by Pedro Fernandez

If the jury was looking for any reasonable doubt in the trial of The People vs Don King Fraud trial, they got it yesterday with the reappearance of the government's star witness Julio Cesar Chavez.

Nobody knew for sure if Chavez would show. Julio had indicated that he had badly sprained his ankle running on Thursday, and would be unable to continue his testimony which was interrupted when one of the lawyers in the case fell ill.

But according to those present, the faded Mexican Icon entered the courtroom with a swagger. This was after the presiding judge had warned Chavez through his attorney, that Julio would be held in "Contempt of Court" if he didn't take the stand yesterday.

Chavez was thought to have been the G's lynch pin against King. But his credibility was destroyed when he said under oath that he had signed with King rival Bob Arum's Top Rank after Arum told Julio that he would cover all of Chavez' legal bills arising in his breaking a valid contract with King.

Julio has admitted being constantly broke and borrowing up to $1 million from King before a fight. He also said he was going to get several million dollars to fight De La Hoya.

You know what this means? When it's all said and done, King will get his share of the Chavez-De La Hoya fight on September 18, and be acquitted also.

Because there is no way a jury is going to convict anyone based on the testimony of a man with the ulterior motives of Julio Cesar Chavez. Not even Don King.

Pedro Fernandez

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