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Touching Gloves with… Joey Ruiz

by on Nov.03, 2015, under Boxing News

By Dan Hanley


Back in the mid-’80s, while working as an amateur boxing judge, I spotted a kid at a show whom I had been hearing about professionally. Dressed in a white blazer and looking like an Hispanic version of Sonny Crockett – hey, it was the ’80s – I found him very forthcoming on his career to date. Fast forward 30 years and I’m in a neighborhood restaurant tackling a steak with the intensity of a stray mongrel on roadkill, when I spot this dude with an unmistakable fighter’s nose. I was simply going to ask him if he had done a bit of boxing when I suddenly found myself sputtering, “Hey…are you Joey Ruiz?” Although – thank God – no longer sporting the Miami Vice look, he isn’t too far past his 140 lb. fighting weight of that era. And he is doing alright. (continue reading…)

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Touching Gloves with…Earnie Shavers

by on Jul.03, 2015, under Boxing News

By Dan Hanley


Back in ’73 when Earnie Shavers exploded on the world scene, I must admit to having never heard of him before. Although only 16 at the time, I wasn’t exactly a novice around the sport, but still, could only muster a timid, “Where has this guy been hiding?” I quickly learned that his KO numbers were off the chart and the prone bodies in his wake were stacking up like extras in a Sergio Leone shootout. I am one who truly believes that the ’70s produced some of the scariest competition in heavyweight history. And Earnie Shavers produced a lot of that dread. (continue reading…)

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West Coast Boxing Hall of Fame Awards Induction

by on May.15, 2015, under Boxing News

Photos & Report from Inaugural Event

By Michele Chong


Rick Farris, at left, with Jimmy Lennon, Jr. (photo by Michele Chong)

Rick Farris, at left, with Jimmy Lennon, Jr. (photo by Michele Chong)

The first-ever West Coast Boxing Hall of Fame (WCBHOF) held their induction ceremony and awards luncheon on Sunday, April 26. This inaugural event took place at Vitello’s E Spot Lounge in Studio City, Calif.

Here’s my recap of the day and exclusive snapshots from this sold-out boxing luncheon! (continue reading…)

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Touching Gloves with… Danny ‘Little Red’ Lopez

by on Feb.13, 2015, under Boxing News

By Dan Hanley

Danny 1stPic

While Ernie ‘Indian Red’ Lopez was bopping pugs to sleep in the early ’70s, west coast fight mavens took a double-take when his kid brother arrived on the scene sporting the monicker, ‘Little Red’. Afterall, west coast fight fans were passionate, knowledgeable, and didn’t suffer fools in this game, having been weaned on several generations of leather-slingers. However, as the kid began leaving an array of prone bodies in his wake, even the most cynical man-in-the-seat saw the harkening of a new day.

DH: Danny, your name, of course, is synonymous with L.A., but you’re actually from Utah originally, are you not? 

DL: That’s right. I was born on an Indian Reservation in Fort Duchesne, Utah.

DH: What was life like on the Reservation?

DL: It was very hard. There were 8 of us kids, but I was taken from my Mother when I was 8 years old and sent to a foster home with a brother and sister in Jensen, Utah. The foster family I grew up with was a family called the Moons. They were very nice people and they adopted my sister Carol, my brother Larry and I. Although I changed my name back to Lopez when I left, I still always kept in touch with them.

DH: When a pale red-head wearing an Indian war bonnet with a hispanic surname shows up on the scene, the question begs to be asked, what exactly is your lineage?
(continue reading…)

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Touching Gloves with…Curtis Parker

by on Dec.27, 2014, under Boxing News

By Dan Hanley

All photos courtesy of John DiSanto of


Curtis Parker did not so much ease his way onto boxing’s front page as much as he exploded across it. With arms pumping and head bobbing, Parker looked like Joe Frazier and fought like Joe Frazier and with all our quaint little TV sets tuned in back in the early ’80s, he absolutely detonated across our screens. And when I say detonated, baby, I’m talkin’ something like that blast that went off in Alamogordo in ’45. (continue reading…)

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