New Jersey Ruling a prelude to Tyson fight

by Mike DeLisa

As Mike Tyson quietly awaits a ruling on his application for a license to box in New Jersey, another ruling has been issued which is perhaps more important than Tyson's license.

Since 1994, Don King and his company, Don King Productions, Inc., have been banned from promoting fights in New Jersey casinos. Yesterday, by a 4-0 vote, The Casino Control Commission vacated its 1994 ruling.

Since King is now free to promote, it is more likely that Tyson's license will be granted and New Jersey agencies will have the proud knowledge that they have allowed Team Tyson to be reunited on their turf.

Tyson, of course, took advantage of a loop-hole in the Federal Boxing Act which allowed him to apply for a license in New Jersey, rather than Nevada, which had revoked his license.

A name boxing match typically adds millions of dollars in "drop" to a Casino's coffers, and New Jersey seeks to enjoy those benefits. Larry Hazzard must be very happy at seeing democracy and justice in action in his home state.

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