by Pedro Fernandez

When you realize that former world champion Frank Tate was a Gold Medalist on the 1984 Olympic team, you want to think he must be an old man. But he isn't. At 33 years of age, the Houston native won the Gold when he was only 19 years old.

"I am a better fighter today then I was ten years ago. I know that might sound a little funny, but let me explain. I'm smarter, I'm wiser, and I've been there.

"I have the experience, the know how, and yes I still have the skills to be light heavyweight champion. Roy Jones keeps saying nobody wants to fight him. I will. I believe deep down that I know how to beat Roy."

When asked what he knew of Tyler Hughes, Frank bluntly replied. "Nothing. It doesn't matter who, or when, Frank Tate is a true professional fighter who can be world champion again, if someone would give me the chance.

"I've got a new strength coach, a nutritionalist, something I've needed for years, and I've got the right people training me. It's all up to me, Frank Tate."

When asked for a prediction, Frank replied. "The way I feel, anybody, and that includes Tyler, would be lucky to see the eighth round."

On the undercard, a female fight is sure to get the juices flowing as debuting Summer De Leon of Utah, tangles with Los Angeles' Brenda Drexel in a four round bantamweight match.

What the women lack in skills and experience, they make up for in their pedal to the metal all out aggression.

A hometowner makes his debut on tonight's card when Samiu Tahavaalu of Reno, will meet undefeated Nigerian Friday Ahunanya in a four round heavyweight scrap!

The always "give it his all" David Boone is on the card in an eight round matchup. And rounding out the BAM bill will be undefeated middleweight Jeremy Morrison, who like Boone is a resident of St. George, Utah.

First bout at the Reno Hilton tonight begins at 7:30 PM

Pedro Fernandez

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