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On this Day in Boxing: January

by on Jan.02, 2011, under Guest Columnists, This Day in Boxing

Compiled by Richey S. Jones

January 1,

1903: Joe Gans DQ 11 Gus Gardner, New Connecticut. Retains world lightweight title.

1907: Joe Gans KO 8 Kid Herman, Tonopah, NV. Retains world lightweight title.

1908: Abe Attell Draw 25 Owen Moran, Colma, CA. Retained world featherweight title.

1914: Waldemar Holberg W 20 Ray Bronson, Melbourne. Wins vacant world welterweight title. Holberg takes over Bronson’s World Welterweight title claim. Bronson had recently arrived in Australia with Eddie McGoorty and Young Saylor. Nov. 18, 1913 Tacoma Daily News.
Johnny Dundee ND 10 Freddie Welsh, New Orleans. “Dundee was accredited with having the best of the first two rounds, Welsh showed superiority in the fourth, eighth and tenth rounds, and the others were even.” (Atlanta Constitution).

1915: Legend has it, that on this day Battling Levinsky fought two 10 rounders & one 12 rounder in three different locations, all no-decisions. When asked why he fought such a demanding schedule, Levinsky answered, “I like money.”

1922: Rocky Graziano born Thomas Rocco Barbella.

1934: Freddie Miller W 10 Jack Sharkey, Cincinnati. Retains NBA featherweight title.

1935: Baby Arizmendi W 12 Henry Armstrong, Mexico City. Wins vacant Calif. & Mexican world featherweight title.

1937: Freddie Steele W 10 Gorilla Jones, Milwaukee. Retains NBA & NY. World middleweight title.

1942: Bruno Acari born.

1943: Manuel Ortiz W 10 Kenny Lindsay, Portland OR. Retains world bantamweight title.

1977: Guty Espadas KO 7 JiroTakada, Tokyo. Retains WBA flyweight title.

January 2,

1957: Gene Fullmer W 15 Sugar Ray Robinson, NYC. Wins world middleweight title.

1964: Pernell (Sweet Pea) Whitaker born.

1969: Glen Johnson  born.

1973: Masao Ohba KO 12 Chatchai Chionoi, Tokyo. Retains WBA flyweight title. 3 weeks later Ohba is killed as a result of a car accident. Ohba was 23 years old when he died with a career mark of 35-2-1 (15).

Roman Karmazin born.

1978: Guty Espadas KO 7 Kimio Furesawa, Tokyo. Retains WBA flyweight title.

1985: Gabriel Elorde, 49, dies.

2000: In-Joo Cho W 12 Gerry Penalosa, Seoul. Retains WBC Super flyweight Title.

January 3,

1916: Harry Wills W 20 Sam Langford, New Orleans. Referee Tommy Burns. Wills defends his World ‘colored’ heavyweight title claim. “…At the end Burns caught Langford’s hand and said to him, “Sam, this is the hardest I ever had to do in my life. I always admired you and never thought to see you beaten, but I have to give the decision against you.” Calgary Herald

1967: Fighting Harada W 15 Jose Medel, Nagoya. Retains world bantamweight title   

 1971: Yoshiaki Numata W 15 Rene Barrientos, Shizuaka, Japan. Retains WBC super-featherweight title.

1976: Jaime Rios W 15 Kazunori Tenryu, Kagoshima. Retains WBA junior-flyweight title.

1985: Ji Won Kim KO 10 Seung II Suh, Seoul. Retains IBF super-bantamweight title.

1988: Gianfranco Rosi KO 7 Duane Thomas, Genoa, Italy. Retains WBC super-welterweight title.
1999: Jerry Quarry, 53, dies.

2004: Acelino Freitas W 12 Arthur Grigorian, Ledyard, CN. Freitas, now 35-0(31), wins easily.

 Masamori Tokuyama W 12 Dimitri Kirilov, Osaka, Japan. Retains WBC Super Flyweight Title.

Alexander Munoz KO 10 Eiji Kojima, Osaka, Japan. Retains WBA Super Flyweight Title.

Pongsaklek Wonjongkam W 12 Masaki Nakanuma, Yokohama, Japan. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

2005: Katsushige Kawashima W 12 Jose Navarro, Tokyo. Retains WBC Super Flyweight Title. Referee: Mark Green. Judge: William Boodhoo 109-120 | Judge: Gelasio Pérez 115-114 | Judge: Noppharat Sricharoen 115-113. As you can see, Judge William Boodhoo scores every round for Navarro. Very controversial decision.

Lorenzo Parra W 12 Trash Nakanuma, Tokyo. Retains WBA Flyweight Title. Referee Armando Garcia. Judge: Raul Caiz 116-112 | Judge: Erkki Meronen 116-112 | Judge: Eung-Myung Bae 115-113.

2007: Edwin Valero KO 1 Michael Lozada, Tokyo. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

Cristian Mijares KO 10 Katsushige Kawashima, Tokyo. Retains WBC Super Flyweight Title.

2009: Paulus Moses W 12 Yusuke Kobori, Yokohama, Japan. Wins vacant WBA Lightweight Title.

Toshiaki Nishioka KO 12 Genaro Garcia, Yokohama, Japan. Retains WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

January 4,

1935: Floyd Patterson born.

1940: Henry Armstrong KO 5 Joe Ghnouly, St. Louis. Retains world welterweight title. Ghnouly down three times in the first round and again in the fourth. (The New York Times.)

1964: Eddie Perkins KO 13 Yoshinori Takahashi, Tokyo. Retains world super-lightweight title.

1965: Ruben Olivares KO 1 Isidro Sotelo, Cuernavaca, Mexico. Olivares’ pro debut.

1972: John Ruiz born.

Salim Medjkoune born.
1978: Miguel Canto W 15 Shoji Oguma, Koriyama, Japan. Retains WBC flyweight title.

2003: Luis Perez W 12 Felix Machado, Washington D.C. Wins IBF Super Flyweight Title.

January 5,

1931: Benny Bass W 10 Lew Massey, Philadelphia. Retains world super-featherweight title.

1953: Dwight Muhammad Qawi born Dwight Braxton.

1963: Freddie Pendleton born

1968: Andrew Golota born.

2002: Jesse James Leija Tech. Win 5 Mickey Ward, San Antonio, Texas.

Leonard Dorin W 12 Raul Balbi, San Antonio, Texas. Wins WBA Lightweight Title.

2008: Paul Malignaggi W 12 Herman Ngoudjo, Atlantic City. Retains IBF Super Lightweight Title.

January 6,

1909: George Dixon, 38, dies.

1910: Kid Chocolate born Eligio Sardinias-Montalbo.

1926: Kid Gavilan born Gerardo Gonzalez.

1928: Tommy Loughran W 15 Leo Lomski, NYC. Retains world light-heavyweight title. Loughran visited the canvas for nine-counts twice in the first round.

James J. Braddock W 8 Paul Swiderski, NYC.
1947: Jersey Joe Walcott W 10 Joey Maxim, Philadelphia. Referee: Charlie Daggert. Scoring: 6-4, 6-3-1, 5-5.

Harold Dade W 15 Manuel Ortiz, San Francisco. Wins World Bantamweight title.  
1960: Anaclet Wamba born.   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      1964: Henry Maske born.

1970: Johnny Famechon KO 14 Fighting Harada, Tokyo. Retains WBC featherweight title.

1991: Virgil Hill W 12 Mike Peak, Bismark, ND. Retains WBA light-heavyweight title. What an absolute yawner.   

 1985: Joo Do Chun KO 15 Kwang Gu Park, Ulsan, S. Korea. Retains IBF super-flyweight

2001: Joel Casamayor KO 9 Roberto Garcia, Las Vegas. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

2007: Samuel Peter W 12 James (Lights Out) Toney, Hollywood, FL. Referee: Jorge Alonso | judge: Daniel Van de Wiele 118-110 | judge: John Keane 118-110 | judge: Peter Trematerra 119-108. Toney down in the 2nd.

Travis Simms KO 9 Jose Antonio Rivera, Hollywood, FL. Regains WBA Super Welterweight Title.

January 7,

1916: Al Hostak born.

1957: Julian Solis born.

1975: Ivan Calderon born.

1976: Vic Darchinyan born.

1978: Mate Parlov KO 9 Miguel Angel Cuello, Milan. Wins WBC light heavyweight title.

1979: Yoko Gushiken KO 7 Rigoberto Marcano, Kawasaki, Japan. Retains WBA junior-flyweight title.

1990: Prince Charles Williams KO 8 Frankie Swindell, Atlantic City. Retains IBF light-heavyweight title.

1995: Alejandro Gonzalez KO 10 Kevin Kelly, San Antonio. Wins WBC featherweight title.

Wilfredo Vasquez W 12 Orlando Canizales, San Antonio. Retains WBA super-bantamweight title.

2000: Teddy Brenner, 82, one of boxing’s greatest matchmaker’s dies from Parkinson’s disease.

2006: O’Neil Bell KO 10 Jean-Marc Mormeck, NYC. Wins World Cruiserweight Title.

Carlos Baldomir W 12 Zab Judah, NYC. Wins World Welterweight Title. Major upset!! Referee: Arthur Mercante Jr. | Judge: Gualtiero Cavalieri 115-113 | Judge: Melvina Lathan 115-112 | Judge: Julie Lederman 114-113.

Ulises Solis W 12 Will Grigsby, NYC. Wins IBF Junior Flyweight Title. 118-110 | 117-111 | 116-112.

January 8,

1875: Frank Erne born.

1968: Keith Mullings born.

1975: Miguel Canto W15 Shoji Oguma, Sendai, Japan. Retains WBC flyweight title.

1995: The Legendary (King) Carlos Monzon is killed in an automobile accident while returning to prison after a furlough for good behavior.

2000: Johnny Tapia W 12 Jorge Julio, Albuquerque. Tapia shines in his first fight since losing to Ayala.

January 9,

1900: (Terrible) Terry McGovern KO 9 George Dixon, NYC. Wins World Featherweight Title. Dixon’s corner threw in the sponge. McGovern becomes the undisputed champion. National Police Gazette.

1917: Pete Herman W 20 Kid Williams, New Orleans. Wins world bantamweight title. Referee: Billy Rocap

1923: Lou Bogash KO 11 Charley Nashert, NYC. Wins vacant NY. World middleweight title.

1942: Joe Louis KO 1 Buddy Baer (Max’s younger, but considerably larger (250lbs.) brother), NYC. Retains world heavyweight title. Baer down 3 times.

1973: Koichi Wajima Draw 15 Miguel De Oliveira, Tokyo. Retains world super-welterweight title.

1979: Eusebio Pedroza KO 14 Royal Kobayashi, Tokyo. Retains WBA featherweight title.

1999: Roy Jones Jr. KO 2 Rick Frazier, Pensacola, Fla. Retains world light-heavyweight title. Who’s the sub-moronic fruitcake that made this Frazier a mandatory challenger?!?  

Sugar Shane Mosley KO 7 Golden Johnson, Pensacola, Fla. Retains IBF lightweight title.
2000: The WBC strips Featherweight Champion Naseem Hamed of his title for refusing to relinquish the WBO Featherweight Title.

2006: Eagle Kyowa KO 9 Ken Nakajima, Yokohama, Japan. Retains WBC Minimumweight Title.

January 10,

1939: Henry Armstrong W 10 Baby Arizmendi, Los Angeles. Retains world welterweight title. Referee: George Blake.  The 5th fight between these two; Hank breaks the tie, winning his 3rd straight against Arizmendi.

1949: (Big) George Foreman born.

1966: Kennedy McKinney born.

1973: Felix (Tito) Trinidad born.

1982: Tavoris Cloud born.

1987: Patrizio Oliva W 15 Gato Gonzalez, Agrigento, Italy. Retains WBA super-lightweight title.

1992: Iran Barkley KO 2 Darrin Van Horn, NYC. Wins IBF super-middleweight title.

1993: Freddie Pendleton W 12 Tracy Spann, Atlantic City. Wins vacant IBF lightweight title.

1999: In-Joo Cho W 12 Joel Luna Zarate, Seoul. Retains WBC Super flyweight Title.

2007:WBA/WBC Super Middleweight champion Mikkel Kessler becomes the first boxer in Danish history to win the nation’s two top sports prizes, being selected as Athlete of the Year by the newspaper Jyllands Posten and also winning the B.T. Gold award.

2008: Hozumi W 12 Simone Maludrottu, Osaka, Japan. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title.

Wladimir Sidorenko W 12 Nobuto Ikehara, Osaka, Japan. Retains WBA Bantamweight Title. Referee: Rafael Ramos | judge: Michael Lee 119-110 | judge: Sergio Caiz 118-110 | judge: Erkki Meronen 116-112.

January 11,

1904: Joe (The Old Master) Gans W 10 Willie Fitzgerald, Detroit. Retains world lightweight title. Fitzgerald was knocked down four times

Sam Langford ND 6-draw Jack Blackburn, Philadelphia. Blackburn became the trainer of Joe Louis.  

1907: Sam Langford D 12 Joe Jeanette, Lawrence.

1908: Mike Gibbons KO 3 Roy Moore, St. Paul, MN. Gibbons pro debut.      

1951: Ezzard Charles KO 10 Lee Oma, NYC. Retains world heavyweight title.

1956: Pascual Perez W 15 Leo Espinosa, Buenos Aires. Retains world flyweight title.

1981: Rafael (Bazooka) Limon KO 15 Ildefonso Bethelmy, Los Angeles. Wins Vacant WBC super-lightweight title.

1991: (Merciless) Ray Mercer KO 9 Francesco Damiani, Atlantic City.

1997: Daniel Zaragoza (age 39) W 12 Wayne McCullough, Boston. Retains WBC super-bantamweight title. Larry Merchant forced to use strong-arm tactics against McCullough handler during post fight interview.

Felix (Tito) Trinidad KO 3 Kevin Lueshing, Nashville. Retains IBF welterweight title.

 (Terrible) Terry Norris KO 10 Nick Rupa, Nashville. Retains WBC/IBF super-welterweight title.

Khalid Rahilou KO 11 Frankie (The Surgeon) Randall, Nashville. Wins WBA super-lightweight title.

Rosendo Alvarez KO 11 Songkram Porpaoin, Sa Kaew Thail. Retains WBA strawweight title.  

2002: Veerapol Saphrom W 12 Sergio Perez, Thanyaburi, Thailand. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title.   

January 12,

1894: Georges Carpentier born

1900: Kid McCoy KO 4 Joe Choynski, NYC. 

1944: (Smokin’) Joe Frazier born Joseph William Frazier.

1953: Carmen Basilio W 10 Ike Williams, Syracuse.

1956: The great Sam Langford (The Boston Tar Baby) dies at age 72. Langford retired in 1926 at the age of 43, with a career mark of 167-38-37 (117 KO’s) 48 ND 3 NC. Langford not only could predict the round he’d stop his opponent, but also the spot on the canvas where he’d deposit his rival in an unconscious heep.         
 1963: Pone Kingpetch W 15 Fighting Harada, Bangkok. Wins flyweight title for the 3rd time.

1969: Wolfgramm born

1976: Ben Villaflor KO 13 Morito Kashiwaba, Tokyo. Retains WBA super-featherweight title.

1980: Alexis Arguello KO 11 Ruben Castillo, Tucson. Retains WBC super-featherweight title.

1985: Harry Arroyo KO 11 Terrance Alli, Atlantic City. Retains IBF lightweight title.

1991: Prince Charles Williams W 12 Mwehu Beya, St. Vincent, Italy. Retains IBF light-heavyweight title.

1996: Tim Witherspoon W 10 Al (Ice) Cole, NYC.

Roy Jones Jr. KO 2 Merqui Sosa, NYC. Non-title fight.

2002: Acelino Freitas W 12 Joel Casamayor, Las Vegas. Wins WBA Super Featherweight Title. All three judges score 114-112 in favor of Freitas. I had it 114-112 for Casamayor.

2005: Promoter Don King sues Disney, ESPN, ABC Cable Networks, & Advocate Communications for $2.5-billion, claiming false & defamatory statements about King were made on the TV program Sports Century.

January 13,

1921: Pete Herman KO 17 Jimmy Wilde, London. NYC. Non-title fight.

1922: Gene Tunney W 12 Battling Levinsky, NYC. Wins US light-heavyweight title.    

1933: Ben Jeby KO 12 Frank Battaglia, NYC. Wins NY. World middleweight title.

Freddie Miller W 10 Tommy Paul, Chicago. Wins NBA featherweight title.

1941: Anton Christoforidis W 15 Melio Bettina, Cleveland. Wins vacant NBA light-heavyweight title.

 Lou Salica W 15 Tommy Forte, Philadelphia. Retains world bantamweight title.
1948: Ezzard Charles KO 8 Archie Moore, Cleveland. “Charles won the first two rounds, lost the next two, and then won the next three. They set a terrific pace…. Midway in the eighth round, Moore caught Charles with a terrific left hook and followed his advantage…. Charles was definitely on the verge of a kayo… but, to the surprise of everyone, he snapped out of his dazed condition, landed a volley of left hooks and then a perfect right cross.” (The Ring, April 1948, page 51).
Per the AP report: “A crashing left and right dumped Moore to the floor. He struggled around on one knee trying to rise immediately and Charles then applied the finisher, another right. Moore grabbed feebly for the ring rope as Referee Jackie Davis finished his toll of 10, but couldn’t reach his feet again for some 20 seconds–and then only with the help of his handlers.” Tacoma News Tribune
1976: Bobby (Boogaloo) Watts W 10 Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Philadelphia. Referee: Hank Cisco 46-46 | judge: Earl Vann 46-44 | judge: Nate Lopinson 48-44.  Hagler’s first loss after a 25-0-1(19) start. A rather inauspicious Philly debut for the immortal Marvelous One.   

1977: Martin Castillo born.
1990: In Chul Baek KO 7 Yoshiaki Tajima, Ulsan, S. Korea. Retains WBA super-middleweight title.

1997: Jackie McCoy, 73, dies.

2001: Zab Judah KO 10 Reggie Green, Uncasville, CT. Retains IBF Super Lightweight Title.

2003: Sirimongkol Singwancha W 12 Yong-Soo Choi, Tokyo. Retains Super Featherweight Title.

January 14,        
1887: Jack McAuliffe (The Napoleon of the prize ring) KO 28 Harry Gilmore, Lawrence.
Retained world lightweight title

1891: Bob Fitzsimmons KO 13 Jack Dempsey (The Nonpareil), New Orleans. Wins world middleweight title.

1903: Young Corbett KO 18 Austin Rice, Hot Springs Ark. Retains world featherweight title.   

1909: Abe Attell KO 10 Freddie Weeks, Goldfield, NV. Retains world featherweight title.

1944: Jake LaMotta W 10 Fritzie Zivic, Detroit. Referee: Sam Hennessey. Scoring: 6-3-1, 8-2, 8-2. Zivic was hurt in the 7th and 8th. LaMotta lost the 2nd and 4th rounds on low blows.

1947: (Rockabye) Ruben Olivares born.

1961: Paul Pender KO 7 Terry Downes, Boston. Retains world middleweight title.

1974: Matthew Franklin (a.k.a Saad Muhammad, a.k.a. Maxwell Loach) KO 2 Billy Early, Philadelphia. Franklin’s pro debut.

1979: Wifred Benitez (age 20) W 15 Carlos Palomino, San Juan, PR. Wins World Welterweight Title. Benitez, wins his 2nd world title, and ups his record to 37-0-1 (25)

1984: Milton McCrory KO 6 Milton Guest, Sterling Heights, Mi. Retains WBC welterweight title.

Ray Mancini KO 3 Bobby (Schoolboy) Chacon, Reno. Retains WBA lightweight title.

1995: Vinny Pazienza W 12 Roberto Duran, Atlantic City.

2000: Irene Pacheco KO 11 Pedro Pena, El Paso, TX. Retains IBF Flyweight Title.

2006: Mikkel Kessler KO 10 Eric Lucas, Copenhagen, Denmark. Retains WBA Super Middleweight Title.

2008: Alexander Munoz W 12 Katsushige Kawashima, Yokohama, Japan. Retains WBA Super Flyweight Title. Referee: Steve Smoger | judge: Jean-Francois Toupin 115-114 | judge: Levi Martinez 115-113 | judge: Tom Miller 117-111.

January 15         

1923: Harry Greb ND 10 Tommy Loughran, Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Post reported that Greb won 9 rounds and the fourth round was even. After the 5th round Greb was the complete master, the clever defense of Loughran being the only thing to save him from being stopped. Greb swarmed all over Tommy and wouldn’t let him box in his standup style. Loughran looked good in flashes. Red Mason worked in Greb’s corner. The crowd was the biggest in the history of Motor Square Garden.

1929: Dr. Martin Luther King born.

1940: Jimmy Bivins KO 1 Emory Morgan, Cleveland. Bivins’ pro debut.

1965: Bernard (The Executioner) Hopkins born.

1970: Marcelo Dominguez born.

1972: (Smokin’) Joe Frazier KO 4 Terry Daniels, New Orleans. Retains world heavyweight title. Frazier, 215 1/2 lbs. First defense since epic 3/8/1971 bout with Muhammad Ali. First heavyweight title fight in New Orleans since Corbet-Sullivan (9/7/1892) Daniels, son of a millionaire businessman.

1977: Sansaek Muangsurin KO 15 Monroe Brooks, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Retains WBC super-lightweight title.

Sammuel Serrano KO 11 Alberto Herrera, Guayaquil, Equador. Retains WBA super-featherweight title.

Rafael Ortega W 15 Fransisco Coronado, Panama City. Wins vacant WBA featherweight title. 

1982: Sergio Palma W 15 Jorge Lujan, Argentina. Retains WBA super-bantamweight title.

1989: Khaosai Galaxy KO 2 Tae II Chang, Samut Prakarn, Thailand. Retains WBA super-flyweight title.

1990: (Big) George Foreman KO 2 Gerry Cooney, Atlantic City.

2000: David Izon KO 9 Derrick Jefferson, NYC. Jefferson is leading 78-74, 78-72, 78-73 at the time of the stoppage.

Roy Jones Jr. W 12 David Telesco, NYC. Retains World Light Heavyweight Title.

Acelino Freitas KO 8 Barry Jones, Doncaster, England.

January 16,

1925: Jack Delaney KO 2 Tiger Flowers, NYC.

1942: Sugar Ray Robinson KO 10 Fritzie Zivic, NYC. Time: 0:31 | Referee: Arthur Donovan.

1950: Willie Pep KO 5 Charley Riley, St. Louis. Retains world featherweight title.

1969: Roy Jones Jr. born.

1982: Rolando Navarette KO 11 Chung ll. Choi, Manila. Retains WBC super-featherweight title.

1987: Louie Espinoza KO 4 Tommy Valoy, Phoenix. Wins vacant WBA super-bantamweight title.

1993: George Foreman KO 8 Pierre Coetzer, Reno.

1999: Mike Tyson KO 5 Frans Botha, Las Vegas. Tyson loses the first four rounds before scoring a one punch KO.

Robert Garcia W 12 John-John Molina, Las Vegas. Retains IBF super-featherweight title

Zab Judah KO 4 Wilfredo Negron, Las Vegas. For something called the vacant interim IBF super-lightweight title.

2004: Matt Vanda W 10 Sam Garr, Minneapolis, MN. Worst decision of the year candidate. “Judges” (what a sick joke!) Jack Hayden & Butch Anderson suck shit!! They should never again be allowed to fuck up another fight with their total ineptness.
January 17,

1878: Philadelphia Jack O’Brien born James Francis Hagen.

1899: George Dixon KO 10 Young Pluto, NYC. Retained World Featherweight Title. Referee: Johnny White.  

1905: Cus D’Amato born.

1915: Sammy Angott born Samuel Engotti.

1922: Harry Wills W 10 Sam Langford, Portland OR.

1930: Leo Lomski W 10 James J. Braddock, Chicago, IL. Referee: Dave Miller.

Jackie (Kid) Berg W 10 Tony Canzoneri, NYC. Referee: Mike Hylis. “Fighting one of the most important ring struggles of his career, Berg rose to the occasion by giving Canzoneri one of the worst beatings he has ever experienced and winning the decision to the complete satisfaction of the crowd which jammed the Garden. However the official verdict was not unanimous.” (James P. Dawson, New York Times).

1941: Fritzie Zivic KO 12 Henry Armstrong, NYC. Retains world welterweight title.

1942: Muhammad Ali born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.

1952: Dong-Kyun Yum born.

1964: James (Buddy) McGirt born.

1974: Marco Antonio Barrera born.

1981: Marvelous Marvin Hagler KO 8 Fulgencio Obelmeijas, Boston. Retains world middleweight title.

1986: (Terrible) Tim Witherspoon W 15 Tony Tubbs, Atlanta. Wins WBA heavyweight title. Witherspoon’s post fight urinalysis tests positive for weed.

1988: Wifredo Vasquez Draw 12 Takuya Muguruma, Osaka. Retains WBA bantamweight title.        

1998:  Michael Grant KO 5 David Izon, Atlantic City.

 Angel Manfredy KO 8 Arturo Gatti, Atlantic City.

2004:  Zsolt Erdei W 12 Julio Gonzalez, Karlsruhe, Germany. Erdei improves to 19-0 (13). While Gonzalez loses for just the second time against 35(22) wins.

2009: Andre Berto W 12 Luis Collazo, Biloxi, MS. Retains WBC Welterweight Title. Fantastic fight!

 January 18,

1895: Tommy Ryan KO 3 Jack Dempsey (The Nonpareil), Coney Island. Retains world welterweight title.

1907: Abe Attell KO 8 Harry Baker, Los Angeles. Retains world featherweight title.

1924: Harry Greb W 15 Johnny Wilson, NYC.  Retains world middleweight title. Referee: Patsy Haley According to Boxing Blade, this was a close fight, but the decision met with “the approval of the fans.” Wilson made his best showing in the early rounds, taking the 1st, 3rd, and 5th. After that, Greb came on and the 7th round was probably his best one. Greb also did very well in the 8th, 10th, and 15th. Wilson’s best late round was the 12th. Most of the others were “about fifty-fifty.” This was not one of Greb’s better efforts.

1932: Johnny Jadick W 10 Tony Canzoneri, Philadelphia. Wins world super-lightweight title.  

1956: Sandy Saddler KO 13 Flash Elorde, San Francisco. Retains world featherweight title.

1962: Eder Jofre KO 10 Johnny Caldwell, Sao Paulo. Retains world bantamweight title.

1964: Virgil Hill born.

1965: Carlos Hernandez W 15 Eddie Perkins, Caracas. Wins world super-lightweight title.

1979: Yonnhy Perez born.

1986: Samart Payakaroon KO 5 Lupe Pintor, Bangkok. Wins WBC super-bantamweight title.

1992: Meldrick Taylor W 12 Glenwood Brown, Philadelphia. Retains WBA welterweight title.
Pernell (Sweet Pea) Whitaker W 10 Harold Brazier, Philadelphia.

1997: Kostya Tszyu Tech. Draw 1 Leonardo Mas, Las Vegas. Retains IBF super-Lightweight title. Funny, it looked like a 1st-round KO to me!

Oscar De La Hoya W 12 Miguel Angel Gonzalez, Las Vegas. Retains WBC Super Lightweight Title.

Maurcio Pastrana W 12 Michael Carbajal, Las Vegas. Wins IBF junior-Flyweight title.

January 19,      
1895: George Dixon Draw 25 Young Griffo, Coney Island.  

1930: Frankie Genaro KO 12 Yvon Trevidic, Paris. Retains NBA flyweight title.

1937: Benny Lynch W 15 Small Montana, Wembley. Retains world flyweight title.

1955: Ralph (Tiger) Jones W 10 Sugar Ray Robinson, Chicago. Referee: Frank Sikora 99-94 | judge: Ed Hintz 100-88 | judge: Howard Walsh 98-89.

1965: Kevin Pompey born.

1978: Wilfredo Gomez KO 3 Royal Kobayashi, Kitakyushu, Japan. Retains WBC super-bantamweight title.

1983: Roger (The Black Mamba) Mayweather KO 8 Samuel Serrano, San Juan. Wins WBA super-featherweight title.

1985: Donald Curry KO 4 Colin Jones, Birmingham, England. Retains WBA welterweight title.

1991: Dennis Andries W 12 Guy Waters, Adelaide, Australia. Retains WBC light-heavyweight title.

Meldrick Taylor W 12 Aaron Davis, Atlantic City. Wins WBA welterweight title.

1997: Former super welterweight contender, of the early to mid sixties, Stan Harrington, 63, dies. Harrington, 64-18-3 (26), held two 10-round decision wins over a faded Sugar Ray Robinson.

1998: Hipolito Saucedo, 30, is found dead near his home in Houston, Texas.

2001: Willie Jorrin W 12 Oscar Larios, Sacramento. Retains WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

2002: Rosendo Alvarez KO 12 Pichit Siriwat, Miami, Fla. Retains WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

2003: Kostya Tszyu KO 6 Jesse James Leija, Melbourne. Retains World Super Lightweight Title.

2004: Anthony Mundine KO 5 Yoshinori Nishizawa, Wollongong. NSW, Australia.

2008: Ruslan Chagaev W 12 Matt Skelton, Dusseldorf, Germany. Retains WBA Heavyweight Title.

Roy Jones Jr. W 12 Felix (Tito) Trinidad, NYC. Referee: Arthur Mercante Jr. | judge: Julie Lederman 117-109 | judge: Nelson Vazquez 116-110 | judge: Tom Kaczmarek 116-110.

Steve Molitor W 12 Ricardo Castillo, Rama, Ontario, Canada. Retains IBF Super Bantamweight Title. Referee: Sam Williams | judge: Alan Davis 118-109 | judge: Joseph Cooper 118-109 | judge: Jerry Jakubco 118-109.

January 20,

1916: Jack Britton ND 10 Ted (Kid) Lewis, Buffalo.

1919: Benny Leonard ND 6 Johnny Dundee, Newark.

1936: Marcel Thil W disq. 4 Lou Brouillard, Paris. Retains world middleweight title.    

1973: Roberto Duran KO 5 Jimmy Robertson, Panama City. Retains world lightweight title.

Romeo Anaya KO 3 Enrique Pinder, Panama City. Wins world bantamweight title.

1990: Sung Kil Moon Tech. Decision 9 Nana Konadu, Seoul. Wins WBC super-flyweight title.

1993: Gianfranco Rosi W 12 Gilbert Dele, France. Retains IBF super-welterweight title.

2001: Jose Luis Castillo KO 6 Cesar Bazan, Las Vegas. Retains WBC Lightweight Title.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. KO 10 Diego Corrales, Las Vegas. Retains WBC Super Featherweight Title.

2006: Valdemir Pereira W 12 Fahprakorb Rakkiatgym, Mashantucket, Connecticut. Wins vacant IBF Featherweight Title.

2007: Nikolay Valuev KO 3 Jameel McCline, Basel, Switzerland. Retains WBA Heavyweight Title.

Ricky (Hitman) Hatton W 12 Juan Urango, Las Vegas. Retains World Super Lightweight Title. Referee: Tony Weeks | judge: Robert Hoyle 119-109 | judge: Dave Moretti 119-109 | judge: Jerry Roth 119-109.

Junior Witter KO 9 Arturo Morua, London, England. Retains WBC Super Lightweight Title.

January 21,

1927: Fidel LaBarba W 12 Elky Clark, NYC. Wins vacant world flyweight title.    

1958: Virgil Akins KO 12 Tony DeMarco, Boston. Retains Mass. World welterweight title.

1962: Uriah Grant born.

1969: Johnny Famechon W 15 Jose Legra, London. Wins WBC featherweight title.

1975: Koichi Wajima W 15 Oscar Albarado, Tokyo. Regains world super-welterweight title.

1978: Roberto Duran KO 12 Esteban DeJesus, Las Vegas. Retains world lightweight title. Duran’s 12 successful title defense.

1989: Meldrick Taylor KO 7 John Meekins, Atlantic City. Retains IBF super-lightweight title.

Juan Coggi W 12 Harold Brazier, Vasto, Italy. Retains WBA super-lightweight title.

2005: Juan Diaz KO 9 Billy Irwin, Houston, TX. Retains WBA Lightweight Title.

2006: Manny Pacquiao KO 10 Erik Morales, Las Vegas. Morales stopped for the first time in 51 contests.

Martin Castillo W 12 Alexander Munoz, Las Vegas. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title. Referee: Richard Steele | Judge: Glenn Feldman 115-112 | Judge: Richard Houck 116-111 | Judge: Dalby Shirley 112-115.

January 22,

1960: Paul Pender W 15 Sugar Ray Robinson, Boston. Wins world middleweight title.

1964: Nigel Benn born.

1973: George Foreman KO 2 Joe Frazier, Kingston, Jamaica. Wins world heavyweight title. Foreman, 4-1 underdog, drops Frazier 6 times and ups his record to 38-0 (36).

1977: Carlos Palomino KO 15 Armando Muniz, Los Angeles. Retains World Welterweight Title. The fight was even after 14 rounds. Palomino drops Muniz in the 15th and continues his onslaught until referee John Thomas stops the fight with 34 seconds remaining.

Pascual Perez, 50, dies.

1980: Eusebio Pedroza W 15 Spider Nemoto, Tokyo. Retains WBA featherweight title. 6th defense of a record 19 successful title defenses.

1984: Johnny (Bump City) Bumphus W 15 Lorenzo Garcia, Atlantic City. Wins vacant WBA super-lightweight title.

1988: Mike Tyson KO 4 Larry Holmes, Atlantic City. Retains world heavyweight title.

Carlos DeLeon W 12 Jose Maria Burlon, Atlantic City. Retains WBC cruiserweight title.

1990: Raul Perez W 12 Gaby Canizales, Los Angeles. Retains WBC bantamweight title.

1992: Billy Graham, 69, dies.

2000: Sugar Shane Mosley KO 3 Willie Wise, Las Vegas. Mosley’s second fight as a welterweight.

2002: Its party-time in NYC, as a melee breaks out at the press conference announcing a bout between heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis and former champ Mike Tyson. After all is said and done, Tyson suffers a scalp cut. Lewis is bitten on the thigh, and Jose Suliaman is KO’d. See January, 29 2002.

2005: Floyd Mayweather KO 8 Henry Bruseles, Miami.

Johnny Tapia W 10 Nicky Bentz, Hidalgo, TX. Judge: Glenn Rick Crocker 98-92 | Judge: Raul Ortega 96-93 | Judge: Freddy Ledesma 92-97. Tapia, clearly, not what he once was.

January 23,

1908: Harry Lewis KO 3 Frank Mantell, New Haven, CT. Wins world welterweight title.

1915: Jeff Smith W disq. 5 Les Darcy, Sydney. Retains Australia world middleweight title.

1931: Jack (Kid) Berg W 10 Goldie Hess, Chicago. Retains world super-lightweight title.      

1953: Frank Maloney born.

1963: Lupe Aquino born.

1964: Pone Kingpetch W 15 Hiroyuki Ebihara, Bankok. Wins world flyweight title for the 3rd time.

1967: Emile Griffith W 15 Joey Archer, NYC. Retains world middleweight title.

1968: Howard Winstone KO 9 Mitsunori Seki, London. Wins vacant British world featherweight title.

1969: Bob Foster KO 1 Frankie DePaula, NYC. Retains world light-heavyweight title.
Seconds into the fight Foster is dropped by a left to the body. Foster rebounds to drop DePaula 3 times and the fight is stopped at 2:17 of the first.

1988: Calvin Grove KO 4 Antonio Rivera, Gamaches, France. Wins vacant IBF featherweight title.

2010: Yuriokis Gamboa KO 2 Rogers Mtagwa, NYC. Retains WBA Featherweight Title.

Juan Manuel Lopez KO 7 Steven Luevano, NYC

Carlos Tamara KO 12 Brian Viloria, Manila, Philippines. Wins IBF Junior Flyweight Title.

January 24,

1903: George Dixon D 6 Jem Driscoll, London.

1914: Tom McCormick W disq. 6 Waldemar Holberg, Melbourne. Wins world welterweight title.

1940: Henry Armstrong KO 9 Pedro Montanez, NYC. Retains world welterweight title. Armstrong’s 2nd  defense in 20 days.

1943: Joe Choynski, 74, dies.

1950: Joey Maxim KO 10 Freddie Mills, London. Wins world light-heavyweight title.

1976: George Foreman KO 5 Ron Lyle, Las Vegas. The fourth round wins Round of the Year honors as Foreman is down twice and Lyle once.

1981: Chul Ho Kim KO 9 Rafael Orono, San Cristobal, Venezuela. Wins WBC super-flyweight title.

1982: Eusebio Pedroza W 15 Juan LaPorte, Atlantic City. Retains WBA Featherweight title. Referee: Guy Jutras | judge: Fernando Viso 144-141 | judge: Ove Ovesen 144-142 | judge: Marco Antonio Rodriguez 145-143. Pedroza penalized 2 points during the course of the fight.  After watching a tape of the fight, Howie Albert, LaPorte’s manager, says Pedroza landed over 50 low blows.

1990: Orlando Canizales W 12 Billy Hardy, Sunderland, England. Retains IBF bantamweight title.

1997: Pernell (Sweet Pea) Whitaker KO 11 Diobelys Hurtado, Atlantic City. Retains World welterweight title. Whitaker scores a come-from-behind KO.

2004:  Arturo Gatti W 12 Gianluca Branco, Atlantic City.

2009: Sugar Shane Mosley KO 9 Antonio Margarito, Los Angeles. Wins WBA Welterweight Title.

January 25,

1894: James J. Corrbett KO 3 Charley Mitchell, Jacksonville, Fla. Retains world heavyweight title.

1915: Harry Greb ND 6 Jack Blackburn, Pittsburgh, PA. Referee: Joe Donnelly.  Greb won the newspaper decision according to the Pittsburgh Post. “Greb threw a million punches, but few landed. Blackburn blocked, side-stepped, slipped, rode, and ducked. From the first to the final bell, Blackburn was the center of a cloud of gloves. But he was so elusive that not one in ten ever connected. Greb was on him all the time, and as Blackburn didn’t start one-tenth the blows that Greb did, Greb must be accorded the decision. Blackburn landed some body punches, but they didn’t have the steam to slow up Greb. Greb solved Blackburn’s defense pretty well in the third round, after winning the first two. The fourth was even, and Blackburn had the edge in the 5th. Greb did practically all the fighting in the 6th.”

1932: Gorilla Jones KO 6 Oddone Piazza, Milwaukee. Wins vacant world middleweight title.

1939: Joe Louis KO 1 John Henry Lewis, NYC. Retains world heavyweight title.

1944: Bob Montgomery KO 12 Ike Williams, Philadelphia.

1964: Guy Waters born.

1974: Santiago Samaniego born.

1976: Saensak Muangsurin W 15 Lion Furuyama, Tokyo. Retains WBC super-lightweight title.

1987: Chong Pal Park KO 15 Doug Sam, Seoul. Retains IBF super-middleweight title.

1999: Jean-Baptiste Mendy W 12 Alberto Sicurella, Versailles, France. Retains WBA Lightweight Title.

2003: Ricardo Mayorga KO 3 Vernon Forrest, Temecula, CA. Wins World Welterweight Title.

2007: Ulises Solis KO 8 Will Grigsby, Las Vegas. Retains IBF Junior Flyweight Title.

January 26,

1947: Miguel Angel Castellini born. 

1952: Vic Toweel W 15 Peter Keenan, Johannesburg. Retains world bantamweight title.

1959: Salvador Sanchez born.

1972: Dana Rosenblatt born.

1991: Robert Quiroga W 12 Vicenzo Belcastro, Capo d’Orlando. Retains IBF super-flyweight title.

1998: Former World Featherweight Champion Hogan (Kid) Bassey, 65, dies.

2002: Vernon Forrest W 12 Sugar Shane Mosley, NYC. Wins World Welterweight Title. Referee: Steve Smoger | Judge: Tom Kaczmarek 115-110 | Judge: Melvina Lathan 117-108 | Judge: Julie Lederman 118-108. 

Arturo Gatti KO 4 Terron Millett, NYC. Gatti re-establishes himself as a top contender at super-lightweight.

2008: Chris John KO 7 Roinet Caballero, Senayan, Indonesia. Retains WBA Featherweight Title.

January 27,

1913: Jim Driscoll Draw 20 Owen Moran, London. Retains world British featherweight title.

1943: Manuel Ortiz KO 11 George Freitas, Oakland. Retains world bantamweight title. Ortiz’ 2nd defense in 26 days. All-together Ortiz’ record for bantamweight title bouts: 21-2 (11).

1954: Archie (Ol’ Mongoose) Moore W 15 Joey Maxim, Miami. Retains world Light-Heavyweight title.

1980: Yoko Gushiken W 15 Yong Hyun Kim, Osaka. Retains WBA junior-flyweight title.

1985: Rocky Lockridge KO 6 Kamel Bou-All, Riva del Garda, Italy. Retains WBA super-featherweight title.

1989: Graciano Rocchigiani W 12 Thulane (Sugarboy) Malinga, Berlin. Retains IBF super-middleweight title.

1990: Lindell Holmes W 12 Frank Tate, New Orleans. Wins vacant IBF super-middleweight title.     

1992: Humberto (Chiquita) Gonzalez W 12 Domingo Sosa, Inglewood. Retains WBC junior-flyweight title

January 28,

1944: Beau Jack D 10 Sammy Angott, NYC.

1945: Ken Buchanan born.

1949: Kid Gavilan W 10 Ike Williams, NYC. Referee: Ruby Goldstein ~
Scoring in rounds: 5-4-1, 5-4-1, 4-4-2.

1959: Tiger Jones W 10 Joey Giardello, Louisville. Referee: Paul Matchuny 43-48 | judge: Tom Nuckles 46-45 | judge: Walter Beck 48-47.

1974: Muhammad Ali W 12 (Smokin’) Joe Frazier, NYC. Referee Tony Perez saves Frazier from an almost certain knock out in the 2nd round. Just seconds after Ali hurts Joe with a hook, Perez separates the fighters, “thinking” he heard the bell. Ali wins unanimously, 7-4-1, 8-4, 6-5-1.

1978: Alexis Arguello KO 13 Alfredo Escalera, Bayamon. Wins WBC super-featherweight title. Arguello’s 2nd world title.  
1984: Santos Laciar W 15 Juan Herrera, Marsala, Italy. Retains WBA flyweight title.

1990: John-John Molina KO 6 Lupe Suarez, Atlantic City. Retains IBF super-featherweight.

2006: Markus Beyer KO 12 Alberto Colajanni, Berlin, Germany. Retains WBC Super Middleweight Title.

January 29,

1952: Archie Moore W 10 Harold Johnson, Toledo, OH.

1955: (Big) John Tate born.

1967: Vicente Saldivar KO 7 Mitsunori Seki, Mexico City. Retains world featherweight title. 

1970: Michele Piccirillo born.
1972: Ricardo Arredondo W 15 Jose Isaac Marin, San Jose, Costa Rica. Retains WBC super-featherweight title.

1975: Robert Garcia born.

1977: Roberto Duran KO 13 Vilomar Fernandez, Miami Beach. Retains world lightweight title. Durans’ 10th straight KO in as many title defenses.

1978: Yoko Gushiken KO 14 Anaceto Vargas, Nagoya. Retains WBA junior-flyweight title.

1979: Pipino Cuevas KO 2 Scott Clark, Inglewood. Retains WBA welterweight title. Cuevas’ 8th title defense all KO’s.

Betulio Gonzalez Draw 15 Shoji Oguma, Hamamatsu, Japan. Retains WBA flyweight title.

1980: Takefumi Sakata born.

1983: Davey Moore KO 4 Gary Guiden, Atlantic City. Retains WBA super-welterweight title.  
1984: Billy Costello KO 10 Bruce Curry, Beaumont, Texas. Wins WBC super-lightweight title. Two days later Curry, having blamed his trainer Jesse Reid, challenges his longtime trainer to a fist fight. Immediately after Reid re-opens a 15-stitch cut, Curry retrieves a gun from his car and takes 1 shot at Reid. Missing by inches, Curry abruptly leaves.

1994: Felix (Tito) Trinidad W 12 Hector Camacho, Las Vegas. Retains IBF welterweight title. Referee: Joe Cortez | judge: Dalby Shirley 119-106 | judge: Mike Glienna 117-109 | judge: Glen Hamada 116-110.

Frankie (The Surgeon) Randall W 12 Julio Cesar Chavez, Las Vegas. Wins WBC super-lightweight title. Chavez’ first “official” defeat in 91 fights.

2000: Mike Tyson KO 2 Julius Francis, Manchester, England.

Joe Calzaghe W 12 David Starie, Manchester. Calzaghe extremely unimpressive in his American TV debut.

Markus Beyer KO 7 Leif Keiski, Riesa, Germany. Retains WBC Super Middleweight Title.

2002: Keitaro Hoshino W 12 Joma Gamboa, Yokohama, Japan. Regains vacant WBA Strawweight Title

The Nevada State Athletic Commission votes 4-1 against granting Mike Tyson a boxing license. Thus quashing any chance of his challenge of Lennox Lewis happening in Vegas.

2005: Kassim Ouma W 12 Kofi Jantuah, Atlantic City. Retains IBF Super Welterweight Title.

Arturo Gatti KO 5 Jesse James Leija, Atlantic City. Retains WBC Super Lightweight Title.

Pongsaklek Wongjongkam KO 5 Noriyuki Komatsu, Osaka, Japan. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

2006: Takashi Koshimoto W 12 In Jin Chi, Fukuoka, Japan. Wins WBC Featherweight Title. Referee: Malcolm Bulner | Judge: Omar Minton 111-116 | Judge: Burt Clements 114-113 | Judge: Noppharat Sricharoen 115-112.

2010: Beibut Shumenov W 12 Gabriel Campillo, Las Vegas. Wins WBA Light Heavyweight Title.

January 30,

1923: Harry Greb W 15 Tommy Loughran, NYC. Retains US Light Heavyweight Title.

1949: Miguel Canto born Miguel Angel Canto Solis.

1967: Bruce Seldon born.

1976: Rodolfo Martinez W 15 Venice Borkorsor, Bangkok. Retains WBC bantamweight title.

1982: Arturo Frias Tech. Win 9 Ernesto Espana, Los Angeles. Retains WBA lightweight title.

Wilfred Benitez W 15 Roberto Duran, Las Vegas. Retains WBC super-welterweight title. The fight was not nearly as close as the scorecards: 144-141, 143-142, and 145-141.

1984: Charlie (Choo-Choo) Brown W 15 Melvin Paul, Atlantic City. Wins vacant IBF lightweight title.

1987: Gilberto Roman KO 9 Antoine Montero, Montpellier, France. Retains WBC super-flyweight title.

2000: Jong-Kwon Baek D 12 Choi Kyu-Chul, Pohang, S. Korea. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

Freddie Norwood KO 9 Takashi Koshimoto, Fukuoka, Japan. Retains WBA Featherweight Title.

2001: Yosam Choi KO 7 Saman Sorjaturong, Seoul, South Korea. Retains WBC Junior Flyweight Title.

2005: Injin Chi W 12 Tommy Browne, Seoul, South Korea. Retains WBC Featherweight Title.

2010: Sebastian Sylvester KO 10 Billy Lyell, Neubrandenburg, Germany. Retains IBF Middleweight Title.

January 31,

1914: Jersey Joe Walcott born Arnold Raymond Cream.

1925: Jem Driscoll, 44, dies.

1941: Joe Louis KO 5 Red Burman, NYC. Retains world heavyweight title.

1959: Santos Laciar born.

1979: Felix Sturm born.

Brahim Asloum born.

1983: Rafael Orono KO 4 Pedro Romero, Caracas. Retains WBC Super-flyweight title.

1988: Sot Chitalada KO 6 Hideaki Kamishiro, Osaka. Retains WBC flyweight title. 6th defense for Chitalada.

Hiroki Ioka KO 12 Kyung Yun Lee, Osaka. Retains WBC strawweight title.

1998: Bernard Hopkins KO 6 Simon Brown, Atlantic City. Retains IBF middleweight title.

William Joppy W 12 Julio Cesar Green, Tampa, Fla. Regains WBA middleweight title.

2004: Antonio Margarito KO 2 Hercules Kyvelos, Phoenix, AZ. Margarito improves to 30-3 (21).

Rafael Marquez KO 2 Pete Frissina, Phoenix. Retains IBF Bantamweight Title.

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