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Adam Pollack’s New Book, ‘In the Ring with John L. Sullivan’, is Now Available!

by on May.10, 2016, under Boxing News

Sullivan front cover only

John L. Sullivan was so special that he made gloved boxing, the type of boxing we watch today, a popular national and international money-making sport. He was the man who started gloved boxing on its path towards acceptance in the sporting world as the form of fighting that could determine a true champion. He boasted that he could knock out anyone within 4 rounds, and he was good enough to do it; inspiring awe in all those who saw him. John L. Sullivan was the world’s first sports superstar.

Still, in order to convince skeptical old-school fight purists of his right to be called champion, Sullivan occasionally had to engage in bareknuckle contests under the traditional London Prize Ring Rules. The only problem was that fighting, and especially bareknuckle fighting, was illegal.  (continue reading…)

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U.S. Women’s Boxing Team Brings Home the Hardware

by on Aug.10, 2012, under Boxing News

By Adam Pollack

As expected, in the semifinals, the fix was in once again in Marlen Esparza’s bout with the Chinese boxer. When Marlen was down 3-2 after the first round, a round in which the Chinese boxer did absolutely nothing but wait and step back and occasionally throw a counter that missed, and never came close to landing a punch, I knew then they were going to “do” Marlen. Afterwards, when asked if she should have been more aggressive and tried even harder, Marlen made a poignant, insightful, and accurate comment, which was that if she took more risks and threw more punches, they would have had her down by even more. And that is a sad but truthful commentary on amateur boxing, and also explains why these bouts have utterly lost their entertainment value. The more you try to be aggressive against these boxers who look to wait and jump back and only throw quick arm-punch counters, the more the international judges will have you losing. So Marlen tried to play their game as best she could, but nevertheless, she was an American, which meant that if it was close she was going to lose. You damn near have to kill your opponent to win in this tournament.

Claressa Shields did what she needed to do to get into the final, which was beat the living hell out of her opponent. She has blazing fast hands, plenty of pop on her punches, and I love the way she puts together her punches in bunches, firing fast and hard combinations. She works the body and head. I also like the way she does not allow her foes to clinch her much, for she really works that inside short right very well and makes them pay for trying to lay in on her. And as soon as she gets some room, she follows up with more blows. (continue reading…)

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Adam Pollack on Women’s Olympic Boxing So Far…

by on Aug.08, 2012, under Boxing News

I was very impressed with Marlen Esparza’s performance. Her speed was excellent, and her footwork, ring generalship, and head movement were all pin point. Her guard was the best of all the Americans thus far. She could get back to guard just a tad faster and throw her punches in a bit more compact fashion, but that is nit picking. Overall, beautiful first fight.

What concerns me, once again, is the fact that in a bout in which it appeared to me that she was utterly dominating, the judges only had her winning by one or two blows per round, which is ridiculous. That tells me that in a closer fight, the judges will find a way to have her losing. At least that’s the skeptic in me talking, but it is based on the evidence I have obtained by watching the tournament bouts thus far. What makes it even sadder is the fact that the AIBA judges can’t use style as an excuse, because Esparza has that international outside boxing style they seem to love for everyone else, except when Americans do it. (continue reading…)

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When it Comes to Boxing in Texas, Schorle You Jest!

by on Mar.26, 2012, under Boxing News

By Adam Pollack

Kirkland (right) tags Molina (photo coutesy of

Kirkland (right) tags Molina (photo coutesy of

On Saturday March 24 in Texas, as has been par for the course in this sport, all was not well with boxing.

Unlike sports like the NFL, which makes sure that only the best are allowed to officiate, boxing allows just about anyone do to it. You just have to be chosen either by a state athletic commission or some sanctioning body. And their litmus tests for judgment, competence and integrity more often than not leave something to be desired. Quite often this is the case in the state of Texas, which has a reputation for choosing the worst referees and judges, and doing it over and over again so often that one might get the impression that they do it intentionally. Yet networks like HBO continue to televise fight cards in Texas. Fighters continue to agree to fight in Texas. Their managers/promoters fail to object to incompetent officials. We cry and bemoan incompetence over and over again, and yet governors do not fire incompetent commissioners, sanctioning bodies continue to use the same people, we do not see new and improved referees and judges, and it just continues. Does anyone really care? Or is something more nefarious going on? Are they actually happy about horrible decisions? (continue reading…)

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Peterson-Khan Should be Considered Fight of the Year

by on Dec.13, 2011, under Boxing News

By Adam Pollack


The Lamont Peterson – Amir Khan fight has to be considered fight of the year. Wonderful intense battle by two young elite prime warriors giving it their all. Some brutal blows were landed by both in 12 rounds of excellent high level combat. The speed, footwork, counters, body shots, uppercuts, blazing combinations, were all just wonderful. Kudos to both for showing us what a true championship fight is all about.

But what is all this talk of controversy? I saw no controversial fight. I saw no home cooking. Stop trying to make every big boxing fight out to be controversial or a fix. Stop trying to react emotionally, but instead look at matters in a fair and objective manner. It isn’t good for the sport to cast aspersions on that referee, nor are the criticisms of his point deductions fair. I respectfully disagree with HBO and those who say the referee was unfair. First of all, neither knockdown in the 1st round was a knockdown. The first was correctly called a slip and a trip. The second was a trip and a push. Right there, for the referee to call that a knockdown shows that he had no bias against Khan. In the heat of the moment, though, referees have to make snap judgments, and sometimes they get it wrong. Happens in the NBA, NFL and the like. Part of the sport. But honestly, watching it live, without the benefit of instant replay, I was not sure whether or not it was knockdown. Have to go with the referee’s judgment. (continue reading…)

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