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Has UFC Legend Chuck Liddell Conceded Defeat to Former Teammate Chris Greenman?

by on May.27, 2009, under Boxing News, Press Releases


Columbia University Journalism Dept. staff

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Chuck Liddell’s recent fate with his fighting career seems to have a similarity to some of his fate in business.  Chuck Liddell’s  MMAJACKED, which was once gaining momentum as a leader in MMA websites has took a similar turn to Liddell’s career and appears to be heading down an identical downward path. 

Chuck Liddell’s admitted and former best friend, Chris Greenman, left the site or was said to have been formally fired by Chuck Liddell and other owners of MMAJACKED in a public fashion.  Many sources credit there being a falling out on the USO tour in November of 2008 which involved both Chris Greenman and Chuck Liddell traveling with the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  While USO staff and Chuck’s management claim Liddell “got sick” on the tour, sources claim otherwise.  Sources thought to be from The Division of Criminal Investigations, Department of the Navy, paint quite a different picture and alluded to Chuck “being completely uncontrollable.”  Various internet searches share the same thoughts that Chuck Liddell was indeed kicked off the tour and there were some possible cover-ups by the military for the events that happened.  Unidentified military personnel claim this is common practice and it’s meant to protect the image of the USO project and the UFC superstar.  

Chris Greenman, for different suspected reasons, left MMAJACKED and was quick to contact his influences in the MMA world and formed  Chris Greenman was wrestling teammates with Liddell at Cal Poly from 1990-1994 and had Liddell as his best man at Greenman’s wedding in 1994.   Greenman was known in the MMA fighting world as a world class fighter that trained with the some of the best MMA fighters in the world.  Greenman seems to have chosen the business end of fighting rather then actually fighting professionally.  However, International media searches reveal Greenman has had 8 fights in Japan at the middleweight (185,205) weight as a Pro Fighter and has a perfect 8-0 record. This points to the possibility of a conflict with Liddell and Greenman at a domestic level. 

The rise of ProFightNetwork is interesting but not very surprising.  People we contacted on MMAJACKED all seem to have one thing in common; they believed Chris Greenman was MMAJACKED and never even knew the other owners.  They were there to watch the videos done by Greenman and when he left the site, they left.  One MMAJACKED fan told us – “Many of the people on the site became very angry when they posted a bulletin that Chris Greenman was fired, very unprofessional.”

Liddell was thought to be a fighter ahead of his time when the media first heard of his involvement with the MMA social site but at some point he must have lost interest or bad blood erupted. There was an apparent incident at MGM’s Studio 54 (Dec ’08) where Liddell’s brother, Dan Liddell, and Greenman had heated words in the VIP area of studio 54.  MGM’s staff alluded to a possible fight between Chuck’s entourage and Greenman’s Las Vegas “boys” who engaged for a short time but was broken up by Metro police in the front of the Casino.  Liddell promoted many things in the last few years but it seems that the one thing he promoted the best was Chris Greenman.  Chris Greenman has emerged from behind the scenes to become very popular in the MMA fan community. 

Internet ranking stats show a grim picture if you’re Chuck Liddell or an owner of MMAJACKED.  While the old site has the momentum one does not wish for, Greenman’s is full steam ahead, passing his old site in traffic ranking in just 8 weeks of having a temporary non-social site up in place.  Greenman still makes use of videos but in a phone interview he told us “I will get back to doing more videos, I am just concentrating on developing the best MMA/Boxing/combat sports social site in the world.” Greenman denied commenting on the USO,  MMAJACKED, or any other allegations by just saying, “I learned more in the last two years then seven years in college.  It hurts me to lose a friend of twenty years over lies and business, I always had Chuck’s back.  I advise anyone never to go down that road because you can’t hold each other accountable because you cross friendship lines. You have to be able to hold business partners accountable in business because otherwise your decisions are based on friendship and that is never a good thing.” 

Finally, after we concluded our 30 day investigation, we were able to get a bit more information out of Greenman.  We were unable to reach neither Chuck Liddell or his agent, Duane Zinken (Zinken Entertainment).  Both refused numerous phone calls from our staff.  Greenman told us “ProfightNetwork is a fan’s site and a fighter’s paradise. You will get more news about MMA/boxing then you can handle, videos from around the world, interaction like no other, and I promise a few things you have never seen from a social site – if Facebook only knew.  Also, FightNetRadio’s Lee Honish and co-owner of ProFightNetwork bring you the “Howard Stern” of MMA/Boxing on live PodCast and radio. It’s insane how fighters and fans love his style; you want to kick his butt for the things he says but you come back for more.  In a nutshell  we will give you world wide MMA/boxing/combat news, we will entertain you till your tummy hurts, and were going to save you money. That is right -  save you money and make it lucrative to be a member of our site.”  Greenman ended the call by saying that he has lost some mutual friends with Chuck simply because “Chuck is Chuck and everyone wants to be on the side of a legend.” He also said “I don’t blame them, this world is all perception anyway, it is a short life, and 200 years from now, no one will know about either of us.”

Greenman seems to have an interesting story as well.  He grew up in Vegas, went to the same high school as the Fertita’s during close time frames, and is often seen with public figures in the party atmosphere of the Sin City with internet photos of Stallone, Spade, Paris Hilton, Troy Aikman, Emmet Smith, many political figures, and many others.  Greenman’s family was super political backers of now Senate majority leader Harry Reid.  Greenman has paid over $5000 for a pig at a state fair in his last residence of Livermore, when indeed the Pig was maintained by the County Commissioner’s daughter of his county of residence where he owned many properties.   Reports surfaced that Greenman was investigated by Hayward PD in 2000 for doing what ended up being an undercover narcotics sting where Greenman didn’t advise his supervisors.   Greenman resigned from SFPD the same year and launched a mega real estate company and shortly after got back into the MMA scene.

 **This article was written as it was a personal interest to one of our staff members and does not necessarily reflect the views of our neither University nor Journalism department.  All information was verified to best of the ability to the writers and people are encouraged to seek their own opinions and conclusions. 
For additional information and an issued statement from Pro Fight Network, Chris Greenman and Lee Honish visit:

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