by Pedro Fernandez

Former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe pled guilty to abducting his estranged wife Judy and the five Bowe children on February 25, and driving them from North Carolina to Virginia, where Mrs. Bowe called her sister, who alerted police to a fast food joint in South Hill, VA where police intervened and escorted the Mrs. and children back to North Carolina.

The indictment, issued Tuesday, claimed that Bowe used "force, coercion, duress and fraud" in taking his family against their will. When asked if he was aware of what he was doing (pleading guilty) Bowe responded "Yes, sir."

Although the former undisputed heavyweight champion is facing a possible ten year prison sentence, he played it off well Thursday afternoon as he joked and shadow boxed with manager Rock Newman outside the courtroom.

Bowe's wife Judy, was not present in court. Although I may sound a bit chauvinist, Judy Bowe is in my mind a ........well, you know. She loud mouthed Bowe in public, dissed him when he was speaking on the dais in front of the media. She is in my mind of a fat Queen Bee whose only working bee was Big Daddy.

Riddick allowed Judy to abuse him because of his undying love for her and the kids. And in the end, that's what may have cost him his freedom. It's been reported that Mrs. Bowe had some of the kids testify against their Dad in the secret Grand Jury proceedings that led to the indictment.

No date was announced for sentencing. But Federal law allows for 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Pedro Fernandez

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