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Adrian Granados: ‘I Want to be a Big Name Out of Chicago!’

by on Dec.17, 2010, under Boxing News, Juan Ayllon

Granados (right) attacks Titsworth.  Photo by Belle (Juan Ayllon's fiance).

Granados (right) attacks Titsworth. Photo by Belle (Juan Ayllon's fiance).

By Juan C. Ayllon

 “Touch him, touch him, touch him!” shouted the cornerman of Omaha, Nebraska’s Trent Titsworth, an ungainly, stork like fighter who stood a good head taller than the hard punching hometown favorite, Adrian Granados.  It was September 17, 2010 at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago.  But, touch him, he hardly did – so great was his respect for the power of Granados, who helped prepare world champion Juan Manuel Marquez for his devastating knockout victory over Juan Diaz for the vacant WBO Lightweight title in February 2009.  Instead, he held his gloves tightly to his chin and keeping his elbows tucked close to his sides as Granados banged away for the greater balance of that first round.  Titsworth landed one sneaky right up the middle midway through the second, revealing his strategy:  Try to smother and frustrate Granados into making a careless mistake.  However, a Granados right drilled between the gloves near rounds end shook him up.  Moments later, the bell gave the beleaguered fighter momentary reprieve.  

Granados rocked Titsworth in the third with a right to the chin.  Shouts of “Adrian!  Adrian!” from the stand buoyed his efforts as he punished Titsworth for the remaining 30 seconds of the round.

The beating continued in the fourth, where Granados teed off with thumping lefts and rights.  Titsworth nearly went down, but held on for dear life along the ropes.  And the fifth and final rounds saw Titsworth hugging for dear life repeatedly, as he was battered to and fro.  Granados tapped his own chin, mugged and pot-shotted his way to victory.  The judges scored the bout 50-45 twice and 50-44 for Granados, who won by unanimous decision.

That was his last fight to date.  Adrian Granados, now 21, is a 140-pound former amateur star with a professional record of 6-1 and 4 knockouts from the hardscrabble streets of Cicero, Illinois.  Tonight, he fights Milwaukee’s Justin Danforth (6-16, 1 KO) on the undercard of tonight’s fights at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago.

His parents are Jose and Gloria Granados.  Jose was a pipe fitter and laborer most his life.  Gloria was a homemaker and later with Telecom, MCI, World Com and Tech Systems. 

Granados graduated from St. Joseph High School graduated 2007, where he lettered in basketball, baseball and football.  He started in everything and served as captain in baseball (shortstop and pitcher), football (running back) and in basketball (shooting guard). 

He also turned out to be a boxer of considerable promise when he first donned the boxing gloves there   It’s a talent he plans on honing tonight en route to world title aspirations.

JUAN AYLLON:  How did you get into boxing?

ADRIAN GRANADOS:  My sophomore year, this teacher who was a Christian brother, brother Peter… he used to work the heavy bag in a small room in the basement and that’s where we would work out. 

JA:  Tell us about your amateur career:

AG:  I’d say my record was around 58 and 12.  I kind of went fast…there were times I’d fight two times a month or maybe three.  I felt like I had to catch up—I started up around 15.

I won the Junior Golden Gloves National Golden Gloves in I believe it was ’06.  I won numerous state titles – I’d say about four times – and nationals, I did the PAL tournament and was a national finalist.  By the time I finished my amateur career, I was ranked fifth in the US in national rankings at 141. 

JA:  Tell us about your training camp prepping for your opponent.

AG:  I’ve had a great traning camp. I’ve been training seven, eight weeks. Lots of sparring, learning from every mistake.  With every fight, I just want to keep getting better. 

[In regards to tonight’s opponent] I just know he’s a veteran, he’s a strong fighter, he comes to fight.  He’s fough in Chicago like six times.  His record is like 6 and 13, I think.  I’m not underestimating him at all.  You can’t underestimate anyone you get in there with. 

JA:  What were the high points of your career and why?  Low points? 

AG:  I would just say my third figtht against Mike Colbert would be a good one.  He had just got a big upset win and I believe he thought he’d do the same to me.  He was an aggressive fighter, a rough fighter, and thankfully I was able to pick him apart and get a win.

Low points?  Not really.  With every fight, I’m learning. 

JA:  Tell us about your sparring with Marquez.

AG:  It was a great experience.  I got him ready for his first fight with Juan Diaz.  He was a standup guy.  Apart from being a great guy, he was a great champion, one of my idols. 

JA:  What do you intend on proving this time out? 

AG:  Probably I’d say keeping my cool, sticking to my gameplan and looking impressive. 

JA:  What are your long-term goals in boxing and how much longer do you want to do it?

AG: Just like any fighter, I want to be champion of the world, but even more than that, I want to be a big name coming out of Chicago.  I kind of want to cross over and put Chicago on the map for boxing. 

(In regards to a timeline):  I wouldn’t say so, I just take it one fight, one day at a time. 

JA:  What do you plan on doing after your boxing career ends? 

AG:  During my boxing career, I want to finish school so when I finish boxing I have a career to fall back on.  I don’t feel there are limits.  Maybe I can promote myself, maybe commentate or being bilingual, maybe translate.  I would also like to give something back to boxing, maybe start my own gym or something like that. 

JA:  What do you do to blow off steam?  Hobbies? 

AG: I would say boxing that’s the best way I relieve my stress.  Other things, music I listen to a variety of music. 

JA: Tell us something few people would know about you.

That when they get to know me, I try to be the son my parents raised me to be—respectful.  Most people that I get to meet, most people when I tell them that I box, they don’t believe me. 

JA:  Is there someone special in your life right now? 

AG:  Yeah, I’m in a relationship.  It’s good, she’s a great girl, she’s important to me, she’s a great friend. 

JA:  Last thoughts? 

AG:  I hope to be able to give a great performance Friday night, that I’m here, and that I become a champion some day.

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