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Chris ‘Hurricane’ Henry: The World’s Deadliest Light Heavyweight

by on Oct.06, 2010, under Boxing News, Guest Columnists

Fearsome puncher preparing to pulverize Beibut Shumenov

Henry after his victory over Shaun George -- Photo by Emily Harney

Henry after his victory over Shaun George -- Photo by Emily Harney

By Karl Hegman

“A fighter’s life is short at best, no time to waste, no time to rest; the spotlight shifts, the clock ticks fast, all youth becomes old age at last.”-Robert E. Howard

As daylight breaks in the picturesque community of Beaumont, Texas, the world’s second ranked light heavyweight is already sweating and working his muscles, laboring hard, “Toting that barge and lifting that bale.”  Prodigal son Chris Henry has returned home to his roots in the “Golden Triangle” of Texas, far away from the hustle and bustle that is the rat race of daily life in the Bayou City of the metropolis of Houston.  Henry is working as a longshoreman now, and enjoys the rugged job as it augments his already intense and austeristic boxing training.

“I moved back home to be with my family and lifelong friends, good folks that I grew up with, people that I can trust” says the bruising contender, who has experienced his share of life’s ups and downs throughout the past several years.  “I am assembling an entire new team around me, and I feel better both physically and mentally now than I ever have.  I feel that God has given me a new lease on life, and I am not taking the small things for granted like I used to.  I have more focus, purpose, and direction than I have ever had right now.  These are truly Days of Grace.”

“A professional boxer has to take responsibility for himself and accept the consequences of his own doing” says Henry.  “I know that their are folks out there in boxing, promoters that may try to turn the ways of knowledge and strength to their own base ends.  A man I admire is WBA Heavyweight Champion David Haye as he is his own promoter, and maintains the honor and truthfulness of brotherhood in his inner circle of boxing family, and it is a dream of mine to fight for his Heavyweight title after I win the Light Heavyweight crown from Shumenov.”

Henry resembles a sweating mound of concrete as he slugs away at the heavy bag in the gymnasium, and leaves a football sized indention in the recipient of power and life’s frustrations as the suspended leather catcher sways lifelessley on its chains.  The primary question that most boxing experts have is not who will win the eventual fight between Henry and WBA Light Heavyweight Champion Beibut Shumenov, but how long Shumenov will last before he is eventually flattened by a fighter whose hitting power can best be described as frightening.  “Beibut is the Champion, so you have to respect that, but there is no doubt in my mind that I am going to put him in the deep freeze, and it is going to be coming sooner rather than later for him!” says Henry.

“I am running in the mornings in the fresh and crisp air before the carbon monoxide from cars pollutes it, and work all day outside, toughening up, and then, well, let’s just say that I go dog nuts in the gym” says Chris.  His last two fights, a brutal beatdown of Shaun George, and then a first round icing of two time WBA Light Heavyweight Champion Hugo Garay have been chronicled here in the Cyberboxingzone, and Henry aims to make it a “CBZ Trifecta!” as he puts it.  “I appreciate the coverage the Cyberboxingzone has given me, and I will love to have my own thread once I become World Champion, as it is a very respectable website, and I go there several times a week” concludes Chris.

Henry is supremely confident that he will destroy Beibut Shumenov, whom can best be described by this writer as a “very well-conditioned boxer/puncher.”  Team Henry feels that  Shumenov is tough and durable, but that Chris’ power and bloodlust for combat and trench warfare will be too much for Shumenov to overcome once he finds himself in the strike zone of the “Hurricane’s” fell and ruthless attacks.  “He can’t beat me by running!” says Henry, “Sooner or later he is going to have to fight, and then it’s all over for him as I am going to break his ribs and drive him through the canvas, and then the WBA Championship will be mine at last!” concludes the most menacing Light Heavyweight on the planet.

Chris Henry has the traditional demeanor of the great Zulu warrior; grim and forbidding, his body has become a steel-jacketed bullet through years of rugged dedication to his craft with the acceptance of painful and gruelling training in his rise to the top of the light heavyweight rankings.  Henry is the progenitor of the noble boxing gladiator in 2010, he fights with his heart on his sleeve, and what you see is what you get with “Hurricane” Henry in the squared circle.  A rage has been built up in Henry at this time, underlying his often cheery persona outside the ring like the lava inside an inactive volcano.  Henry feels that Beibut will be the recipient of pent up hostility and will be hurt unmercifully until either the referee stops the contest and saves him from further punishment, or he will be punched to the floor for the ten count, his short and happy reign will be agonizingly over within several brutal rounds.

“I’d love to fight Bernard Hopkins as well after he defeats Jean Pascal!” says Henry, “He is saying he wants another fight, well here I am, Bernard!  It will be an honor to get in the ring with such a great Champion as Bernard Hopkins, one of the All-Timers, but I feel that this is my time now” concludes Chris.  Henry can fight in the simple, direct style of the street fighter, or turn the contest into a deadly ballet of conviction and power with excruciating agons as he evinces in battle, hunting down his quarry and then eliminating them with a series of heavy, laserlike blows. 

One of the secrets to Henry’s ring triumphs is his capacity to find and bring to the surface through sheer talent, the precise lineaments of the most violent and visceral of all emotions, and his unfortunate opponents often resemble the victims of a mugging with the business end of a tire iron.  Violence is the soul of the Noble Art, and it is the Texas sport fans’ relish for violence in its most brutal forms that give Chris Henry the cue he has always sought to release the violence in his own soul.  Part of Henry’s appeal is his homegrown down to earth humility and his boyish charm, and he is an extremely fan friendly fighter who gives the audiences what they crave: the primary process of the annihilative instinct per se.

“I still consider myself undefeated as I felt that I beat both Adrian Diaconu and Yusaf Mack” says Henry.  Though there are many boxing fans and insiders that agree with him, those two losses will remain on the record books.  “I don’t look back, I look ahead, and those fights made me all the more determined and purpose driven to win the Championship.  I’ll also fight and stop Chad Dawson, whom I got the better of in sparring, and he and his trainer, Eddie Mustafa know that for a fact!”

“Gabriel Campillo is already fighting someone, so that makes me the leading available contender for Shumenov’s WBA Championship!” says Henry, “And mark my words folks, I will crush Shumenov and bring the title back to the good old US of A where it belongs!”  says the determined hard hitter from Texas.  Few boxing experts will disagree with that statement, and Chris Henry is the pick in this corner to be the next WBA Light Heavyweight Champion as he is simply too powerful for Beibut Shumenov and will knock Shumenov out inside of three rounds.

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