Mid Week Crisis

by Pedro Fernandez


If Junior Jones can go into Tijuana and walk out with Erik Morales' WBC 122 lb. belt, you will have to give him more than just his due. Because this is almost an almost impossible task.

You see Jones, 44-3, (26 KO's) will be attempting this feat in a sold out Tijuana bull ring. And I can't remember any Yankee fighter in recent years going into a Mexican ring where they slaughter bulls and emerging victorious.

On top of that, Jones will have to contend with the elongated champion. At 30-0, (24 KO's), Erik is a good fighter that's seems to be getting better each time out. Still, some respect is given to Junior's ability to box as the 27 year old is only a 2-1 underdog to Morales, a hometowner who will be making the fourth defense of the WBC diadem.

HBO's Boxing After Dark will televise the card live in the eastern zone, and on a delayed basis in the west.


The decision to allow Mike Tyson to box in New Jersey will come down on Friday. The two commissioners that are voting on the matter, must already realize that this deal has been "Trumped" and that means it's as good as done in Jersey.

I'm going to condemn the gutless New Jersey board for not referring the matter back to Nevada. If I was criminally charged with biting someone in Nevada, I couldn't pitch a gripe in Jersey, unless there were millions, upon millions of dollars at stake.

New Jersey's decision is a declaration of war against not only Nevada, but the Association of Boxing Commissions here in the U.S. The only thing we can start doing now is guessing which tomato can Mike will face first time out of the gate.


Those that are saying the November 14, fight between welterweight titleholder's Ike Quartey and Felix Trinidad is on, are saying so with crossed fingers.

This would truly be an epic encounter, the likes haven't been seen at 147 lbs. since the real 'Golden Boy' Sugar Ray Leonard stopped Thomas Hearns in the 14th round on September 16, 1981.

Anybody who expected Don King to throw up his hands with the Trinidad's, doesn't really know King. The wire haired promoter will fight until he's got no fight left in him in order to get Tito back in the fold.

As for Judge McKenna's decision. It will not be made public in court on Friday as I stated in Monday's column. The jurist will inform the parties as to his ruling in the next week I'm told by phone or facsimile.


As for Federal Judge Lawrence McKenna presiding over the "G" vs Don King on Fraud charges. of which he was recently acquitted. McKenna is also the jurist for King vs Trinidad, and Tyson vs King.

I'm told that the judges are drawn at random. But three King cases for McKenna has me thinking that ain't the case.

Pedro Fernandez

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