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Houston Boxing Hall of Fame 2013 Inductees

by on Jul.17, 2013, under Boxing News, Guest Columnists

By Karl Hegman

The following is a complete list of the Inaugural Class of the ten 2013 Inductees into the Houston Boxing Hall of Fame as determined by the President and Board of Directors   Congratulations to the “Eternal Champions” of the Bayou City!

Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz

Marlen Esparza

“Big” George Foreman

Reggie “Sweet” Johnson

Jack “The Galveston Giant” Johnson

Rocky Juarez

Raul “El Diamante” Marquez

“Big” Lou Savarese

Ronnie Shields

Termite Watkins (continue reading…)

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Ahead of Time: Rudy Silva Jr. Captures Region 8 Junior Olympics Championship

by on Jun.20, 2013, under Boxing News

By Karl Hegman

Photos courtesy of TISHography



Rudy Silva Jr.  shows off his trophy with Olympian Marlen Esparza


“My business is pain, and the infliction of pain. If you try and take my title you will fail and suffer great punishment and agony in the process as I am the best fighter that has ever lived. I want all young boxers to think of me every time they raise their hands in victory. We will share in the glory together!”  – Carlos Monzon, Middleweight Champion of the World 1970 – 1977

I am frequently asked by colleagues and boxing people here in the Bayou City why I don’t attend the local fight cards more often than I currently do. The truth of the matter is that oftentimes it a somewhat emotionally draining experience for me as I see these young fighters in action and I reminiscence about my own boxing experiences in my now extinct youth. Sometimes you just have to learn to cut things cold. (continue reading…)

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Houston Boxing Hall of Fame Ushers in ‘Eternal Champions’ — 2013 Inductees

by on May.03, 2013, under Boxing News

By Karl Hegman


Juan Diaz, at right, headlined this year's inductees (photo by Tom Glunz)

Juan Diaz, at right, headlined this year’s inductees (photo by Tom Glunz)

The long years stretch behind us into the past, forming corridors of time which echo to the opening bell’s ringing sound of valor. Those years and that valor have been given tangible focus here in a quiet shrine of tribute to the greatest champions the sport of pugilism has seen emerge from the sprawling metropolis of America’s fourth largest city. It is a city steeped rich in boxing tradition, and the flame that was lit from within these unique athletes was kindled there, never to go out.

A champion fighter must possess a certain kind of edginess and moral complexity in order to achieve their highest calling as a boxer. They all celebrate the same qualities and actions which add up to what we call heroism in this grim, cultish and yet beautiful art of the body. They are traits for all times and all champions of the highest caliber, and their lofty connotations are safe now as always because those who would pull it down somehow never stand tall enough to reach it. (continue reading…)

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Thoughts of Home — The 2012 Houston Boxing Awards

by on Dec.27, 2012, under Boxing News

By Karl Hegman

Marlen Esparza (photo by Patrick Semansky)

Marlen Esparza (photo by Patrick Semansky)

“I don’t smoke dope, I don’t need to get high. I don’t need anything to back me up, I’m high all the time! I get high on adrenaline and terror, that’s right, terror not fear! I get high on victory! There’s nothing like that kind of high!”-Evel Knievel

Fighter Of The Year: Marlen Esparza

The 2012 United States Women’s Olympic Trials Flyweight Gold Medalist and the Women’s Olympic Flyweight Bronze Medalist. Pretty tough to compete with those kind of established credentials, folks. Esparza should have captured Olympic Gold in the Games of the XXX Olympiad in London, but was ill-prepared for the biggest boxing stage of all as she chose quick and easy cash in the form of commercial endorsements and public appearances over Boxing Immortality.

Nevertheless; Marlen wins this award for the third consecutive year, routing the male professional and amateur competition as she has proven herself to be at the very least the second best female amateur fighter in the United States. Esparza has made contradictory statements to several non-boxing media types over the course of the last quarter of this year regarding her boxing future, but take it from me folks, she’s done. In my 37 years of involvement in the sport from being an amateur champion myself to a trainer and finally a journalist, I can honestly say that this was by far my favorite fighter to chronicle. (continue reading…)

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U.S. Women’s Boxing Team Brings Home the Hardware

by on Aug.10, 2012, under Boxing News

By Adam Pollack

As expected, in the semifinals, the fix was in once again in Marlen Esparza’s bout with the Chinese boxer. When Marlen was down 3-2 after the first round, a round in which the Chinese boxer did absolutely nothing but wait and step back and occasionally throw a counter that missed, and never came close to landing a punch, I knew then they were going to “do” Marlen. Afterwards, when asked if she should have been more aggressive and tried even harder, Marlen made a poignant, insightful, and accurate comment, which was that if she took more risks and threw more punches, they would have had her down by even more. And that is a sad but truthful commentary on amateur boxing, and also explains why these bouts have utterly lost their entertainment value. The more you try to be aggressive against these boxers who look to wait and jump back and only throw quick arm-punch counters, the more the international judges will have you losing. So Marlen tried to play their game as best she could, but nevertheless, she was an American, which meant that if it was close she was going to lose. You damn near have to kill your opponent to win in this tournament.

Claressa Shields did what she needed to do to get into the final, which was beat the living hell out of her opponent. She has blazing fast hands, plenty of pop on her punches, and I love the way she puts together her punches in bunches, firing fast and hard combinations. She works the body and head. I also like the way she does not allow her foes to clinch her much, for she really works that inside short right very well and makes them pay for trying to lay in on her. And as soon as she gets some room, she follows up with more blows. (continue reading…)

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