by Pedro Fernandez

On February 5, Tomar Cooper Locker lay in wait for Reuben Bell at a Washington D.C. hospital where the fighter was undergoing Chemotherapy for Cancer, so says an indictment handed down yesterday in the nation's capital.

When Bell appeared, he was allegedly ambushed by Locker. Shot five times, he never had a chance. Subsequently, Bell checked in. But he never checked out of "Washington Hospital."

Bell, a street hoodlum/crook had supposedly found his way after being diagnosed with the "Big C" late last year. But his past wouldn't let go. Reuben himself had been in jail for murder for over a year, before a jury acquitted him in nothing flat two years ago.

In all, 13 charges were filed against Locker, a native of Colombia, S.C. Five others who were wounded in the brazen attack that took place in the hospital lobby.

Papers filed with the court say Locker hid the gun used in the attack in a newspaper. I was told by source in the D.C. boxing community that this was a "Murder for Hire" contract killing.

The D.A. in D.C. felt otherwise and the maximum penalty the 23 year old would face is life in prison.

Pedro Fernandez

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