by Pedro Fernandez

Having been in existence for nearly 40 years, I vividly remember the Civil Rights movement of the 60's. Yes, I watched horrified on television as police in the south attacked Black demonstrators with police dogs. It wasn't a pretty site!

Nor was the incident that occurred recently in Texas, where a Black man was tied to and dragged by a truck until there was nothing left of him to drag. Personally, I tend to believe that what took place in the 'Lone Star' state was not as isolated an incident as the media and government would like you to think.

Which brings us to the N.A.A.C.P. or the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The NAACP has been in existence for nearly a century and has long championed Civil Rights and Freedom for those discriminated against.

In less than a month, the NAACP will hold a gala two day event at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas that will combine an action packed card of professional boxing, with the "NAACP's 1998 Honor Awards."

The pugilistic card "The NAACP Fight For Freedom Night" will be aired on both B.E.T. (Black Entertainment Television) and Action Pay Per View and will take place on August 2, while the awards ceremony will occur the previous evening.

In the main event, former world light heavyweight champion Montell Griffin will meet Rocky Gannon, with former champions Mike McCallum and Danny Romero appearing in separate 10 rounders. There will also be a female fight as well as three other matches on the card being put together by Las Vegas trainer/matchmaker Thell Torrence.

The recipients of the "NAACP Honor Awards" for 1998 include: Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Jackie Joyner Kersey, basketball great Jerry West, Billie Jean King, Hank Aaron, former L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley, Mrs. Anwar Sadat, Mrs. Yitzak Rabin, the latter two representing their assassinated husbands, and last but certainly not least, Civil Rights pioneer Mrs. Rosa Parks.

Mrs. Parks had more of an impact on the movement itself than any other female on the front line. For you boomers who read the comics instead of the front pages in the 60's, Mrs. Parks was the lady who refused to sit in the "colored" section, or in the back of the bus.

It was her fearlessness and diligence to the cause that helped insure that people of color have an equal part in American society. That made her the Civil Rights "Icon" that she is today. For if ever there was a person worthy of the status of America hero, it is Rosa Parks.

The boxing event is being promoted by Charles Bereal, a former member of the California State Athletic Commission and will take place on Sunday evening August 2, while the awards ceremony which will be held in the grand ballroom of the Mirage Hotel, will take place the previous evening.

Tickets for the fight card and the awards dinner will be available July 14, at the Mirage Hotel. For further information and tickets, you can contact the event producer Emmett Cash, of Emmett Cash and Associates at 323-290-1998. The price for the six bout Pay per View card will be $29.95.

In closing, there are a handfull of charities I support with my heart and soul and this is one of them. I am asking that you support this "NAACP Fight For Freedom" night on Pay Per View and let Uncle Sam pay for it! That's right, any donation to the NAACP is tax deductible.

Pedro Fernandez

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