Tuesday Trash

by Pedro Fernandez


Even with his "new" team of advisors, Mike Tyson may have made what I think will be one of the biggest mistakes in his boxing life. For his Friday application for a license to fight in New Jersey was not only a slap in the face to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, it is dead wrong.

First of all, this whole thing is a move by Atlantic City casino mogul Donald Trump. Only the Donald could have assured Tyson braintrust Shelley Finkel that first of all, New Jersey boxing commissioner Larry "I am God" Hazzard, and the State Attorney General's office would be in Mike's corner.

In fact, it was an assistant State Attorney General who said that it was New Jersey's belief that they were not required by law to follow Nevada's revocation of Tyson's license.

What about the Federal Boxing Act? You would think that certainly applies in this case. What Trump's puppets are building their case on is the difference between the words "Revocation and Suspension."

Tyson was not suspended says New Jersey, thus they feel they can give him a license upon his applying on July 29. This stinks! And as for finding someone at fault here, it's certainly not Tyson this time around. What Trump, Finkel, and company should of done was to wait and let Nevada reinstate Tyson, and then announce the Atlantic City return of the maniacal one.

And lastly. If I were to get arrested, or be cited for an infraction of the vehicle code in Las Vegas. How then could I seek Due Process in New Jersey?

Anyway you look at it, Mike can't fall up, he just falls down!


Even since he disqualified Mike Tyson last year, referee Mills Lane has become a star. Anywhere he goes, he's received with genuine applause. TV contracts, a just released book, Mills has certainly become one other most recognized officials in any sport.

The former Washoe County (Reno, NV) Judge is set to begin a "People's Court" type of program with Lane riding the bench. And FX seems to be enamored with former U.S. Amateur welterweight champion, as they too are pitching a contract at Mills.

But are all these accolades truly warranted? What Mills Lane did June 28, 1997, should serve as a training film for what an official shouldn't do. Instead of being lauded for throwing Tyson after the second bite, Mills should of been ripped a new orifice for allowing Tyson the chance to even bite Holyfield again.

After all, the first chomp was the one that took of a good percentage of Evander Holyfield's ear. That same piece was what Tyson spit out onto the MGM ring canvas. And what kind of precedent is this setting for referees the world around who think Mills is the best thing since Lite beer.

Does that mean all referees should impose a "one bite limit." Now, I'm not saying Mills isn't a good guy and a colorful character in the boxing world. But calling Lane the "best referee in boxing," as some members of the press have labeled him of late is a bit more than a stretch.

Lane has been informed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission that he cannot continue to be a commentator and a referee. And seeing the money being tossed at Mills, it sort of sounds like the 61 year old Lane may have worked his last big fight.


Watching Roy Jones get dropped, was certainly the highlight of the HBO doubleheader Saturday night. After all, Lou Del Valle was a 15-1 underdog in the Vegas books.

Other than that, it was a classic example of a guy first choosing, and then beating up on a former sparring partner as Jones once employed the deposed WBA titleholder for 38 rounds. You didn't need a scorecard for this one as Roy shut Del Valle down and was in total control, with the exception of that knockdown in the eighth round. Roy goes to 37-1, while New Yorker Del Valle falls to 27-2.


Underneath, Kevin Kelley showed up to fight Smoke Gainer. But the "Flushing Flash" did not as Derrick gangster slapped Kelley for nearly the entire ten round contest. Roy Jones' spiritual brother moves to 24-4, (16 KO's), while the uninspired and undertrained Kelley falls to 48-3-2, (28 KO's).

Kelley, has fought only once since losing the battle of knockdowns to Naseem Hamed last December. That fight was in May against a hobo. Not in shape, Kevin was coerced into the fight by his Mrs.

A little background on this match. Kelley beat Derrick on a come from behind knockout a couple of years ago. Roy wanted Gainer to get another shot at Kelley almost as bad as Smoke himself.

Since that first Kelley fight, Smoke has won nine straight, and all the while wanting Kelley more and more. Roy intervened, and when HBO first approached Kelley about helping fill the July 18, vacated by Naseem Hamed, Kelley kept saying he wasn't interested in fighting Smoke again.

So HBO kept upping the ante until it reached $600 K, and Kevin's wife prodded her man to take a fight he wasn't prepared for. Rumor has it the fairly well spoken Kelley will attempt a career as a television boxing commentator.

Pedro Fernandez

The writer can be reached at flash@inow.com

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