by Dan Buntin

Well Mike Tyson has finally asked to have his boxing license reinstated. Since Nevada revoked his license, wisdom would dictate that Mike would reapply there. He has instead opted to ask for a license in New Jersey.

They say Tyson doesn't use drugs, so he must be out of his freakin' mind! How could Mike be so follish as to try and sidestep the Nevada State Athletic Commission? And how could Shelley "You should retire Holyfield" Finkel let him make such a stupid move like this.

Mike has just put the Nevada Athletic Commission people in a very tight spot. I believe they were ready to give Mike his license back if he so desired. Now I believe Mike has a 50/50 chance of ever getting his license back. New Jersey should refer Mike back to Nevada when they meet later this month.

All I can say for Mike is "Stupid is a Stupid does"

Look for WBC guy Lennox Lewis to try and make a deal to get Mike in the ring as soon as possible, meaning while Mike is still considered a threat (if only on paper). Lewis would sure like to have the name Mike Tyson on his professional resume. I wonder who would win this fight?

I'm looking for comments on the Tyson vs Lewis matchup and can be reached at

Dangerous Dan

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