by Pedro Fernandez


Henry Akinwande has still not been cleared by the physicians treating him for Hepatitis B. And as of Wednesday morning, SHOWTIME Executive producer Jay Larkin seems resigned to the fact that Akinwande won't be able to compete on either August 29, or September 5.

"It doesn't look like it's going to happen." As for another opponent for Holyfield, Larkin stated. "We are in discussion with everybody involved. If we go with Evander on September 5, I'll probably go with a SHOWTIME card on August 29."

Larkin had no idea as to when Mike Tyson will ask the Nevada Athletic Commission to have his boxing license reinstated. But off the record, I hear SHOWTIME is looking at a Pay Per View date involving Tyson in October or November.


The much anticipated showdown between WBA titleholder Ike Quartey and his IBF counterpart Felix Trinidad will fight in November on HBO for the "World's Welterweight Championship."

Quartey was approached by Oscar De La Hoya's promoter Bob Arum and supposedly offered $4 million, or twice as much as he is getting for the November match with Trinidad. But Quartey flat out said. "No."

You see unlike the Golden Ploy, both Ike and Felix have ample amounts of testosterone. With that comes the self confidence that has both men thinking they can beat the other. This is reminiscent of the 80's when the best welters in history went at each other tooth and nail.

Both Trinidad and Quartey feel that by knocking off the other, that they can go into a showdown with De La Hoya demanding more money seeing the winner going in would be considered the "real" champ.

In reality, the Golden Ploy will be a challenger.

Arum was so incensed with rival Main Events making the Trinidad-Quartey match, that he has threatened to put Oscar on Pay Per View one week later in Las Vegas. Arum doesn't want Caesars Palace holding Trinidad-Quartey and may offer Oscar at a reduced rate to Caesars in order to send the fight to Atlantic City.

Anyway you look at it, Quartey-Trinidad is a better fight than Oscar against Oba Carr, Frankie Randall, or Yory Boy Campas. In other words, it's a better fight than Oscar vs anybody else!


When I post "Your E Mail" weekly at, it is to allow you to communicate with me in an open forum. And for the most part, it has been a roaring success.

Then, I got a phone call from Freddie Martinez, the former manager of Roberto Duran, a man who should really be the President of the Duran Fan Club, seeing his deeply tanned nose.

"Hey, Pete man. Roberto's pissed off. He's going to kick your ass." When I explained to Martinez that I had written no opinions on Roberto or his "unpredictable" wife Feleciadad. That what Roberto was screaming about was merely a note sent to me by a reader of

To the hollow threats I say, who gives a flying ****!

Roberto Duran is henpecked to the point that the E Mail from Santa Rosa Mike hit a chord of truth. And we all know. The truth hurts!


After jetting back here from Los Angeles, I tuned into the soon to be gone Tuesday Night Fights on USA Cable in time to catch the main event between unbeaten heavyweight Chris Byrd and Ross Purity. Six rounds into the slap fight, I was snoozing.

Awakening several hours later, I wondered who had won the fight. And while flicking the channels, I found the encore airing of the Tuesday Night Fights on USA. Again, I awaited the main event. To make a long story short, Pedro was asleep before the fourth round this time.

The bottom line is that whether Chris Byrd will admit or not, his style is one that could put a "tweaking" Crack addict to sleep. And as long as he fights the way he does, Byrd will get little respect from "real" fight fans.

Pedro Fernandez

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