by Pedro Fernandez

AMERICA PRESENTS COO Dan Goossen appeared on Ring Talk a fortnight ago to discuss the August 15, Pay Per View promotion from El Paso, TX that features Rafael Ruelas-Kostya Tsyzu in a bout to determine who will face #1 ranked Miguel Angel Gonzalez for the vacant WBC 140 lb. diadem.

RT-Dan, what's Wayne McCullough doing these days?

DG-Wayne will return from a vacation in Ireland during the first week of August. But the consensus is that we are ready to move towards the mandatory challenge of WBC (122 lb) champion Erik Morales. Provided he gets by Junior Jones in September.

RT-A great source told me that the week before the Roy Jones-Lou Del Valle fight (July 18) Junior Jones was roughhousing with his brother in law and separated his shoulder. He took it out of a sling in order to attend the Roy's Garden party. Even with rehab, it won't be up to snuff come September. 9. And Dan, if that wasn't enough. Fighting a Mexican in a bull ring?

DG-You're right about the bull ring. It's very hard to win in in those surroundings.

RT-Is AMERICA PRESENTS going to be doing Pay Per View shows every month?

DG-No. It just happened to work out that we went two months back to back.

RT-You were pleased with the July Pay Per View card?

DG-I was. Weren't you?

RT-I thought the fights were well put together.

DG-Nobody expected Goyo (Vargas) to bust up Tracy Harris Patterson like he did. We'd like to move Goyo against Genaro Hernandez or Angel Manfredy.

RT-Is Gabe Ruelas done at 130 lbs?

DG-Gabe can make the weight--but it's tough. We can't get (Arturo) Gatti again at 130, and Manfredy is talking about Shane Mosley at 135 lbs.

RT-Gabe's brother Rafael will have his hands full with Kostya Tsyzu. Want to comment on that?

DG-We know this is a tough fight. But my brother Joe has been working with Rafael in order to shore up some defensive problems. We know he's an underdog. Hey, the kid is looking forward to the challenge.

RT-What's the strategy?

DG-To get the fight into the later rounds.

RT-I've heard that Miguel Angel Gonzalez hurt his hand and is off the August 15, PPV show.

DG-Miguel is being checked out as I speak. If Miguel can't make it with John-John Molina, than I think I'll put in a heavyweight match between 1996 Silver Medalist Wolfgram against Jorge Luis Gonzalez.

RT-That sounds like one of those don't turn your head fights.

DG-I think so. Both of these guys are huge. Wolfgram is over 300 lbs. and Gonzalez is about 260. This isn't a fight that looks like it'll go (the distance). It'll be interesting.

RT-I want to thank you for appearing on Ring Talk tonight.

DG-Pedro, you forgot about the title fight between WBC featherweight champ Luisito Espinosa defending in the U.S. for the first time against unbeaten Juan Carlos Gomez.

RT-Did you guys snatch Luisito away from Joe Koizumi his Japanese promoter?

DG-No. We signed Luisito as a free agent. Unlike a couple of other promoters, I'm not looking to spend all my time in court. AMERICA PRESENTS is looking to sign quality free agents that are free and clear from any other promotional group.

Pedro Fernandez

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