Monday Morning Madness

by Pedro Fernandez

People say that I disrespect the dead. When the truth of the matter is I don't really dis' anybody. I just tell it like it is. I'm not going to expose the lurid gay sex life of a fallen fighter. It's just not me!

Big John Tate, WBA heavyweight champion for a minute died Thursday of a stroke while driving on a Tennessee highway. When Tate lost to Weaver via 15th round KO, it quite literally ruined his life. From that point to the day he died, Tate never lived it down. I had seen him a couple of years ago in Atlantic City. And when I brought up the Weaver fight, it just sort of took all the color out of his cheeks. I tried to change subjects, but I had opened up a wound I couldn't close. RIP Big John.

The "Big 5" in the world of promoting boxing: Don King, The Duva's, Bob Arum, Cedrick Kushner, and AMERICA PRESENTS should be happy Jerry Hoffman only does a few shows a year. Last Thursday in Monterey, CA Hoffman put on yet another sold out card when Danny Lujan bested California 140 lb. champ Gustavo Tapia on points in a non-title go.

The Shark is quite a guy! Referee Marty Sammon is known in these circles as "The Shark" of his ring days and his expertise in the business world. A fortnight ago Marty donated Bone Marrow to his brother. It is a painful experience that the Shark hopes will save him from Leukemia. They took 30% of Sammon's red blood cells in the procedure and it has had it's effects on the 64 year old who makes his bones investing other peoples (BIG) money.

Bivins Mistreated by Son! Jimmy Bivins, a heavyweight title contender who lost on points to Joe Louis in 1951, was found by Cleveland Police this week living in the attic of his son's home. He was wrapped in a blanket that was soaked with urine and human excrement. Bivins did an interview from his hospital room he wasn't abused by his son or his daughter in law even though he slept in a dark cold attic wrapped in the aforementioned blanket. Cleveland cops also reported that Bivins was covered with bedsores from head to toe. Charges may yet be brought against the son. Bivens is 78 years old.

The cover of the April 10, Professional Boxing Update says a lot about Roy Jones the fighter. The headline reads "Reluctant Roy Returns." On May 5, Roy meets Virgil Hill two years too late. The HBO show will emanate from Biloxi, Miss. Nuff said.

Back by popular demand: The "Upcoming Fights and Predictions" feature I added at is a throwback to the late 1980's when I used to run them off on the radio.

Jury selection is over and the actual re-trial of promoter Don King begins today in Newark, NJ. The charges are resulting from an alleged fraudulent insurance claim King submitted to insurance magnate Lloyds of London 199. The first jury split 6-6.

Pocket-Rocket Wayne McCullough who became a Dad on March 30, fights for the first time in 17 months on Friday night when he headlines the FOX Sports card that begins at 8 PM ET live on both FOX Sports in English and FOX Americas in Espanol. Wayne's original foe fell out and a replacement will be named today by his promoter AMERICA PRESENTS.

Trillo Making Statement? If you haven't seen much of award winning scribe Juan Trillo lately, it's because he's been fighting! And winning! In his ring debut, Trillo a Spanish policeman by day, exhibited good skills before prevailing on points. Congrats Mi Hermano!

David Tua headlining this Saturday in San Francisco at the famed Cow Palace against Cleveland Woods for the New Kid on The Block promoter Phil De Mauro. NO TV.

RED HOT Fernando Vargas and Andrew Golota will be the pugilists of note on USA's Tuesday Night Fights. Vargas faces solid pro Romallis Ellis, while Golota gets an easy call with 19-3, Eli Dixon.

GOOD NEWS: I'm told the USA fight crew headed by Brad Jacobs has been tendered two other offers to continue the Tuesday Night Series on other networks.

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Pedro Fernandez

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