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  2. Bob Foster: The Borger Banger by Austin Kileen/courtesy of IBRO
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  11. The history of new zealand boxing
  12. Barry Hugman's History of World Championship Boxing
  13. George Foreman Brought Real Change" To Boxing
  14. The Great Mickey Walker By Kelly Nicholson, courtesy of IBRO
  15. IBHOF Goodies Showing Up On eBAY
  16. Remembering Paolo Rosi by Dan Cuoco, courtesy of IBRO
  17. Al Migliorato (The White Ali )
  18. Jose Ribalta: I Boxed A Legend…Larry Holmes
  19. James “Quick Tillis” The Fighting Cowboy by Austin Killeen, Courtesy of IBRO
  20. Bullish On The Bronx Bull - Article/Video
  21. Supersport's (South Africa) Ron Jackson's Article Index
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  23. Top ten chins in heavyweight history
  24. June 1972: When Roberto Duran Streaked Like A Comet Across the Boxing Sky
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  29. Clay's Book on Miske ... TERRIFIC !!!
  30. Jack Sharkey: The Boston Gob - Article/Video
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  33. Random Classics: Mark Breland Vs. Aaron Davis
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  40. July Fights In History
  41. Jerome Coffee: The Bantamweight Who Ripened on the Vine
  42. Enforcer: The Life & Crimes Of Gus Dorazio
  43. The Prodigy's: Benitez/Ayala/Valero & Mando Ramos - Article/Video
  44. 15 Most Famous Fighting"Fails" Ever
  45. 10 Years On: Lennox Lewis Remembers Beating Mike Tyson
  46. Shadow Boxing At The Golden Gate Pts.1 & 2 by Springs Toledo
  47. 10 Even Worse Decisions Than Pac-Bradley
  48. "Going To The Fights-1951"
  49. Les Darcy
  50. To Box Or Bot To Box: Hamlet In The Ring, Floyd Patterson - Article/Video
  51. Chalky Wright - National Hall of Fame Boxer was Willcox native
  52. Billy Speary
  53. Johnny Coulon
  54. Greatness Cut Short: The Career of Salvador Sanchez
  55. Maybe Jimmy Bivens Was A Champ After All ... Article/Video
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  75. British boxing loses another former star in huge-punching Richard Evatt
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  77. Harry Shaffer of Antiquities of the Prize Ring passes
  78. Beautiful Glorious Loser (Peter Buckley) - Article/Video
  79. 10 Greatest Upsets In Heavyweight History
  80. Naming Names In The Fight Game - Article/Video
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  91. Ken Overlin - The great middleweight champion time fans forgot
  92. Victoria Aut Mors: Mike O'Dowd
  93. George Chip - Middleweight CHampion
  94. August Fight Dates In Boxing History
  95. Defining Ali & His Toughest Foe...
  96. Bobby Halpern & "The Rock" - Article/Video
  97. Jack Johnson vs. Philadelphia Jack O'Brien - May 1909
  98. Jimmy Britt - Lightweight Title Claimant 1900's
  99. The Year of Living Dangerously: Alan Minter in 1980
  100. A 'Matinee Idol' turns 50: Czyz reflects on his charmed, tough life
  101. RUMBLEFISH: Earl Hargrove
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  107. Top 10 British Fighters All Time
  108. 1980: The Olympic Team That Wasn't
  109. Carlos Ortiz: Miracle On 29th Street - Article/Video
  110. The Longest Fight - Article/Video
  111. From Hell: Battling Nelson In The Old West by Mike Casey - Article/Video
  112. Bob Foster – Light Heavyweight for the Ages
  113. Every Punch Was Aimed At Hitler - Article/Video
  114. Rock Solid: Magnificent Marciano by Mike Casey - Article/Video
  115. Lightweight Warriors of the 1980’s
  116. Marciano today?
  117. Jackie Fields: Two Time Welterweight Champion - Article/Video
  118. Tony Canzoneri – The Poster Child for the Golden Era of New York City Fighter’s
  119. How High Should We Rate Riddick Bowe?
  120. Best Punchers: The Heavyweights
  121. Big buster mathis / has history been unkind to him?
  122. Professor Marby Goes "Old School" Again...
  123. First Class Traveler: Carlos Ortiz by Mike Casey - Article/Video
  124. Michael Dokes: One Long Season In Hell 1958-2012
  125. Postcard From Panama: Duran's Place - Article/Video
  126. Skipper Kelp & Tuesday Night Fights - Article/Video
  127. Was The Referee Right Or Wrong? - Article/Video
  128. When Iran Barkely & Michael Olajide Waged War In NYC - Article/Video
  129. Year Of Living Dangerously Alan Minter In 1980 - Article/Video
  130. Boxing Filmography 1920-2003
  131. Mickey Ward: Humble Magnificence - Article/Video
  132. Eddie Futch & Riddick Bowe: A Success Story - Article/Video
  133. Chuvalo vs Cleveland Williams
  134. Sonny Liston: The Most Underrated Heavyweight Champ In History by Frank Lotierzo
  135. Boxing by the Book: Haft the Man I Used to Be
  136. Subject To Gradation - Article Video
  137. Ellwood McCloskey - The Old War-Horse
  138. Which was the best boxing mag in the 60s, 70s, and 80s - Ring or BI?
  139. The 12 Greatest Rounds
  140. What Our Grandfather's Knew About Joe Louis...
  141. Lou Nova v.Max Baer 1939-1941 - Article/Video
  142. Hector Camacho: The Hectic Days & Frantic Nights - Article/Video
  143. John Tate: The Bigger They Are... Article/Video
  144. The Fab Four: Leonard, Hearns, Hagler, Duran - Video Doc.
  145. He Wants To Forget Clay...
  146. Nigel Benn: Great Britain’s Most Exciting Fighter Of The ‘80s and ‘90s
  147. Sonny Liston: The Mysterious Life & Death Of A Champion - Video Documentary
  148. Billy Conn Through The Eyes Of His Son
  149. Henry Armstrong's first fight against Lou Ambers
  150. barry-mcguigan-vs-eusebio-pedroza
  151. Kent green the legend
  152. Downes: The English U.S. Marine
  153. Touching Gloves with...Gabby Canizales
  154. Marty Sammon—As Real as It Gets
  155. Joe Frazier statue to be unveiled in 2013
  156. Rocky and The Wire
  157. The Boxing Tent
  158. Boxer 'Macho' Camacho to face child abuse charges next week
  159. Ewart Potgieter- SA giant bigger than Valuev - by Ron Jackson
  160. A thank you to Scribbs
  161. Disturbing the Peace (Billy Soose)
  162. Weigh-In From London: Ali’s Life in Pictures
  163. New book about George Dixon
  164. Boxing.com All Time Super Middleweight Poll
  165. Jose Urtain: The Picturesque Puncher by Mike Casey
  166. Some Kind Of Wonderful: The Reign Of Marvin Hagler - Article/Video
  167. The history of bareknuckle boxing
  168. Black Heavyweight Frank Childs KO's Opponents Twice - December 15 1900
  169. We Were Young Together Once: Top 20 Favorite Fighters Of The 80's
  170. Until The Real Thing Comes Along: The Night Armstrong Made History Against Ambers
  172. Why Freddie (Mills) Can’t Rest in Peace
  173. Lower East Side Story (Lamotta & Graziano)
  174. Bye Bye Bobo....
  175. 10 Greatest Middleweight Fights of All Time By Marty Mulcahey
  176. Former UK boxer Shaun 'The Guvnor' Cummins is found murdered
  177. On Ray Mancini and The Good Son (New Book)
  178. Early Train to Broken Jaw (Sonny Liston)
  179. Boxers of Yesteryear: Ernie Terrell
  180. Mike Tyson Vs. Evander Holyfield: Which Fighter Has The Greater Legacy?
  181. 20 Years Ago Next Month, UK’s ‘Dark Destroyer’ Nigel Benn Wins WBC Crown
  182. Mike Rossman: A Night to Remember
  183. The Legacy of Lennox Lewis with Emanuel Steward
  184. The Top 10 Pound-for-Pound Mexican Warriors
  185. Sonny Liston: Early Train To Broken Jaw by Mike Casey
  186. The Real Story Behind The Ali/Liston Fights - Article/Video
  187. Meldrick Taylor: Speed Thrills - Article/Video
  188. "The Good Son", The Life Of Ray Mancini - Book Excerpt
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  190. Top Boxing Champs Who Served Time During Their Careers
  191. Boxing By The Book: "At The Fights"
  192. Alejandro Lavorante: Rocket To The Moon by Mike Casey
  193. Johnny Risko: "The Cleveland Rubber Man"
  194. The Sad, Quiet, Life Of Jose "Mantequilla" Napoles
  195. Don Jordan: Assassin for Hire
  196. Top 10 Mexican P4P Fighters
  197. Mexico's 10 Best bantamweight Title Holders
  198. Touching The Void: The Hawk And The Schoolboy In Late ‘82 by Mike Casey
  199. Who you got, fellas?
  200. Archie Moore: From Australia to San Diego - Article/Video
  201. Mike weaver: "i miss the 15-round fights...they took something from boxing"
  202. some noted American MWs & L-HWs from the mid-late 1940s.
  203. Lionel Rose: The Original Aborigine
  204. Greatest Southpaws In History
  205. 6 Most Controversial KO's
  206. Top Ten British Fighters All Time
  207. Historical Survey Series Recap – The Original 8 Weight Classes & P4P
  208. Sucra Ray Olivera On His Amazing Punch Output as Told To John Scully - Video
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  221. another-anniversary-means-many-unhappy-returns - Holmes v Ali
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  223. Gatti: Is He A Hall Of Famer?
  224. The Hitman's Glory Days - Article/Video
  225. Randall Cobb: I'll Sling Leather Darlin' - SI, November/15/1982
  226. Joe Louis pricise punching taught or natural, any thoughts?
  227. From The Brink: One Punch Can Change Everything
  228. Did the phrase 'the real McCoy' derive from boxer Kid McCoy?
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  234. Boxing's All Time Super Middleweight Poll by Mike Casey - Article/Video
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  237. Schmeling's Camp Explains How Tjhey Defeated Louis
  238. Mickey Walker: Exception Proves The Rule - Article/Video
  239. Biggest Upsets In Recent Boxing History
  240. Ranking the 8 Greatest Boxing Rivalries
  241. Fights Of The Century by Decade by Monte Cox
  242. Fighters Of The Century Series by Monte Cox
  243. Interviews With The Legends Of Boxing Pts. 1 & 2 by Monte Cox
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  245. A Few Punches More - The Fairground Boxing Shows
  246. 10 Greatest Non-Heavyweight Boxers All Time by Monte Cox
  247. When “Boy” Green Mauled John H. Stracey
  248. Number 19 Dream (Fighting Harada) by Mike Casey - Article/Video
  249. Muhammad Ali – The People’s Choice 1972
  250. Huntin’ Bigger Game By Ted Spoon