Friday Notebook

by Pedro Fernandez


IBF 154 lb. guy Yory Boy Campas is holding "all aces" in his hand. First of all, Campas is being hailed as the November opponent for Oscar De La Hoya. But now that Fernando Vargas is the #1 contender, might Yory Boy pass on Oscar and instead fight 1996 Olympian Vargas?

People rave about the "Oxnard Kid" Vargas. But even though I think he's truly a fine fighter, the best welter to come out of the Olympics since 1976, Campas might be a little to savvy for the still green Vargas who appears in a supporting role on August 22, on HBO with former Time Warner poster boy Arturo Gatti in the main.

On paper one would think that Yory stands a better chance with Fernando than Oscar. I don't think so. Vargas is the tougher fight. He's bigger, stronger, and has a more balanced arsenal. And he's much hungrier than Oscar the businessman.


This quote is from the Pittsburgh Penguin who called in on the Ring Talk toll free listener line this past Sunday night.

"To all of you De La Hoya groupies who think Oscar is the best thing since indoor toilets. If he ever gets the balls to fight Trinidad, Quartey, Jose Luis Lopez, David Reid, or Fernando Vargas, and you still love him afterwards. You know what you will be guilty of?


Notes: HBO is sounding as if they aren't too concerned about litigation coming from Don King over Felix Trinidad. The same can be said of the Duva clan (Main Events, INC) that inked Trinidad. While the extension clause in Trinidad's is questionable, the fact that Main Events had discussions with Tito before his pact with King was "supposedly" up, that constitutes "Tortuous Interference" says another promoter who stayed clear of Felix even though his $,$$$,$$$ backers were willing to take a chance of being sued. "The money, the time, and the headaches involved in one of those suits shortens your life. Unless you're Don King. Anybody else and that trial would of killed them at 67 years of age." Promoter Harold Smith is in Hawaii closing a deal that will bring Smith's Global Sports Network to the islands for monthly shows beginning in September or October that will air on FOX delayed..Arthur Mercante Sr. is nearing 80 years of age. There are those who think he should hang up the striped shirt and judge full time. I don't. And I wouldn't want to tell Arthur he was done if I was the New York boxing boss for I always thought that Arthur wanted to go out with his striped shirt and polyester pants on...Antuan Echols looked real good in dispatching Mexican Urbano Gurrola on USA Tuesday night. Echols is ranked #2 by the IBF, while Arthur Allen is #1. Bernard Hopkins says he is short on challenges. let him tangle with Echols and he'll be in a fight..In the semi-main, Anthony Jones squeaked out a split duke over Stevie Martinez. Jones, a lightweight in what was though to be his prime, has been reborn ever since somebody stole his tow truck in Motown forcing a return to the ring. Jones has balls, while Stevie lacks fire. Montell Griffin has pulled out of the NAACP Fight Night this Sunday August 2, on BET/Action PPV. Griffin said somebody told him he'd get $100 K to fight Rocky Gannon. The actual purse was $20 grand. But that's till about $10 K more than Montell should get for a ten round gig. Thomas "Ice T" Tate steps in and will face a foe TBA announced as Gannon elected to take a four rounder on the last USA Tuesday Night show in August..WBA 126 lb. titleholder Freddie Norwood puts the belt and an unbeaten mark of 31-0-1, (19 KO's), on the line September 22, in Tokyo against hometowner Koji Matsumoto, 26-5-1, (15 KO's)...Word has it WBC 135 lb champ Cesar Bazan is willing to meet IBF and world champ Shane Mosley after his fight with Hiroyuki Sakamoto 29-2, (20 KO's) and a rematch with deposed 'BC titilist Stevie Johnston. Bazan is 32-2-1, (23 KO's) and will appear underneath the WBC 118 lb. title fight between #1 Paulie Ayala, 25-0, (11 KO's) and WBC bantamweight champ Joichiro Tatsuyoshi (16-4-1, 12 KO's) on August 23..Don't forget boxing fans. On Saturday and Sunday nights at 11:06 PM ET, it's Ring Talk, an inside look into the world of boxing hosted by yours truly Pedro Fernandez. While the Saturday show is two hours in length, it airs on the Talk America "1" Radio Network. The Sunday show which airs for an hour at 11:06 PM ET is carried on Talk America "2" aka "The Deuce." BOTH networks have LIVE Internet audio at

Pedro Fernandez

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