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West Portland’s Annual Amateur Tournament

by on Mar.01, 2010, under Boxing News, This Day in Boxing

West Portland’s Annual Amateur Tournament

Every year around this time the West Portland Boxing Club hosts the massive, two-day Fred Enslow Memorial Tournament. This year’s Enslow took place on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 27 and 28.

A dozen clubs participated, bringing boxers from all over Washington, Oregon and Northern California. For starters, Coach Tom Mustin of Tacoma caravanned down the freeway to Portland with three vans carrying 35 boxers.

The big auditorium at Garden Home Recreation Center, the home of West Portland boxing, was crammed with boxers and coaches, fans and families. Parents ran the concessions. Little kids hustled raffle tickets—one enterprising youngster managed to sell a ticket to the ref between rounds. There are many matches, and a lot of them hotly contentious.

Sadly, I missed the two sessions on Saturday. What follows are the results of the final session of the tournament on Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010.

Tournament Championship Bouts:

8 years, 90 lbs, Novice Women, Nadia Rendon of Tacoma won over Laamaja Harris of Tacoma.

11-12 years, 90 lbs, Novice, Ethan Stanley of Life Spring Boxing won over Alejandro Rojas of Grand Avenue Gym in Portland.

15-16 years, 125 lbs, Novice Women, Selecia Dillingham of Tacoma won over Shasee Jackson of Thurston County PAL in WA.

15-16 years, 132 lbs, Sub-Novice, Rolando Valdouns of Grand Av. Won over Damon Keys of Grand Ave.

15 years, 125 lbs, Open, Efrain Estrada of Beaverton PAL won over Montel Martin of Tacoma.

Special Seniors, 132 lbs, Argeny Carmona of Grand Ave. won over Maurice Holland f Tacoma.

Special Seniors, 178 lbs, Alex Cazac of Grand Ave. won over Steve Sanders, unattached.

Open Seniors, 132 lbs, Nick Jefferson of Tacoma won over Andres Reyes of Yakima.


13-14 years, 125 lbs, Novice, Carlos Reyes of White Center PAL in Seattle won over Librado Flores of Sea Mar Boxing.

8-9 years, 60 lbs, Novice, Omar Estrada of Beaverton PAL won over Taylor Sanders of Howard St. Boxing in Spokane.

10 years, 65 lbs, Novice, Kristian Deloza of Yakima PAL won over Anthony Delgado of Thurston Co. PAL.

10 years, 65 lbs, Open, Israel Alvarez of Howard St. won over Jimmy Doyle of Tacoma.

11-12 years, 70 lbs, Novice, Tyrell Sanders of Howard St. won over Angelo Perez of Yakima PAL.

10-11 years, 75 lbs, Open, Brandon Lee of Yuba City, CA won over Samuel Villalta of West Portland.

11 years, 75 lbs, Novice, Chris Cabe of Fisticuffs Boxing in Vancouver, WA won over Nery Valencia of Tacoma.

11-12 years, 80 lbs, Novice Women, Diana Estrada of Beaverton PAL won over Akaiysia Sumandig of Tacoma.

11 years, 85 lbs, Novice, Carlos Mendoza of Chief Cornerstone Boxing in Hillsboro, OR won over Alex Hughitt of Beaverton PAL.

12 years, 85 lbs, Open, Eric Estrada of Beaverton PAL won over Nathan Doyle of Tacoma.

8-9 years, 85 lbs, Novice, Javon Lee of Tacoma won over Eddie Hughitt of Beaverton PAL.

12 years, 85 lbs, Open, Victor Morales of West Portland won over Zac Landru of Tacoma.

13 years, 85 lbs, Novice, Julio Gamino of Beaverton PAL won over Mario Pacheco of Fisticuffs.

14 years, 95 lbs, Novice, Raul Estrada of Beaverton PAL won over Sami Sea of Tacoma.

12 years, 110 lbs, Open, Eric Chavez of West Portland stopped Jason Andrade of Beaverton PAL.

14-15 years, 119 lbs, Novice Women, Andrea Gomez of Yakima PAL won over Bryanna Sumandig of Tacoma.

14 years, 119 lbs, Novice, Giovanni Martinez of Chief Cornerstone won over Chris Stubblefield of Tacoma.

15 years, 119 lbs, Novice, Omar Guilliano of Beaverton PAL won over Carlos Rodney of West Portland.

15 years, 119 lbs, Open, Lorenzo Caldera of Knott St. Boxing in Portland went to 24-0 with this win over Jorge Soto of Tacoma.

15 years, 138 lbs, Novice, Janae Jackson of Thurston Co. PAL won over Alex Peterson of Tacoma.

14 years, 140 lbs, Novice, Amir Sanders of Tacoma won over Leo Alvarado of Beaverton PAL.

Special Seniors, 152 lbs, Samuel Jay, unattached, won over Dominic Alexander of Tacoma.

14 years, 145 lbs, Novice, Brian Martinez of Chief Cornerstone won over Alan Menzano of Beaverton PAL.

Open Seniors, 141 lbs, Sammy Perez of Beaverton PAL won over Elijah Peters of Tacoma in tough, close war.

15 years,176 lbs, Open, In another bell-to-bell bangfest, Gunnar Austen of West Portland edged out Fabian Gomez.


–Katherine Dunn

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