by Pedro Fernandez

Many of you that have followed the expose I have been doing on Oregon Boxing, or the lack of Oregon Boxing, know who the villain in this scenario is.

It's William Bruce Anderson, the head of the Oregon Boxing and Wrestling Commission. You know, the guy who makes $89 K annually overseeing professional boxing in Oregon. This, even though the rainy state has had only one pro show in seven years!

So how does he do it? Bruce Anderson prospers because of his political savvy. It was he who wrote the legislation that created the Commission that he oversees.

The Oregon Commission holds quarterly meetings (for what I don't know). One would think that Anderson would schedule these meetings in the most populated cities of either Portland or Salem.

Not old and slick Bruce. The meeting this quarter will be August 20, in Medford, Oregon, which is about 350 miles away from Portland and Anderson's detractors. I won't insult your intelligence and ask you to think that this may be a coincidence, cause it's not.


I have sent the President of the Association of Boxing Commissioners Greg Sirb of Pennsylvania letters three times. In all three "delivered" correspondences, I asked that Sirb respond to the allegations of the people in Oregon. Here is my last letter of August 18.

Mr. Greg Sirb
Association of Boxing Commissioners

Dear Greg,

I hope you are well. Are you refusing to make comment on the Oregon situation? Sleep with him now, and you might pay later Greg. There are detectives for both network and local TV programs that are digging deep into Mr. Anderson and his background.

If what these people allege in Oregon is true, is it your stance that you as President of the A.B. C. will still support him?

His latest move to get away from his detractors is to set up his quarterly meeting in Medford, which is about 350 miles from Portland.

Hey Greg, do you have to get hit in the face with a mackerel before you can admit it smells fishy?

In closing, if I have to drag you down with him, I will. And that's not a threat. It's just that if it is proved that this man is a crook, I'm not going to let people forget you were sending him "puff" letters while his world was crumbling around him.

Until this thing is over (November is sweeps month) with the network and the locals both wanting to air the story then, you might want to distance yourself from the old codger. It is also an election month, and I get the feeling the news folks want the Gov's ass as well.

I don't believe in protecting cronies Do you?


Pedro Fernandez

PS: If you chose not to respond to this, my third note to you on Oregon, then I will include this e mail in my next story which is set for later this week.


When faced with the stubborn and complex issues of a journalistic matter, I always try to seek out somebody with more experience than me. Legendary Pat Putnam, formerly of Sports Illustrated fame, had this to say when I sent him a carbon copy of the above letter to Sirb.

"Pedro, I bet he ignores you. Those arrogant bastards always think they can, and that you will go away."

Well Greg, I ain't going no where. And if you, Bruce, or any other politicians who might be crooked, or covering up for another and using boxing as a front, you better believe that eventually I'll get to the bottom of it. And if I fall short, the network and local TV crews are sure to carry the ball into the end zone.

One Portland TV station is so pumped up about exposing the "Anderson Regime" that they want to run the story real close to the election which happens to fall during "sweeps" week.

So, I again ask the question to Mr. Sirb. In light of the revelations that have come forth already, are you still supporting this guy?


Governor John Kitzhaber of Oregon has refused to answer any questions on Mr. Anderson, the Oregon Boxing Commission, or anything relating to boxing and wrestling in his state. I guess he too, like Anderson only wants to collect the 6.5 % Pay Per View tax they put on each boxing and wrestling event.

I've been told Governor Kitzhaber is no dummy. If this is true, then why would he allow Anderson to run a "phantom" commission and at the same time pocket $5,000 more a year than himself?


As for the TV folks waiting for election time to run the story. I only hope it doesn't cost Kitzhaber the Governorship. Because when somebody like a Mike Wallace comes a knocking, Kitzhaber and his lame P.R. aide John Coney won't be able to ignore and diss them like they did to me.


In closing, there are athletic commission directors in various states who wonder what in the hell is going on up there in Oregon. But they have their own jurisdictions to worry about.

"I'd like to find out what he's doing too" said a state boxing director that requested his name be withheld. "But if the Governor won't answer any questions on Bruce, who can you take it to after that?" he asked.

I can take it to the people of Oregon and that's what I've done.

Since this series began I have gotten nothing but support from the boxing people in Oregon. And not one letter supporting the Kitzhaber backed "Anderson Regime."

Pedro Fernandez

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