jack’s swings landed harmlessly, and retaliated with sharp punches. He had Beau Jack on the ropes in the third round under heavy, accurate blows to the head and the Georgia Negro was unable to fight back.”(AP) Attendance: 5,189

1967: Vicente Saldivar KO 12 Howard Winstone, Mexico City. Retains World Featherweight Title. Saldivar announced retirement shortly afterwards

1988: Simon Brown W 12 Mauro Martelli, Lausanne, Switzerland. Retains IBF Welterweight Title.

1989: Juan Polo Perez W 12 Elly Pical, Roanoke, VA. Wins IBF Super Flyweight Title.

1995: Henry Maske W 12 Graciano Rocchigiani, Munich. Retains IBF Light Heavyweight Title.

Jorge Castro W 12 Reggie Johnson, Comodoro Rivadavoa, Argentina. Retains WBA Middleweight Title.

1996: Three-time former world champion Wilfred Benitez, 38, is found comatose in his suburban home in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Benitez suffers from post-traumatic encephalitis.

2001: Eidy Moya KO 11 Adan Vargas, McAllen, TX. Wins vacant WBA Bantamweight Title.

2006: Joe Calzaghe W 12 Sakio Bika, Manchester, England. Retains World Super Middleweight Title.

Mikkel Kessler KO 3 Markus Beyer, Copenhagen, Denmark. Retains WBA, Wins WBC Super Middleweight Title.

October 15,

1858: John L. Sullivan born.

1901: Louis (Kid) Kaplan born Gershon Mendeloff.

1910: World Middleweight Champion Stanley Ketchel, 24, is shot to death by Walter A. Dipley.  At the Missouri ranch, where Ketchel was relaxing between fights; both Ketchel and Dipley were amorously infatuated with kitchen cook, Daisy Johnson (Daisy?). This led to Dipley shooting Ketchel in the back while eating breakfast.

1920: Frankie Genaro WF 3 Joe Colletti, NYC. Genaro’s pro debut.

1924: Steve (Kid) Sullivan KO 5 Mike Ballerino, NYC. Retains World Super Featherweight Title.

1926: (Slapsie) Maxie Rosenbloom WF 9 Tiger Flowers, Boston.

1934: Marcel Thil D 15 Carmelo Candel, Paris. Retains World Middleweight Title.

1939: Carmelo Bossi born.

1952: Jimmy Carter W 15 Lauro Salas, Chicago. Regains World Lightweight Title. Scoring 81-69, 84-66, 82-68.

1966: Jose Torres KO 2 Chic Calderwood, San Juan. Retains World Light Heavyweight Title.

1969: Charles Brewer born.

1976: George Foreman KO 4 John Dino Denis, Hollywood, FL.

Roberto Duran KO 1 Alvaro Rojas, Hollywood, FL. Retains World Lightweight Title. Time: 2:17.

1978: Yoko Gushiken KO 5 Sang Il Chung, Tokyo. Retains WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

1994: Orlando Canizales W 12 Sergio Reyes, Laredo. Retains IBF Bantamweight Title.

1997: A State Court jury in Manhattan, New York, awards heavyweight Mitch (Blood) Green $45,000 in a lawsuit stemming from a Harlem streetfight with former two-time heavyweight champion Mike Tyson in 1988. Tyson’s lawyers say their client had no plans to appeal.

U.S. District Court Judge John S. Martin Jr. dismisses a $6-million defamation suit against the New York Post and columnist Wallace Matthews filed by John Horne, co-manager of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

2005: Tomasz Adamek KO 6 Thomas Ulrich, Dusseldorf, Germany. Retains WBC Light Heavyweight Title.
October 16,

1900: Matty Matthews W 15 James (Rube) Ferns, Detroit. Regains World Welterweight Title.

1902: Young Corbett KO 8 Joe Berstein, Baltimore. Retains World Featherweight Title.

1903: Frankie Neil D 20 Johnny Reagan, Los Angeles. Retains World Bantamweight Title.

1906: Honey Mellody W 15 Joe Walcott, Chelsea, MA. Wins vacant World Welterweight Title.

1909: Jack Johnson KO 12 Stanley Ketchel, Colma, CA. Retains World Heavyweight Title. “The whole climax of the fight was crowded into thirty-four seconds. At the beginning of the last round, there was little to judge from preceding rounds to pick the winner. They met in the center, clashed and wrestled to Johnson’s corner. The Negro broke, and poising himself, dashed at Ketchel, who shrank to meet him. Ketchel drove his right to the black’s lowered head. Johnson ducked and received the blow behind the ear and rolled to the floor. Johnson arose slowly and leaped toward the white man, landing a terrific blow on Ketchel’s jaw; with his left he struck for the stomach and with his right swung again, catching Ketchel’s head as it rolled from the onslaught. Ketchel dropped in a heap while Johnson sprawled across the beaten rival’s legs. Johnson arose still dazed and clung to the ropes.” (Associated Press)

1932: Ingemar Johansson born.

1970: Chucho Castillo KO 14 Ruben Olivares, Inglewood. Wins World Bantamweight Title. Referee: Dick Young. A nasty gash over the left eye spells doom for Olivares.

1976: Wilfred Benitez KO 3 Tony Petronelli, San Juan. Retains World Super Lightweight Title.

Samuel Serrano W 15 Ben Villaflor, San Juan. Wins WBA Super Featherweight Title.

Alfonso Zamora KO 12 Soo Hwan Hong, Inchon, S. Korea. Retains WBA Bantamweight Title.

1982: Eusebio Pedroza D 15 Bernard Taylor, Charlotte, North Carolina. Retains WBA Featherweight Title. Referee: Stanley Christodoulou 147-143 | Judge: Knud Jensen 144-146 | Judge: Oscar K. Oppen 146-146 Evidently Jensen & Oppen reward Taylor for running.

1987: Mike Tyson KO 7 Tyrell Biggs, Atlantic City. Retains World Heavyweight Title. Judges scoring at time of stoppage: Al Wilensky (60-54), John Stewart (60-54), Frank Brunette (60-52) all for Tyson.

Matthew Hilton KO 2 Jack Callahan, Atlantic City. Retains IBF Super Welterweight Title.

Jeff Fenech Tech. Dec. 4 Carlos Zarate, Sydney. Retains WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

1988: Juan Jose Estrada KO 11 Takuya Muguruma, Moriguchi, Japan. Retains WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

1990: James (Lights Out) Toney W 10 Sanderline Williams, Tampa, FL. 100-90 | 100-91 | 99-91

Winky Wright W 4 Anthony Salerno, Tampa, FL. Wright’s pro debut.

1992: Anaclet Wamba W 12 Andrew Maynard, Paris. Retains WBC Cruiserweight Title.

Charley Burley, 75, dies.

1993: Anaclet Wamba KO 7 Akim Tafer, Paris. Retains WBC Cruiserweight Title.

1999: Irene Pacheco KO 4 Ferid Ben Jeddou, Barranquilla, Columbia. Retains IBF Flyweight Title.

2008: Oscar Larios W 12 Takahiro Aoh, Tokyo. Wins vacant WBC Featherweight Title.

Hozumi Hasegawa KO 2 Alejandro Valdez, Tokyo. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title.

October 17,

1904: Joe Bowker W 20 Frankie Neil, London. Wins World Bantamweight Title.

Owen Moran W 6 George Dixon, London.

1910: Digger Stanley KO 8 Joe Bowker, London. Wins vacant British World Bantamweight Title.

1916: Jack Britton W 12 Ted (Kid) Lewis, Boston. Retains World Welterweight Title.

1929: Frankie Genaro W 15 Ernie Jarvis, London. Retains NBA Flyweight Title.

1938: Joey Archibald W 15 Mike Belloise, NYC. Wins vacant New York World Featherweight Title. Referee: Arthur Donovan.

1973: Ben Villaflor KO 1 Kuniaki Shibata, Honolulu. Regains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

1980: Daniel Zaragoza KO 4 Ernesto Gutierrez, Poza Rica, Mexico. Zaragoza’s pro debut.

1987: Elly Pical W 15 Tae Il Chang, Jakarta. Wins IBF Super Flyweight Title.

1993: Kennedy McKinney W 12 Jesus Salud, Lake Tahoe, CA. Retains IBF Super Bantamweight Title.

1995: Saensor Ploenchit KO 10 Hioki Ioka, Osaka, Japan. Retains WBA Flyweight Title.

1997: Ike Quartey D 12 Jose Luis Lopez, Ledyard, CT. Retains WBA Welterweight Title. Quartey, despite being dropped twice and fading badly down the stretch, seemed to control most of the rounds with his jab.

Pernell (Sweet Pea) Whitaker NC 12 Andrei Pestriav, Ledyard, CT. Whitaker later tested positive for cocaine.

1998: Pichitnoi C. Siriwat KO 8 Taekil Lee, Bangkok. Retains WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

1999: Yeosam Choi W 12 Saman Sorjaturong, Seoul, S. Korea. Wins WBC Junior Flyweight Title

2009: Carl Froch W 12 Andre Dirrell, Nottingham, England. Retains WBC Super Middleweight Title. . Referee: Hector Afu | judge: Alejandro Rochin Mapula 113-114 | judge: Massimo Barrovecchio 115-112 | judge: Daniel Van de Wiele 115-112.

Arthur Abraham KO 12 Jermain Taylor, Berlin, Germany.

October 18,

1912: Johnny Coulon ND 10 Kid Williams, NYC.

1915: Sam Langford W 15 (Battling) Jim Johnson, Denver, CO.

 Joe Symonds KO 16 Tancy Lee, London. Retains World Flyweight Title.

1927: Jimmy McLarnin KO 8 Louis (Kid) Kaplan, Chicago.

1958: Thomas Hearns born.

1960: Richard Sandoval born.

1963: Kid Williams, 69, dies.

1974: Susumu Hanagata KO 6 Chartchai Chionoi, Yokohama. Wins WBA Flyweight Title.

1980: Shoji Oguma W 15 Chan Hee Park, Sendai, Japan. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

1987: Hiroki Ioka W 12 Mai Thonburifarm, Osaka. Wins newly created WBC Strawweight Title.

1989: Luisito Espinosa KO 1 Kaokor Galaxy, Bangkok. Wins WBA Bantamweight Title.

1990: Michael Nunn KO 10 Donald Curry, Paris. Retains IBF Middleweight Title.

Luis Mendoza W 12 Fabrice Benichou, Paris. Retains WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

1991: Ray Mercer KO 5 Tommy Morrison, Atlantic City. Time: 0:28 | Referee: Tony Perez | Judge: Stuart Winston 39-37 | Judge: Ric Bays 39-37 | Judge: Jean Williams 39-37 all for Morrison.

1999: British middleweight Adrian Dodson is banned from boxing for 18 months and fined $1,500.00 for biting Canadian opponent Alain Bonnamie on the stomach during a bout in London on October 5.

2000: Promoter Cedric Kushner is fined $100,000.00 by the New York State Athletic Commission for paying bribes to the IBF.

2003: In Jin Chi D 12 Michael Brodie, Manchester, England. For vacant WBC Featherweight Title.

2008: Bernard (The Executioner) Hopkins W 12 Kelly Pavlik, Atlantic City. Non-title fight. Referee: Benji Esteves Jr. | judge: Barbara Perez 117-109 | judge: Alan Rubenstein 119-106 | judge: Steve Weisfeld 118-108.

October 19,

1917: Harry Greb ND 10 Len Rowlands, Milwaukee, WI. Greb won the newspaper decision according to the Milwaukee Free-Press and the Pittsburgh Post. According to the Post, Rowlands put up a “classy” defense against Greb for four rounds, but then tired and took a bad lacking from then on. However, he fought back as hard as he could. Greb split open Rowlands’ cheek in the 7th round.

Benny Leonard ND 10 Jack Britton, NYC. Referee: Billy McPartland. Leonard was better. (New York Times)

1926: Tod Morgan W 10 Johnny Dundee, San Francisco. Retains World Super Featherweight Title.

1955: Bud Smith W 15 Jimmy Carter, Cincinnati. Retains World Lightweight Title.

1962: Evander Holyfield born.

1964: Jorge Luis Gonzalez born.

1966: Meldrick Taylor born.

1969: Bernabe Villacampo W 15 Hiroyuki Ebihara, Osaka. Wins WBA Flyweight Title.

1978: Ruslan Chagaev born.

1983: Bruce Curry W 12 Leroy Haley, Las Vegas. Retains WBC Super Lightweight Title. Referee: Davey Pearl | Judge: Chris Jordan 116-114 | Judge: Duane Ford 115-113 | Judge: Chuck Minker 113-115

1984: Marvelous Marvin Hagler KO 3 Mustafa Hamsho, NYC. Referee: Arthur Mercante.  Retains World Middleweight Title.

Mike McCallum W 15 Sean Mannion, NYC. Wins vacant WBA Super Welterweight Title.

1985: Lee Roy Murphy KO 12 Chrisanda Mutti, Monte Carlo. Retains IBF Cruiserweight Title.

Barry Michael KO 4 Jin Shik Choi, Darwin, Australia. Retains IBF Super Featherweight Title.

1991: Charles Williams KO 2 Freddie Delgado, Williamsburg, VA. Retains IBF Light Heavyweight Title.

Israel Contreras KO 5 Luisito Espinosa, Manila. Wins WBA Bantamweight Title.

1996: Keith Holmes KO 12 Richie Woodhall, Upper Marlboro, MD. Retains WBC Middleweight Title.

William Joppy KO 5 Ray McElroy, Upper Marlboro, MD. Retains WBA Middleweight Title.

Phillip Holiday W 12 Joel Diaz, Johannesburg. Retains IBF Lightweight Title.

Saman Sorjaturong KO 2 Ali Galvez, Samut Praken, Thailand. Retains WBC Junior flyweight Title.

1998: The Nevada State Athletic Commision votes 4-1 to relicense former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. Tyson’s boxing license had been revoked after he was DQ’d for biting Evander Holyfield’s ear in a June 28, 1997, WBA heavyweight title bout in Las Vegas.

2002: Jose Antonio Aguirre W 12 Juan Palacios, Villahermosa, Mexico. Retains WBC Strawweight Title.

2007: Lucian Bute KO 11 Alejandro Berrioto, Montreal, Canada. Retains IBF Super Middleweight Title.

October 20,

1901: George Dixon D 20 Abe Attell, Cripple Creek, CO.

1939: Henry Armstrong KO 3 Ritchie Fontaine, Seattle. Retains World Welterweight Title. Armstrong “bounced Fontaine to the canvas seven times before the towel came in from Richie’s corner in two minutes and three seconds of the third.” (Nevada State Journal).  Armstrong’s 3rd defense in 11-days.

1947: Rinty Monaghan W 15 Dado Marino, London. Wins vacant NBA Flyweight Title.

1954: Johnny Saxton W 15 Kid Gavilan, Philadelphia. Wins World Welterweight Title. Referee: Pete Pantaleo 9-6 | Judge: Jim Mina 7-6 | Judge: Nate Lopinson 8-6. Dull fight and an even worse decision.

1955: Aaron Pryor born.

1962: Dennis Moyer W 15 Joey Giambra, Portland, OR. Wins vacant World Super Welterweight Title.

1970: Ted (Kid) Lewis, 75, dies.

1979: John Tate W 15 Gerrie Coetzee, Pretoria, S. Africa. Wins vacant WBA Heavyweight Title. Referee: Carlos Berrocal 147-144 | Judge: Ken Morita 147-142 | Judge: Carlos Martinez Cassas 148-145. Attendance: 86,000.

1982: Leroy Haley W 15 Juan Jose Giminez, Cleveland. Retains WBC Super Lightweight Title.

1990: Sung Kil Moon W 12 Kenji Matsumura, Seoul. Retains WBC Super Flyweight Title.

1992: Yuri Arbachakov W 12 Yun Un Chin, Tokyo. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

2000: Mike Tyson KO 3 Andrew Golota, Auburn Hills, MI Golota quits after just 2-rounds of action. Subsequently when Mike tests positive for marijuana the result is changed to a no-contest.

Zab Judah KO 8 Hector Quiroz, Auburn Hills, MI. Retains IBF Super Lightweight Title.

2007: Felix Sturm D 12 Randy Griffin, Halle, Germany. Retains WBA Middleweight Title.

Cristian Mijares KO 1 Franck Gorjux, Cancun, MX. Retains WBC Super Flyweight Title.

October 21,

1902: Jack Johnson KO 12 Frank Childs, Los Angeles. Paybacks are a bitch!! For a brief period Childs housed Johnson. That arrangement ended during the wee hours of a bitterly cold winter night due to the unexpected arrival of Child’s cousin. Despite Johnson’s pleads, Childs pointed to the door.

1930: (Slapsie) Maxie Rosenbloom KO 11 Abie Bain, NYC. Retains World Light Heavyweight Title. Time: 1:47 | Referee: Lou Magnolia.

1932: Barney Ross W 10 Battling Battalino, Chicago.

1933: Primo Carnera W 15 Paolino Uzcudun, Rome. Retains World Heavyweight Title.

1953: Bobo Olson W 15 Randy Turpin, NYC. Wins vacant World Middleweight Title. Turpin was down in the 9th and 10th. Scoring 9-4-2, 11-4, 8-7.

1961: Duilio Loi D 15 Eddie Perkins, Milan. Retains World Super Lightweight Title. Referee: Nello Barroveccchio 69-70 | Judge: Gualtiero Cecchi 71-69 | Judge: Nello Martinelli 71-71.

1965: Dick Tiger W 15 Joey Giardello, NYC. Regains World Middleweight Title. Referee: Johnny LoBianco 9-5-1 | Judge: Al Berl 10-5 | Judge: Tony Castellano 8-6-1.

Welcome Ncita born.

1966: Sandro Lopopolo KO 8 Vicente Rivas, Rome. Retains World Super Lightweight Title.

1968: Curtis Cokes W 15 Ramon LaCruz, New Orleans. Retains World Welterweight Title.

1972: Koichi Wajima KO 3 Matt Donovan, Tokyo. Retains World Super Welterweight Title.

1973: Eder Jofre KO 4 Vicente Saldivar, Salvador, Brazil. Retains WBC Featherweight Title.

1978: Danny Lopez DQ 4 Fel Clemente, Pesaro, Italy. Retains WBC Featherweight Title. Time: 2:15 | Referee: Gujelmo Ajor.

1979: Sung Jun Kim W 15 Rey Melendez, Seoul. Retains WBC Junior Flyweight Title.

1988: Charles Williams KO 3 Rufino Angulo, Villenave d’ Omon, France. Retains IBF Light Heavyweight Title.

1989: Glem McCrory KO 11 Siza Makhatini, Langbourgh, England. Retains IBF Cruiserweight Title.

1993: Leo Gamez KO 9 Shiro Yahiro, Tokyo, Japan. Wins vacant WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

1995: Yong Soo Choi KO 10 Victor Hugo Paz, Salta, Argentina. Wins vacant WBA Super Featherweight Title.

2000: Francisco Castillejo KO 4 Javier Martinez, Mexico City. Retains WBC Super Welterweight Title.

Jose Aguirre KO 4 Erdene Chuluun, Mexico City. Retains WBC Strawweight Title.

October 22,

1907: Vince Dundee born Vincent Lazzaro.

1917: Bob Fitzsimmons, 54, dies. Fizsimmons was boxings first 3-division champion.

1926: Harry Greb, 32, dies while undergoing surgery to repair facial injuries caused from nearly 300 fights, and a recent auto accident.

1955: Harold Warren born.

1966: Carlos Ortiz KO 5 Sugar Ramos, Mexico City. Retains World Lightweight Title.

Flash Elorde W 15 Vicente Derado, Quezon City. Retains World Super Featherweight Title.

Yuri Arbachakov born.

1970: Masao Ohba KO 13 Berkrerk Chartvanchai, Tokyo. Wins WBA Flyweight Title.

1977: Saensak Muangsurin W 15 Saoul Mamby, Korat, Thailand. Retains WBC Super Lightweight Title. Highly questionable split decision!

1979: Kermit Cintron born.

1980: Sammy Angott, 65, dies.

1983: Eusebio Pedroza W 15 Jose Caba, St. Vincent, Italy. Retains WBA Featherweight Title. Referee: Stanley Christodoulou 146-143 | Judge: Luis Sulbaran 148-144 | Judge: Marco Antonio Rodríguez 148-145

1994: Tom Johnson W 12 Francisco Segura, Atlantic City. Retains IBF Featherweight Title.

1999: Naseem Hamed W 12 Cesar Soto, Detroit, MI. Wins WBC Featherweight Title. Referee: Dale Grable | Judge: Mike Glienna 115-110 | Judge: Dario Chiarini 116-109 | Judge: Chuck Hassett 115-110.  Hamed secures his claim as the world’s premier featherweight, despite a really ugly fight.

Erik Morales W 12 Wayne McCollough, Detroit, MI. Retains WBC Super Bantamweight Title. Referee: Frank Garza | Judge: John Keane 116-112 | Judge: Omar Minton 116-112 | Judge: Glenn Hirch 118-110.

2000: Divena Freeman, 49, dies as a result of injuries sustained in an auto accident near her home, in Egg Harbor, NJ. on October 10th.

2004: Light heavyweight James Butler, 31, pleads not guilty to charges he murdered Sam Kellerman. Sam was the 29-year-old brother of Max Kellerman.

2005: Zsolt Erdei KO 12 Mehdi Sahnoune, Saale, Germany.

October 23,

1911: Battling Levinsky ND 6 Jack Dillon, Philadelphia. Dillon “outpointed and all but knocked out” Levinsky. (Washington Post)

1912: Billy Papke WF 17 Georges Carpentier, Paris.

1931: Lou Brouillard W 15 Young Jack Thompson, Boston. Wins World Welterweight Title. Boston’s first championship bout since 1920, and the first time since boxing was legalized in the State that a 15-round bout was held. Brouillard became Connecticut’s second world champion, joining Bat Battalino. New York Times

1938: Bob Montgomery KO 2 Young Johnny Buff, Atlantic City. Montgomery’s pro debut.

1950: Jay Larkin born.

1962: Dick Tiger W 15 Gene Fullmer, San Francisco. Wins WBA Middleweight Title. Referee: Frankie Carter 10-1-4 | Judge: Jack Downey 9-5-1 | Judge: Vern Bybee 7-5-3.

1963: Tyrone Trice born.

1967: Gerald McClellan born.

1971: Masao Ohba W 15 Fernando Cabanella, Tokyo. Retains WBA Flyweight Title.

1983: Lupe Mandera W 12 Katsuo Tokashiki, Sapporo. Retains WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

1987: Sumbu Kalambay W 15 Iran Barkley, Livorno, Italy. Wins vacant WBA Middleweight Title.

1989: Raul Perez W 12 Diego Avila, Inglewood. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title.

1992: Manuel Medina W 12 Moussa Sangaree, Gravelines, France. Retains IBF Featherweight Title.

1993:  Felix (Tito) Trinidad KO 10 Anthony Stephens, Ft. Lauderdale. Retains IBF Welterweight Title. Referee: William Connors | Judge: Robert Balogh 87-84 | Judge: Gary Merritt 88-83 | Judge: Clark Sammartino 87-84.

Junior Jones W 12 Jorge Elicier Julio, Atlantic City. Wins WBA Bantamweight Title. Referee: Rudy Battle | Judge: Al DeVito 117-109 | Judge: Guy Jutras 116-111 | Judge: Fernando Viso 116-111

1999: Mike Tyson no contest 1 Orlin Norris. Las Vegas. Tyson flattens Norris with a blow well after the first round ends.

Diego Corrales KO 7 Roberto Garcia, Las Vegas. Wins IBF Super Featherweight Title.

Paulie Ayala W 12 Sahoui Sithchai Condo, Fort Worth, TX. Retains WBA Bantamweight Title.

Three-time Olympic super heavyweight champion Teofilo Stevenson, 48, is arrested for headbutting a United Airlines employee who tried to stop the former boxer from passing through a security checkpoint in Miami, Florida.

2004: Vivian Harris KO 11 Oktay Urkal, Berlin, Germany. Retains WBA Super Lightweight Title.

2008: Cristobal Cruz W 12 Orlando Salido, Airway Heights, Washington. Wins vacant IBF Featherweight Title.

October 24,

1894: Ted (Kid) Lewis born.

1910: Abe Attell W 10 Johnny Kilbane, Kansas City. Retains World Featherweight Title.

1916: Battling Levinsky W 12 Jack Dillon, Boston. Wins World Light Heavyweight Title.

1927: Tony Canzoneri W 15 Johnny Dundee, NYC. Wins vacant World Featherweight Title. Canzoneri “showed that he is unversed in the art of pulling his punches and making them appear real. A crowd of approximately 10,000 began calling for action in the fourth round. While Dundee, essaying a comeback after a year’s layoff was widely cheered as he entered the ring he was roundly booed at the final bell. Many of the spectators left the garden at the end of the seventh round.” (AP) Dundee, who weighed 140 pounds the month before, entered at 125½.

1939: Henry Armstrong W 10 Jimmy Garrison, Los Angeles. Retains World Welterweight Title. Referee George Blake was the sole scoring official. Armstrong won 5 title fights in October of ‘39!

1949: Betulio Gonzalez born.

1979: Ayub Kalule W 15 Masashi Kudo, Akita, Japan. Wins WBA Super Welterweight Title.

1987: Baby Sugar Rojas KO 4 Gustavo Ballas, Miami. Retains WBC Super Flyweight Title.

1988: Henry Armstrong, 75, dies.

1989: Virgil Hill KO 1 James Kinchen, Bismark, ND. Retains WBA Light Heavyweight Title.

Jeff Harding KO 2 Tom Collins, Brisbane. Retains WBC Light Heavyweight Title.

1992: Tony Lopez KO 11 Joey Gamache, Portland, ME. Wins WBA Lightweight Title.

1995: Marcelo Dominguez W 12 Sergei Kobozev, Levellois-Perret, France.

1998: Sven Ottke W 12 Charles Brewer, Dusseldorf, Germany. Wins IBF Super Middleweight Title.

Roberto Garcia KO 5 Ramon Ledon, Atlantic City. Retains IBF Super Featherweight Title.

2003: Johnny Bredahl W 12 David Guerault, Copenhagen, Denmark. Retains WBA Bantamweight Title.

2008: Giacobbe Fragomeni Tech Dec. 8 Rudolf Kraj, Milan, Italy. Wins vacant WBC Cruiserweight Title.

Lucian Bute W 12 Librado Andrade, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Retains IBF Super Middleweight Title. Referee: Marlon Wright | judge: Alex Levin 117-109 | judge: Benoit Roussel 115-111 | judge: Mickey Vann 115-110.  Andrade down in the 10th. Bute down in the 12 with only 5 seconds left. Andrade went to the furthest neutral corner after flattening Bute.  During the mandatory 8 count referee Marlon Wright turns to Andrade and admonishes him for being in the wrong corner; giving Bute, who’s out on his feet, precious time to recover. After Wright turns his attention back to Bute, he picks up his count where he left off. Once the ref’s count reaches 8, the fight ends and goes to the scorecards.

Chris John W 12 Hiroyuki Enoki, Tokyo. Retains WBA Featherweight Title.

October 25,

1958: Greg Page born.

1960: Alphonse Halimi W 15 Freddie Gilroy, Wembley. Wins vacant European World Bantamweight Title.

1964: Crisanto Espana born.

1968: Sandro Mazzinghi No Contest 9 Freddie Little, Rome. Retains World Super Welterweight Title.

1971: Ruben Olivares KO 14 Kazuyoshi Kanazawa, Nagoya. Retains World Bantamweight Title.

1980: Mike Weaver KO 13 Gerrie Coetzee, Bophuthatswana. Retains WBA Heavyweight Title. Time: 1:49 | Referee: Jesus Celis 117-113 | Judge: Ove Ovesen 116-115 | Judge: Harmodio Cedeno 116-114.

1986: Rickey Parkey KO 10 Lee Roy Murphy, Marsala, Italy. Wins IBF Cruiserweight Title.

Mike McCallum KO 9 Said Skouma, Paris. Retains WBA Super Welterweight Title. Time: 2:25 | Referee: Roberto Ramirez 79-73 | Judge: Mike Glienna 79-73 | Judge: Angel C. Tovar 78-75

1987: Rocky Lockridge KO 10 Johnny de la Rosa, Tucson. Retains IBF Super Featherweight Title. Time: 2:43 | Referee: Al Munoz | Judge: Charley Spina 87-83 | Judge: Jim Traylor 88-85 | Judge: Gerald Maltz 86-84

1990: Evander (Real Deal) Holyfield KO 3 James (Buster) Douglas, Las Vegas. Wins World Heavyweight Title. Douglas is paid in excess of $ 20-million and he enters the ring hopelessly out of shape.

Ricardo Lopez KO 5 Hideyuki Ohashi, Tokyo. Wins WBC Strawweight Title.

1991: Muangchai Kittikasem W 12 Alberto Jimenez, Bangkok. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

1994: Chris Eubank W 12 Dan Schommer, Sun City, BOP.

2008: Mikkel Kessler KO 3 Danilio Haussler, Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Germany. Retains WBA Super Middleweight Title.

October 26,

1902: Jack Sharkey born

1906: Primo Carnera born.

1915: Ted (Kid) Lewis W 12 Milburn Saylor, Boston. Retains World Welterweight Title.

Willie Ritchie ND 10 Johnny Dundee, NYC.

1931: Young Perez KO 2 Frankie Genaro, Paris. Wins NBA Flyweight Title.

1942: Henry Armstrong W 10 Fritzie Zivic, San Francisco. Referee: Billy Burke. Armstrong dealt out a tremendous body beating as Zivic focused on his opponents eyes. Armstrong delivered a decisive victory.

1949: Harold Johnson W 10 Jimmy Bivins, Philadelphia. Scoring: 6-4, 6-4, 5-4-1.

1950: Sugar Ray Robinson KO 12 Bobo Olson, Philadelphia. Time: 1:19 | Referee: Charlie Daggert

1951: Rocky Marciano KO 8 Joe Louis, NYC. Louis’ final fight. Scoring at the time of the knockout, referee: Ruby Goldstein 4-2-1 | judge: Joe Agnello 5-2 | judge: Harold Barnes 4-3 all for Marciano.

Ray Wilding KO 6 Jimmy Gambino, NYC. Gambino is arrested after he leaves the arena, charged by Federal Narcotics agents with selling heroin.

1970: Muhammad Ali KO 3 Jerry Quarry, Atlanta. Ali’s first fight since 3/22/1967.

1971: Vicente Rondon KO 13 Gomeo Brennan, Miami Beach. Retains WBA Light Heavyweight Title.

1974: Antonio Cervantes KO 8 Shinchi Kadoto, Tokyo. Retains World Super Lightweight Title.

1979: Wilfredo Gomez KO 5 Nicky Perez, NYC. Retains WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

1980: Victor Galindez, 31, is killed while competing in an auto race.

1988: James (Lights Out) Toney KO 2 Stephen Lee, Mt. Clemens, MI. Toney’s Pro debut.

2001: Pongsaklek Wonjongkam Tech. Win 8 Alex Ali Baba, Hat Yai, Thailand. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

2002: Manny Pacquiao KO 1 Fabbrakob Rakkiatgym, Davao, Philippines. Retains IBF Super Bantamweight Title.

October 27,

1903: Jack Johnson W 20 Sam McVey, Los Angeles.

1922: Billy Petrolle KO 2 Kid Fogarty, Fargo, ND. Petrolle’s pro debut.

1931: Panama Al Brown W 15 Eugene Huat, Montreal. Retains World Bantamweight Title.

1936: Henry Armstrong W 10 Mike Belloise, Los Angeles.

1942: Ezzard Charles W 10 Joey Maxim, Pittsburgh. The first in a 5-fight series between these two. All won by Charles by decision.

Sammy Angott W 15 Slugger White, Los Angeles.  Retains World Lightweight Title.

1949: Former World Middleweight Champion Marcel Cerdan, 33, dies in an airline crash, while enroute to New York for his rematch with Jake LaMotta.

1953: Yoshio Shirai W 15 Terry Allen, Tokyo. Retains World Flyweight Title.

1956: Arturo Frias born.

1965: Jorge Paez born.

1973: Rodolfo Gonzalez KO 11 Antonio Puddu, Los Angeles. Retains WBC Lightweight Title.

Chartchai Chionoi W 15 Susumu Hanagata, Bangkok. Retains WBA Flyweight Title.

1976: Pipino Cuevas KO 6 Shoji Tsujimoto, Kanuzawa, Japan. Retains WBA Welterweight Title.

1977: Zab Judah born.

1979: Roberto Leyva born.

1982: Jeff Chandler KO 9 Miguel Iriarte, Atlantic City. Retains WBA Bantamweight Title.

1988: Tony Lopez W 12 John-John Molina, Sacramento. Retains IBF Super Featherweight Title.

1989: Gianfranco Rosi W 12 Troy Waters, St. Vincent, Italy. Retains IBF Super Welterweight Title.

1992: Reggie Johnson W 12 Lamar Parks, Houston. Retains WBA Middleweight Title.

1996: Daorung C. Siriwat Tech. Dec. 10 Nana Konadu, Bangkok. Regains WBA Bantamweight Title.

2007: Steve Molitor W 12 Fahsan 3K Battery, Ontario, Canada. Retains IBF Super Bantamweight Title.

October 28,

1895: George Dixon D 10 Young Griffo, Brooklyn, NY.

1901: Abe Attell W 15 George Dixon, St. Louis.

1924: Jimmy McLarnin W 4 Fidel LaBarba, Vernon, CA.

1938: John Henry Lewis KO 4 Emilio Martinez, Minneapolis. Retains World Light Heavyweight Title.

1960: Joe (Old Bones) Brown W 15 Cisco Andrade, Los Angeles. Retains World Lightweight Title.

1961: Joe (Old Bones) Brown W 15 Bert Somodio, Quezon City. Retains World Lightweight Title.

1972: Antonio Cervantes KO 10 Alfonzo (Pepermint) Frazer, Panama City. Wins World Super Lightweight Title.

1975: Former World Light Heavyweight Champion Georges Carpentier, 81, dies in Paris.

1978: Wilfredo Gomez KO 5 Carlos Zarate, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. Retains WBC Super Bantamweight Title. Gomez improves his record to 22-0-1 (22) while Zarate, still the WBC Bantamweight Champion, falls to 54-1 (53).

1979: Yoko Gushiken KO 7 Tito Abella, Tokyo. Retains WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

1982: Jean Pascal born.

1987: Jorge Vaca Tech. Dec. 8 Lloyd Honeyghan, Wembley. Wins World Welterweight Title.

1988: Greg Haugen KO 10 Gert Bo Jacobson, Copenhagen. Retains IBF Lightweight Title.

2006: Kermit Cintron KO 5 Mark Suarez, Palm Beach, FLA. Wins vacant IBF Welterweight Title.

October 29,

1897: George (Kid) Lavinge KO 12 Joe Walcott, San Francisco.

1907: Abe Attell KO 4 Freddie Weeks, Los Angeles. Retains World Featherweight Title.

1929: Mickey Walker W 10 Ace Hudkins, Los Angeles. Retains World Middleweight Title. “Fighting in all his old-time form, the champion not only outfought Hudkins in nearly every round but had the Nebraska slugger groggy on several occasions.”
(Burlington Free Press, Oct. 30, 1929)

1931: Tony Canzoneri W 10 Phillie Griffin, Newark, NJ. Retains World Super Lightweight Title.

1937: Henry Armstrong KO 6 Petey Sarron, NYC. Wins World Featherweight Title.

1948: Sandy Saddler KO 4 Willie Pep, NYC. Wins World Featherweight Title.

1956: Wilfredo Gomez born.

1960: Cassius Clay W 6 Tunney Hunsaker, Louisville, KY. Clay’s pro debut.

1971: Bob Foster KO 8 Tommy Hicks, Scranton. Retains World Light Heavyweight Title.

1977: Carlos Zarate KO 6 Danilio Batista, Los Angeles. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title.

1980: Miguel Cotto born.

1983: Rafael Orono KO 5 Orlando Maldonado, Caracas.Retains WBC Super Flyweight Title.

1987: Charles Williams KO 9 Bobby Czyz, Las Vegas. Wins IBF Light Heavyweight Title.

Thomas (Hitman) Hearns KO 4 Juan Roldan, Las Vegas. Wins vacant WBC Middleweight Title.

1988: Julio Cesar Chavez Tech. Dec. 11 Jose Luis Ramirez, Las Vegas. Retains WBA/ wins WBC Lightweight Title.

Raul Perez W 12 Miguel Lora, Las Vegas. Wins WBC Bantamweight Title.

1991: Riddick Bowe DQ 1 Elijah Tillery, Washington D.C.

1993: Michael Bentt KO 1 Tommy Morrison, Tulsa.

James Toney W 12 Tony Thorton, Tulsa. Retains IBF Super Middleweight Title.

October 30,

1906: Abe Attell W 20 Harry Baker, Los Angeles. Retains World Featherweight Title.

1933: Vince Dundee W 15 Lou Brouillard, Boston. Wins New York & NBA Middleweight Title. Dundee “won by side-stepping most of his (Brouillard’s) savage rushes and driving him back with a light but effective right to the head… Vince relied almost entirely on his superior boxing skills. As he moved east and west to escape the Worcester youth’s furious lunges he ripped a looping right to Lou’s head. This did not bother Brouillard in the slightest but they went for points and when the contest ended he had enough to give him a slight lead in eight rounds. The verdict … was unanimous.” (New York Times)

1939: Henry Armstrong KO 4 Bobby Pacho, Denver. Retains World Welterweight Title. Armstrong’s 5th defense in 21-days.

1974: Muhammad Ali KO 8 George Foreman, Kinshasa, Zaire. Regains World Heavyweight Title.

Angel Manfredy born.

1977: Luis Estaba W 15 Netmoi Vorasingh, Caracas. Retains WBC Junior Flyweight Title.

1982: Marvin Hagler KO 5 Fulgencio Obelmejias, San Remo, Italy. Retains World Middleweight Title.

1986: Joe Manley KO 10 Gary Hinton, Hartford. Wins IBF Super lightweight Title.

1993: Orzoubek Nazarov W 12 Dingnaan Thobela, Johannesburg, SA. Wins WBA Lightweight Title.

1995: South African light heavyweight champion Ginger Tshabalala, 29, is shot to death by suspected car highjackers in Johannesburg. Tshabalala, 18-1-1, was ranked third by the WBC at the time of his death.

1998: Arthur Williams KO 9 Imamu Mayfield, Biloxi, MS. Wins IBF Cruiserweight Title.

Cesar Bazan W 12 Mauro Lucero, Mexico City. Retains WBC Lightweight Title.

2004: Yutaka Niida W 12 Juan Landaeta, Tokyo, Japan. Retains WBA Strawweight Title.

2008: Anselmo Moreno W 12 Rolly Matsushita, Panama City. Retains WBA Bantamweight Title.

October 31,

1895: Les Darcy born.

1904: Joe Gans DQ 5 Jimmy Britt, San Francisco. Retains World Lightweight Title. Britt knocked Gans down four times. The last time, he hit Gans as he was rising and was disqualified. Britt continued to claim the title.

1935: John Henry Lewis W 15 Bob Olin, St. Louis. Wins World Light Heavyweight Title.

1941: Sugar Ray Robinson W 10 Fritzie Zivic, NYC.

1962: Glen Thomas born.

1970: Bruno Arcari KO 3 Raymundo Dias, Genoa. Retains WBC Super lightweight Title.

1971: Koichi Wajima W 15 Carmelo Bossi, Tokyo. Wins World Super Welterweight Title.

1973: Byron Mitchell born.

1989: Khaosai Galaxy KO 12 Kenji Matsumura, Kobe, Japan. Retains WBA Super Flyweight Title. Galaxy’s 12-successful defense. Time: 2:56 | Referee: Rudy Battle | Judge: Luis J. Rodriguez 108-100 | Judge: Medardo Villalobos 108-100 | Judge: Richard Strange 107-100.

1992: Lennox Lewis KO 2 Razor Ruddock, London.

Crisanto Espana KO 8 Meldrick Taylor, London. Wins WBA Welterweight Title.

Sung Kil Moon W 12 Greg Richardson, Seoul. Retains WBC Super Flyweight Title.

1998: Naseem Hamed W 12 Wayne McCullough, Atlantic City.

Vuyani Bungu W 12 Danny Romero, Atlantic City. Retains IBF Super Bantamweight Title.

Marco Antonio Barrera KO 3 Richie Wenton, Atlantic City.

1999: Jongkwon Baek W 12 Lakva Sim, Pusan, S. Korea. Wins WBA Super Featherweight Title.

2009: Yonnhy Perez W 12 Joseph Agbeko, Las Vegas. Wins IBF Bantamweight Title.

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