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Top 10 Light Heavyweights

by on Apr.02, 2011, under Guest Columnists

by Richey S. Jones (originally published May, 2005)

1. Sam Langford…Just his resume alone makes him an all-time pound for pound contender. Not much in the way of film footage of Langford. I would say that “the Boston Tar Baby” is to boxing what Josh Gibson was to baseball. Forgotten brilliance.

2. Ezzard Charles…I gotta take Mr. Charles via the late round TKO over Mr. Bob Foster. Sorry Constable. Please don’t kick my ass.

3. Bob Foster…They way he could lure an opponent into an exchange and zap’em outta there, (and I mean OUT) with a single left hook. Awesome. It must have been something back in the day to be a lightheavy who was apart of the starched by Bob club. Could he have whipped Tunney or Tyson @ heavyweight? Probably not. But thats another time.

4. Gene Tunney…A top notch tough guy, no doubt. Big time combination puncher, with much skill to boot. No doubt he’d knockout Roy Jones Jr. Too bad he limited the sport’s true beauty by only fighting white opponents.

5. Archie Moore…Who wouldn’t be afraid to fight somebody with such unyielding confidence. Probably the greatest ever to compete at or around 168. The best ever at playing  mind games in and out of the squared circle.

6. Michael Spinks…I loved the stalking knock your ass out with the “Spinks Jinx” Michael. But that wasn’t Michael at his best. When he got jiggy moving around the ring throwing odd-ball combos from every angle ala his fights with Qawi & Holmes, that was the Spinks to be dealt with. No matter how ugly or unexciting.

7. Tommy Loughran…One of the division’s best pure boxers. If he were around today, Hopkins, Pascal,Dawson or Cloud wouldn’t go near him because it just doesn’t pay to get outboxed without getting beaten up.

8. Jimmy Bivins…One of the sport’s elite. Fought the best of 2 divisions and more than held his own. Other than Spinks, I can’t think of anyone who’s fought @ 175 over the last quarter century that could whup Bivins.

9. Billy Conn…What a difference a loss can make in one’s career. On the strength of his first fight with Joe Louis, Conn showed just how tough and durable he really was. Conn is another who would have benefitted from a super middleweight division. Just imagine Conn vs. La Motta @ 168. Hell yeah!!

10. Dwight Qawi…He didn’t reign to long, but that deceptively long reach and his Smokin’ Joe style of defense make him and all-time great in my book.

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