by Pedro Fernandez

If you happened to catch my Las Vegas "Drive Time" radio segment Friday at 8:54 PM ET at www.cableradionetwork.com you would already know Naseem Hamed had pulled out of a July 18, fight with Kennedy McKinney that was to be held at the Thomas and Mack Arena on the University of Las Vegas at Nevada, claiming a hand injury.

What I'm told is that the cocky lad from Sheffield, UK and his wife are expecting a little Prince or Princess in July. And that the man who wants to be boxing's King, will spend some time with the Mrs. before making his Vegas debut in October.

"If ever there was a fighter made for las Vegas, it's Prince Naseem Hamed" said Marc Ratner, the mainstay of the Nevada Athletic Commission. I concur. When Hamhead hits town, it'll be something the Las Vegas Strip hasn't experienced in quite a while.

In fact, it was the aforementioned Ratner who stated to a Las Vegas reporter last December that all he "wished for in 1998, was that there be no controversy in Nevada."

Well, with the Holyfield-Lewis fight not happening, and Quartey-Whitaker being canceled when Sweet Pea's penchant for Colombian Dust got out of hand, there hasn't been any fights, let alone controversy for Ratner

Although the results of the Bouduani-Jones fight that was aired on SHOWTIME Saturday night, might change that view a bit. There were some who thought Guierllmo Jones of Panama won going away. But then there were others, like SHOWTIME ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr. who felt the Frenchman deserved the split decision that enabled him to retain the WBA 154 lb. laurels.

Notebook: I avoided Roberto Duran for the most part this weekend while in Las Vegas. Why? Cause it just causes a lot of pain to watch a fighter so adept at his craft, quite possibly the greatest fighter ever, being broke and fighting for food at nearly 47 years old. For food? Yep, for food. Duran is so broke (he made over $30 million) that the house he has called home for 20 plus years is no longer is. In fact, the man who holds the note on Duran's crib will evict the former four time world champion in the next 60 days. Without question, the greatest Latin fighter of all time. And also one of the dumbest. For although Roberto is the one holding the bag for blowing all the millions, it was in fact his domineering common law spouse Felicidad that fleeced Hands of Stone. She once spent $250 Grand (on an America Express card) buying jewelry for some gay guys whom she was playing "Fag-Hag" for in 1984. (The term is used to describe women who befriend Gay men because they feel no sexual threat) This woman's brothers were the ones who stole and sold Roberto's championship belts for pennies on the dollar a few years ago. Duran's old lady should go down as the second most despicable dame on the planet, with the first being my ex-wife Olga..

Pedro Fernandez

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If you missed Ring Talk on Saturday, the broadcast was LIVE from the Las Vegas Hilton at 11 PM ET on the TALK AMERICA Radio Network for two hours!

On Sunday, Ring Talk airs at 11 PM ET on "The Deuce" or TALK AMERICA 2. Both have LIVE Internet audio at www.talkamerica.com Be advised there is a difference in networks (TALK 1 vs TALK 2) AND both have live audio at www.talkamerica.com

Sunday's guests included referee Mills Lane and ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr.

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