William Joppy-Julio Cesar Green
Bernard Hopkins-Simon Brown



by GorDoom

Where have you gone Marvin Hagler? Boxing needs you more than you could know ...

When I think of the pride & the glory that once was the middleweight division, I almost feel like weeping ... Last night’s middleweight titlists glaringly showed how far the division has tumbled.

I’m not saying Hopkins & Joppy are bad fighters. They’re not. They have some skills, but they are a far cry from the division’s glory days. The middleweight division has had more great fighters than any other ... Ketchel, Greb, Walker, Zale, Cerdan, LaMotta, Robinson, Fullmer, Tiger, Benvenuti, Monzon, Hagler, Hearns & Leonard; are just the tip of the iceberg, of the names that have resonated down through the years ...

The middleweights have traditionally been boxing’s deepest division. Even boxers who never won a title were tough sum’ bitches, Charley Burley, George Benton, Holly Mims, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, Bennie Briscoe, Tony Sibson & Mustapha Hamsho were top contenders in their respective eras that would dominate these days ...

Ever since James Toney & Roy Jones moved up in weight, the division has been a toxic zone ... & what we are left with these days is so lame, it’s hardly worth the effort of putting out these fight reports.

Unfortunately, our beloved sport has hit such a low ebb, that fights like these constitute what is laughingly considered “major match-ups” these days ...

I would like to thank Thomas Gerbasi, Joe Bruno, Pusboil & BoxngRules for their yeoman like efforts in producing these reports ...

One last point: Shame, Shame, Shame, on HBO & Showtime for producing these lackluster fight cards ... At best, they belonged on the USA or ESPN networks.