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Top 10 Heavyweights of All Time

by on Apr.02, 2011, under Guest Columnists

by Richey S. Jones (originally published in April, 2005)

1. Muhammad Ali…A no brainer. The Ali that whupped Cleveland Williams would’ve soundly thrashed any heavyweight in history. I also believe that the 32 year old Ali that regained the heavyweight title from Big George also would have defeated any heavyweight, past or present.
2. Larry Holmes…Focused and resilience defined. With that wicked jab. In his prime, more than a match for any body’s A-game. If you couldn’t keep him down, you were dead. Remember it took 3 knockdowns for Tyson to knockout a post prime Easton Assassin.
3. Sonny Liston… Sonny simply kicked your ass. Overpowered you with that jab. And thats if you were a big, durable heavyweight. Otherwise, well ask Floyd.
4. Joe Louis. I wish Louis were around today. He’d bitch slap Klitschko. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch the Brown Bomber pound on Ruiz. KO in 1. Johnny’s grabbing would not work for more than 30 seconds. Actually Louis would stop “Johnny Louise” quicker than the Tuaman!
5. George Foreman… What about Foreman vs. James J. Jeffries? That fight would rock. Either way it would; Young George or Old. I can see George fighting draws against Jack Johnson or Ezzard Charles in 15 or less.
6. Lennox Lewis… The “ugly, nasty, boring” Lennox was effective in garnering decisions. I rate him over Jack Johnson in 12, maybe 15 rounds. Other-wise I’d go with Jack via knockout.
7. Jack Johnson… PARDON JACK JOHNSON! Jack would frustrate “Iron Mike” so much, that the Galveston native would feel as if he’s in a “Jaws” movie.
8. Joe Frazier… A pre 03/08/1971 Frazier would’ve smoked just about anyone. The “smokin’ Joe”of the first Ali fight was at his peak. He was never better than on that night.
9. Evander Holyfield… If a young Holyfield had come up after Johnson’s better days he would have ruled for 20-years. Willard? Fugetaboutit! The “Real Deal ” by early knockout. Evander would have gone head up blow for blow with Dempsey. With Holyfield dominating late. Even in 20 rounds; Holyfield would have won 15. Evander would have knocked out Tunney, Schmeling, Sharkey, Carnera, Baer, and Braddock.
10. Ezzard Charles…Rates much higher as a light heavyweight. How he would react to the
punches from some of today’s “super heavyweights”? Who knows. Be he’d make life hell for any heavyweight that can’t match, or deal with, his speed.

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