by Pedro Fernandez

A fellow journalist and a promoter recently told me that Bob Arum, the President of Top Rank, Inc, the firm that promotes boxing's hottest ticket Oscar De La Hoya, said that I am solely to blame for the rumors being bantered about that Oscar's Dad has listened to other parties interested in promoting the Golden Boy.

Arum said I never give him the chance to air his side of the story. So, I faxed him the enclosed letter. I did receive a response from the Top Rank publicist Lee Samuels, who as always was cordial.

In order to prove out my theory that Bob is an uncooperative sort, (1998's #1 understatement) my producer David Pleasant called him on Sunday and asked him would he like an open forum on the show.

In other words, we at Ring Talk were going to afford Mr. Arum five minutes of air time in order to say whatever he had on his mind. He declined and told Mr. Pleasant the following. "I have no interest in talking to him."

Look, I really didn't want to give Bob free radio access. But I felt the need for me to show you the boxing fan that I sincerely try to cover all four corners of this sport/business.

The following is a letter I sent to Top Rank last week. The response by Lee Samuels is also attached.

Pedro Fernandez
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Ring Talk
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June 3, 1998 11:36 AM PT
Mr. Bob Arum
Top Rank

Dear Bob,

I hope all is well with you and your loved ones! The reason I am taking the time to send you this fax is that there are a couple of things that need to be cleared up.

First of all, you're telling more than one person that I never give you a chance to air your side of any story is just simply NOT the truth. I've had your home number since you first got it in the 80's.

In 1997, I called you four or five times at home and asked you to appear on Ring Talk. Here is a list of excuses you gave for not having the time for a five minute interview: No, I'm watching a movie; (click) I'm going out Saturday night can't do it; When I countered with Sunday, I annoyed you and without even thinking you said NO and hung up.

How about when I called you before Oscar and Hector. Pedro, I don't have the time, let me go. 4, 5, & 6 occurred when my producers have called you as stories were breaking, and you were rude with them as you had been with me.

I've also sent correspondence to Lee Samuels asking for your appearance or comment on something. He has never gotten back to me. NOT once!

Bob, the bottom line is I'm not going to kiss your ass as others do. But that's not saying that I don't want to have a better relationship with you and Top Rank, I do.

If you have a problem, disagree, have a beef, you can call me yourself at home at *******. And I'll promise not to scream or yell at you if you happen to interrupt a movie!


Note: Signature not available due to computer generated facsimile.

Pedro Fernandez


From: Lee Samuels, Top Rank P.R. Wiz

Pedro -- Greetings. We're in the office today (Saturday) getting packed for the trip to El Paso on Monday afternoon. Hope all is well with you. Bob read your fax and asked me to tell you he had not discussed your recent columns with anyone. Me, I chatter with practically everyone -- mostly to say Oscar is with sticking tight with TR. In fact, Oscar was directly asked that question by Royce Feour recently in Big Bear and the response will be in Royce's Sunday column. As I told you previously, we have a great relationship with Oscar, his family and with Mike Hernandez. Oscar tells us everything is fine. He wants to take on Trinidad and Quartey and Bob is working on both of those fights. take care and have a good weekend/Lee Samuels

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