by Pedro Fernandez

This is the third article in a series written by Pedro Fernandez entitled: SOMETHING ROTTEN IN OREGON which have been published recently at and the cyberboxingzone.

I've had three conversations with Governor Kitzhaber's media aide John Coney. While Mr. Coney may not realize the significance of what I am asking, William Bruce Anderson's associates who have read Part 1 and 2 of this expose on Oregon boxing, now agree that my questions deserve answers.

Mr. Coney became livid in a phone conversation of August 12. "We will not answer any questions regarding William Bruce Anderson." I must have hit a nerve in the state house with my revelations that Anderson's salary of $89 grand annually, is $5,000 more than what Kitzhaber makes as Governor.

"If you want answers to your questions, go to the Oregon State Police" he said. I countered with all I wanted to know is a few basic things. Like how a guy who runs a "phantom" boxing and wrestling commission, in a state where he has allowed only one show in seven years, makes more dinero than the Gov?

Later that day, I checked the office voice mail and found two messages from the Oregon State Police. There is nothing in my mind that can be drawn from contacting state trooper Eric Davenport.

You see, I never wanted to talk to any cops in this matter. It was the Governor who I wanted to speak with. He is suppose to a representative of the people of Oregon.

In closing, the Gov couldn't be doing too good a job when Anderson, who does nothing commands a higher salary than the head of the state!


All of a sudden, the circle protecting Mr. Anderson is not as solid as it was before they read the series of articles on Oregon boxing posted at

One "backer" of Anderson called me on August 12, and said. "All of your questions deserve answers. I can't believe Bruce won't work with you."

"I thought your line of questioning would have been a lot harder than the questions you put forth in the articles. As a reporter, you have the right to ask what you are asking. I'll be interested to see how this plays out."

But Anderson's cronies are still out there. Association of Boxing Commission's Prez Greg Sirb of Philadelphia recently sent Anderson a note commending him for alerting the A.B.C. of an ill conditioned fighter from Oregon. The fighter was stopped and Sirb wrote the note as a thank you.

That's all fine and dandy. But the mere fact that Anderson is distributing this "puff" letter from Sirb in an attempt to maintain some credibility among those who think he's ledgit, clearly gives further credence to my assertions that he has survived without any boxing or wrestling in Oregon simply because he is blowing the right people!

Sirb might do himself a service if he separated himself from Anderson before the spit hits the fan as a network TV show asked me for both articles on Mr. Anderson, as well as my notes. The show's host couldn't believe Bruce Anderson could be perpetrating such a con.

And it isn't only the boxing people that are outraged at Anderson. The wrestling folks, headed by Oregon's very own "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, they contend that Anderson has also ran pro wrestling out of the state.

Tick, tick, tick! Hey Bruce, can you hear the clock?

Pedro Fernandez

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