by Pedro Fernandez

In four years, Fernando Beltran has gone from sponsoring his family business on boxing "trunks" to being one of Mexico's busiest and most powerful promoters. After his charge, Eric Morales destroyed Jose Luis Bueno in defense of his WBC 122 lb. belt, the "Baby Faced Promoter" from Tijuana appeared on Ring Talk.

RT-How did you get started?

FB-I used to advertise my electrical company on the trunks of fighters in Tijuana. Then I decided I would promote a fight. Only, there wasn't too many people there. It was like a high school party with me and all my friends, maybe 2-300. (Sigh) I learned from that experience, how hard this business was. But at the same time, I knew that if this was done right, it could be successful.

RT-Are your shows televised?

FB-Yes, throughout Mexico on Cable.

RT-Do you promote anywhere other than Tijuana?

FB-Yes, I do a few shows in Mexico City, the state of Sonora. Tijuana is my home and I promote most of my shows here. In 1997, I did 22 shows, 12 were in Tijuana.

RT-Were you pleased with Erik's (Morales) work against Bueno?

FB-Very much so. Erik is coming into his own. I think the focus he's been able to maintain shows his dedication to his work.

RT-Will he fight #1 rated WBC contender Wayne McCullough next?

FB-No. Erik will fight Junior Jones on an HBO Boxing After Dark card in the Tijuana bull ring on September 12.

RT-Will he stay at 122 lbs. much longer? After all, he's 5'8. FB-We will talk after the September fight. Right now I say Erik stays at super bantamweight until the end of the year.

RT-McCullough, Naseem Hamed, there are a number of guys Erik can go after. Who do you prefer?

FB-It all depends on the Junior Jones fight. But I would think McCullough, the mandatory defense can be Erik's opponent after Junior Jones. As for Hamed, Erik thinks he can out box the Prince easy.

RT-What's next for Yori Boy Campas?

FB-Yori Boy will go in the Tijuana Auditorium on June 5, against Pedro Ortega, the "Tijuana Warrior." Pedro has been a UNIVISION star, and he like Yori Boy is very popular in Tijuana.

RT-Is Steve Johnston on that card?

FB-No, Stevie Johnston defends the WBC lightweight title against my guy Cesar Banzan on the Morales-Jones card.

RT-What do you think of Johnston?

FB-Not too much. He had a war with Saul Duran, and nobody in Mexico thinks much of him. Let's see what he does when Cesar is pounding on his body.

RT-Does Stevie beat Shane Mosley?


RT-What was your best experience in boxing?

FB-There were two. It was when Erik won the title from Zaragoza, and then when Yori Boy beat (Raul) Marquez.

RT-What was your most stressful moment?

FB-I was having trouble with the Mexican media just before Erik fought Zaragoza. They were not treating Morales with respect I thought. So, I said. "If Morales loses this fight, I will retire from boxing." I got real stressed out in the fourth round when Zaragoza hit Morales with some hard shots.

RT-Are these shows exclusively your's (Zanfer Promotions)?

FB-No, I will co-promote with Top Rank in June and September.

RT-A source told me that Yori Boy and Oscar is already a done deal.

FB-Yes. Yori Boy and Oscar will fight November 21, at the Thomas and Mack in Las Vegas.

Pedro Fernandez

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