by Pedro Fernandez

As stunning as it was when USA Cable confirmed in USA Today an "exclusive" report published at fighters.com that they were indeed dropping their successful Tuesday Night Fight series, we now have earth shaking news to report.

Turner Broadcasting (Ted Turner) in a move soon to be announced, has layed out a plan that will insure there will be at least one weekly two hour boxing show on cable TV. USA Cable had decided recently to axe their successful series after 17 years because they wanted to take their programing in a different direction.

The most likely night for the broadcast will be the same as USA in Tuesday.

But the specific day is not yet set in stone. And what hasn't been determined is if it will be T.B.S. (SUPERSTATION TBS) airing the fistic frenzy, or it's sister in cable T.N.T.

T.N.T. doesn't reach as many homes as T.B.S. or USA, but that hasn't stopped them from airing the most popular wrestling show in the world in "WCW Monday Night Nitro."

When you think about it, this is a natural move for Turner and company. They will use this series as an outlet in exposing fighters for future appearances on the mother of premium channels Home Box Office, of which Uncle Ted has a vested interest in.

Unconfirmed reports have Angel Manfreddy, the colorful young man from Gary, Indiana, who took apart HBO poster boy Arturo Gatti earlier this year, as being the headliner in the inaugural show.

I have received 100's of e mails from readers at fighters.com as well as Ring Talk listeners regarding USA's decision to drop their boxing coverage. And each time, I assured you that another network would come along and fill the void.

A few things should be clear by now.

I am the man! The "Undisputed heavyweight Champion of the Radio Airwaves" is now the "King of Cyberspace" and after just one year on the Net. Time and again we have proved that there is no better source of boxing information anywhere in the world than fighters.com and Ring Talk.

In closing, today is a day where fistic fans and Ring Talk family members all across the world can rejoice. And while you're smiling, remember to thank Uncle Ted!

Pedro Fernandez

If you failed to catch Ring Talk this past Saturday night, you didn't get a chance to talk to world lightweight champ Shane Mosley who fights John-John Molina tomorrow (Saturday) night on HBO's Boxing After Dark series. And you also missed the opportunity to hang out with undefeated "rage" Fernando Vargas. Dan Goossen, the COO of the Denver based promotional group AMERICA PRESENTS also appeared on Saturday's show.

On Sunday's one hour show on TALK 2, Larry Merchant of HBO fame discussed the Mosely-Molina matchup coming up this Saturday on Home Box Office. In between guests, it's the week in review, odds, commentary, and some hard punching editorials.

In other words, if you're a real boxing fan and you're not part of the Ring Talk family of listeners, shame on you! Ring Talk is carried by the TALK AMERICA Radio Networks with the Saturday show on "Talk 1" for two hours on Saturday night beginning at 11 PM ET. Ring talk Sunday is an hour (11 PM ET) in duration and is heard on the "TALK 2" network.

Both TALK 1 & TALK 2 have live Internet audio at www.talkamerica.com

This Saturday, Ring Talk will air live from the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, CA. where undefeated Fernando Vargas and ex-champ Jose Luis Lopez appear in seperate dimes, as will undefeated super bantam Willie Jorrin. The card will be televised by TELEMUNDO.

We are very interested in your comments regarding the news section at www.fighters.com Your view can be sent to flash@inow.com

Notice: This Saturday, we will begin a contest consisting of on air callers and e mail entrants. The prize will be two nights at the Imperial Palace Hotel and two days of championship boxing May 29, & May 30, at the Las Vegas Hilton. That's one deluxe room for two nights. And a pair of tickets for the weekend boxing action.

One of the featured fights that weekend will be a rematch between WBA 154 lb. beltholder Laurent Bouduani and Guierlmo Jones at the Las Vegas Hilton. Here's the catch, you have to tune in to Ring Talk. We have toll free 800 numbers for listener call within the U.S. and Canada. For international listeners, we also have a number.

Although e mail entrants have won secondary prizes in my many of our Las Vegas Sweepstakes, they have never won the Grand Prize. I look forward to having dinner with the winner and a friend in Las Vegas.

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