Monday Madness

by Pedro Fernandez


The showdown between promoters Don King and Main Events (aka "The Duvas") takes place this Friday in the New York city courtroom of Judge McKenna. If that name sounds familiar, that's because it was McKenna who presided over the recent failed attempt by the "G" to bring King down on Fraud charges.

And before you think that something is going on, Judges in the Federal Court in New York are assigned by draw. McKenna just happened to draw two King cases in a row.


What this is all about is about a month ago, Felix Trinidad, the undefeated IBF welterweight titilist from Puerto Rico, signed a $30 million promotional agreement with Dino Duva, the President of Main Events, Inc., a Jersey based company run by Dino, his father Lou, and sister in law Kathy.

The Duva's, their legal mouthpiece Patrick English, and the Trinidad's, Felix and father Felix Sr, all contended in June that Felix was a free agent.

But there was a clause in King's paperwork with Felix that stated should he still be champion come June of 1998, the contract would automatically be extended two years.

Felix Sr., Pat English, the Duva attorney, and the Duva's hotly protested this clause. They even insinuated that King had added this "clause" to the contract after it was signed.

The reason I use the term "insinuated" is that I have not seen the moving court papers in this case. I've been told that the allegation of fraudulently adding the clause was alleged in Trinidad's suit against King that was filed in June.


About three years ago, the Trinidad's, Felix Jr. and Sr. attempted to leave King about one year into their four year deal. Stan Levin, the Pensacola attorney who handles Roy Jones' business, and the Trinidad's went to court in an attempt to break from King then.

As part of their moving papers, the Trinidad's signed and filed an affidavit stating they they "had signed a four year contract with Don King, that had a two year option clause."

Oops! Looks like Felix is going back to Don King on Friday and that the Duva family is in big trouble financially. This amounts to tortuous interference and look for Don to pounce on the Duva clan with no mercy!


What I'm leading to is that the best welterweight fight since 1981, will not happen on November 14, unless Don King is involved "big time" in the promotion. And I just don't see King sleeping with Main Events after the fallout raised by their signing of Felix.

Bottom line is that Trinidad goes back to King. And the Duva's will have to pony up some long green for this legal blunder. I guess Patrick English, the Duva attorney who has never lost a case in New Jersey while representing Main Events, isn't as smart as everybody thought. Or maybe he can't win when the deck isn't stacked in his favor, as it seems to be in Jersey.


In fact, HBO can see the writing on the wall and they have lined up Pernell Whitaker to step into Trinidad's role if things go as I surmise they will this coming Friday in New York.

Which brings me to the $54,000 question. How in the hell can the WBA sanction Whitaker seeing he has been popped twice in the past year for using Colombian Dust (Cocaine)?

It's the WBA who stated earlier this year that in Pernell's first positive test, the process used was flawed. That's why they refused to pull Whitaker from their ratings.

The WBA rules say that any boxer who tested positive for any hard drugs, that fighter would be banned from the WBA rankings for a minimum period of two years.

In February, Whitaker flunked his first "random" drug test. This urinalysis was mandated by an agreement reached between Whitaker and the Mashantucket Indian Tribe which governs boxing in Foxwoods, CT. after Pernell failed a Drug test after besting Andrei Pestriaev last year.

Without being redundant, I'll ask the question again. How does Whitaker get back in the WBA picture seeing he tested dirty on two different occasions?


I told you so! In fact you should be calling me "The Amazing Kreskin." All the predictions (scoops) that I've been unearthing here at and on Ring Talk should nominate me for this year's Pulitzer prize for pugilism. In fact, there shouldn't even be a nominating process. They should just give me my due, and the king his crown?

As for all you folks out there writhing from my blatant conceit, remember. It ain't bragging if it's the truth!

Poison Pen Pedro Strikes Again!

Mr. Fernandez can be reached at


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