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03-20-2010, 11:54 AM
Poor sales force Manny Pacquiao to cancel concert
from the BBC.com

Pacquiao has sold millions of records in the Philippines
Manny Pacquiao may be a big-shot pop star back in his native Philippines, but it appears your average Hawaiian prefers watching 'Pacman' knocking people bandy in the ring to manhandling love ballads on the stage.
Just 603 tickets had been sold for the world's finest boxer's planned concert in Waikiki on Sunday when promoters decided to pull the plug on the show.
It's a bit of a come-down for WBO welterweight champion Pacquiao, after 45,000 fans watched him defend his title in Dallas on Saturday.
Pacquiao, a five-weight world champion, stands to lose money on the concert, but don't feel too sorry for him - he made at least $12m for beating Joshua Clottey at the weekend.
Pacquiao's past hits include Para Sa 'Yo (Ang Laban Na 'To) and the seminal Lahing Pinoy, both classics of the athlete-turned-pop star genre.
Pacquiao isn't the first boxer to turn his hand to crooning.
American legend Oscar de la Hoya released a self-penned Latino album in 2000, described by one reviewer as "a pathetic attempt by a man who cannot carry a tune with a forklift", and Muhammad Ali who, unsurprisingly, was actually quite good.

03-20-2010, 03:09 PM
Oh come on, neither Oscar nor Ali were what you could describe as 'quite good' . . .they could both sing in-tune but not much beyond that.