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Short Stories, first appearance unless noted

Author?, The Masked Marvel, Argosy (Nov. 12, 1938) 

Buckley, Art was a pseudonym of famed pulp writer, Frederick C. Davis 
Buckley, Art, "Bare Knuckles," Complete Stories (Nov. 1, 1931)
Buckley, Art, "Elliot, Duke of Clout," Complete Stories (Dec. 1, 1931)   
Buckley, Art, "Iron Fists," Complete Stories (Feb. 1, 1932)   
Buckley, Art, "No Fight Tonight," Complete Stories (Jun. 15, 1932)   
Buckley, Art, "The Count of Ten," Complete Stories (Dec. 1, 1932)   
Buckley, Art, "Comeback,"  High Spot Magazine     
Buckley, Art, "Gloves of Gold," High Spot Magazine   
Buckley, Art, "Quick Fisted," High Spot Magazine    
Buckley, Art, "Winner Take All," High Spot Magazine   
Buckley, Art, "Red Gloves," High Spot Magazine (Jan. 1931) 

Doyle, A. Conan, TO BE ADDED

Hemingway, Ernest, TO BE ADDED

Howard, Robert E., TO BE ADDED

Jones, Thom, The Pugilist at Rest, The New Yorker (1991)
Jones, Thom, Dynamite Hands, Playboy
Jones, Thom, Sonny Liston Was a Friend of Mine, The New Yorker

L'Amour, Louis, "Fighter's Fiasco," Ace Sports Stories (Jan 1938)

London, Jack, "The Game," Metropolitan Magazine (Apr/May 1905)
London, Jack, "A Piece of Steak," The Saturday Evening Post (Nov. 20, 1909)
London, Jack, "The Abysmal Brute," Popular Magazine (Sep. 1, 1911)
London, Jack, "The Mexican," The Saturday Evening Post (Aug. 19, 1911)

Matheson, Richard, "Steel," Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (May 1956)

Serling, Rod, "The Big Tall Wish," More Stories From The Twilight Zone (1961)

Wallace, Edgar, "Fighting Snub Reilly," in Fighting Snub Reilly (1934)


Burnett, W.R., Iron Man (1930)
Doyle, Arthur Conan, Rodney Stone (1896)
Gardner, Leonard, Fat City (1969)
Hamill, Pete, Flesh and Blood (1977)
Heinz, W.C., The Professional (1958)
L'Amour, Louis, Lando
L'Amour, Louis, The Iron Marshall
Lipsyte, The Contender (1967)
Serling, Rod, Requiem for a Heavyweight (1962)
Schulberg, Bud, The Harder They Fall (1947)
Shaw, George Bernard, Cashel Byron's Profession (1901)
Sorel, Julia, Rocky (1976)
Stallone, Sylvester, Rocky II (1979)
Vergani, Orio, Poor Nigger (1930)
Waldman, Frank, The Challenger (1955)
Wise, Leonard, The Diggstown Ringers (1978)
Witwer, H.C., Fighting Blood (1923)
Witwer, H.C., The Leather Pushers (1921)