by Pedro Fernandez

Former undisputed heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe was indicted Tuesday by a Grand Jury in Charlotte, N.C. and charged with kidnaping his estranged wife Judy Bowe and their five children.

It seems Bowe showed up at Mrs. Bowe's crib on February 25, and allegedly ordered her and the five Bowe children into the car. He then drove from 200 miles before he stopped at a fast food joint where the soon to be ex-wife of the former champion called a relative who alerted police to the eatery in South Hill, VA.

The cops moved in on the Bowe clan and Judy told authorities she and her children did not want to go to Maryland, where Bowe had a house. South Hill police arranged for them to be transported back to Cornelius, N.C. where her sister Lynette Shaw, who had called police after receiving Mrs. Bowe's phone call, resided.

As of that point, the police did not know what crime (if any) had occurred and didn't make an arrest. But the FBI was brought in when Mrs. Bowe alleged that she was kidnapped and brought across state lines.

Bowe faces ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted of kidnapping. It was said that Bowe had committed himself, with the help of manager Rock Newman, to a psychological hospital. But I couldn't confirm that as of late Tuesday. I last saw him in early April in New York City.

Bowe has been in the news before. And rarely has it been good. After joining the Marine Corps, he walked out after 11 days citing problems adapting to having people tell him what to do. Bowe thought the Marines were what he saw on T.B.S. in Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.

Then he got into a beef with his sister Velma which resulted in Riddick filing battery charges against his sibling, before dropping them within 24 hours. According to Bowe, Velma taunted him before popping Riddick in the mouth causing him to bleed.

Look, this is going to probably piss off a lot of my female readers, especially Black ones. But Judy Bowe and Riddick's sister are a both real pieces of "work." These were women who showed up at fights, looking unkempt with underarm hair long enough to make dreadlocks out of and wearing cheap house slippers.

In times I was around Camp Bowe, they were both loud and pushy. As a boxing writer, I look at a way a woman looks at her man (the fighter) to try and get some kind of feeling of where she is in his life.

When Bowe was at his peak, he was Mr. Articulation. And while he was on the dais running off one liners with the swiftness of Rodney Dangerfield, the soon to be ex-Mrs. Riddick Bowe looked like she was extremely bothered just by being there.

Judy was ready to go then. But she stuck around until the cash cow was done. And now, Judy Bowe stands to walk off with a half of what Riddick made in his career.

Bowe didn't kidnap the family. And he didn't force them into the car. Riddick thought that if mom and the kids would see their old house, it would bring back to life the feelings of yesterday for them. Obviously, the soon to be ex-Mrs. Bowe thought differently.

In closing, I just hope that with all the millions Judy will get from Big Daddy, she'll find enough to buy a razor!

Pedro Fernandez

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