by Pedro Fernandez

WBA welterweight champion Ike Quartey, of Ghana, an undefeated fighter who has held a 147 lb. title belt longer than Oscar De La Hoya, has been stripped of the WBA belt because of "inactivity."

Granted, Ike had pulled out of an August 20, fight against #1 contender Andrei Pestraiev of Russia. But that was attributed to Malaria and an upper respiratory infection.

As for the Russian Andrei Pestriaev getting a title shot after being clearly beaten by Whitaker last October, you can blame that on Whitaker's Cocaine habit. For after Sweet Pea tested positive for Coke last October, Pestriaev was reinstated as the #1 contender.

Like a lot of #1 WBA contenders, the Russian is barely world class. The WBA said Pestriaev will fight Mexican Jose Luis Lopez for the "stolen" title.

Below you will find a letter I sent to the WBA this morning. If you would like to echo my thoughts, send an e mail to their offices at

August 20, 1998
World Boxing Association
Dr. Elias Cordoba, President

Dr. Cordoba,

You can forget about the Dear. I can't believe you have the "balls" that you have. For the most part, we as boxing writers care little about your shenanigans in Venezuela.

But your stripping Ike Quartey of the WBA title when he was set to take part in the biggest welterweight fight in 17 years is nothing short of criminal.

And you, you pompous bastard! What gives you the right to course and chart pugilistic history? If boxing has a Cancer, then you Dr. Cordoba are the biggest malignant tumor.

Although I don't condone violence. For what you and your bandit buddies have done in Caracas, somebody should burn down the WBA office!

As a journalist, I will refrain from ever using the WBA orally on my radio show which is heard nationally in the U.S.A. and worldwide in 160 countries, or in my many avenues of the print media.

This is the last straw! Although I am not a big fan of government involvement in professional boxing, you are the best reason for it.

Here's hoping the WBA dies and that it dies SOON!


Pedro Fernandez

The writer has his own web site at and can be reached at

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