by Pedro Fernandez

There is a never a shortage of intrigue when Mike Tyson is involved. Be it a rape case, biting Evander Holyfield, or the latest media soap opera surrounding the former champ, his attempt to get relicensed in New Jersey after Nevada had pulled his permit to fight because of the "Bite."

And on Thursday, as media people all over the country were enroute to New Jersey in order to be present for Friday's Athletic Commission meeting where the board would announce a decision as to whether Tyson would be allowed to fight in Atlantic City in November, Tyson abruptly withdrew his application, and thus canceled the meeting

Tyson's lame mouthpiece, Anthony Fusco said he was told by a member of the boxer's camp to withdraw the application. He wouldn't say who told him. "I honestly don't know why," Fusco said. "I just don't. I think it's a personal decision of some type that he made. I have to respect his wishes."

Chalk one up for Sen. John McCain, as the Arizona Republican stepped up the political pressure on New Jersey by having a number of legislators on the state and federal level, telephone the Jersey Attorney General's office.

One would also think that the pressure put on by NOW, or the National Organization of Women, also played a part in this latest twist in the life of the maniacal one.

Tyson's outburst on July 29, didn't help his case either as the "F" words he flung around the room did nothing to enhance his cause.


I'm expecting Mike Tyson to ask the Nevada State Athletic Commission for a hearing in an attempt to get relicensed. But I still think he ends up fighting in New Jersey. Two words: Donald Trump!

Team Tyson, headed by Shelley Finkel, was not available for comment late Thursday. The same can be said of Marc Ratner, of the Nevada Commission.

Pedro Fernandez


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