by Pedro Fernandez

All the commotion over Julio Cesar Chavez' alleged refusal to take a Drug test after he stopped Ken Sigurani last Thursday night in Connecticut, seems to be getting more confusing by the moment.

Nando Net reported this morning that Chavez was fined $5,000 for skipping the test.

But when I finally got a hold of Art Henick, the Tribal spokesperson for the Mashantucket tribe on Tuesday morning PT, he was taken by surprise by the report of the $5K fine supposedly levied by his commission.

"Mr. Chavez was not in any violation of tribal rules. He was not fined $5,000. Mr. Chavez was cut and immediately went and sought medical attention. We usually ask for a Drug test before or after a person fights here.

"But because of the confusion. We feel he did not violate any tribal rules."

When I asked Henick if he thought it was coincidental that Chavez avoided taking the test, and then is on a 7 AM flight the next morning before a meeting on the matter had been held. He answered. "No."

So, the Chavez-De La Hoya fight lives on. But I can't help but think that something was amiss here. In the last week, Julio has been rolling the dice and just when you think it's snake eyes for ol' JC, the Vegas cubes turn one more time and come up a seven!

Pedro Fernandez

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