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01-27-2006, 02:52 PM
TAHT YOU HAVE BEEN TO LIVE? Have any of you seen Ali fight in person? ETC.

01-27-2006, 04:03 PM
The first title fight i went too , was in 1948 , it was for the lightweight title between Ike Williams and Enrique Bolanos, and also for the lightweight title Art Agagon vs Jimmy Carter in 1951, in 1958 i seen Aragon vs Camen Basilio.
In 1963 i seen Davey Moore vs Sugar Ramos for the featherweight title.
In 1972 Gato Gonzales vs Chango Carmona for the lightweight title, i could go on and on .

In 1973 i seen the second Ali vs Norton fight , all these fights i seen live.

I had to come back to this, b/c i did see Ali more then once live, i also saw him with Archie moore and Alejandro Lavorante , i believe both fights were in 1962

Frank B.

01-27-2006, 04:54 PM
In 1975, I conned an uncle into getting me into the Ali-Wepner fight outside of Cleveland. I saw those two guys, Larry Holmes on the undercard (against Charlie "Devil" Green, I think it was), James Brown "singing" the National Anthem, Redd Foxx (his kid, the undefeated Fred "Young Sanford" Houpe fought that night), Joe Louis posing for pictures at ringside, Don King, and -- as the Moody Blues ask, "Isn't life strange?" -- though I didn't know him at the time, my since then lifelong buddy Steve Vance was also in the arena. I didn't meet Steve until he became a well-known sci-fi/horror writer and I tracked him down to sign my copy of THE HYDE EFFECT.
I used to think that I probably saw Sylvester Stallone there, too, as this bout inspired the "Rocky" story, but I found out later that he watched the match via CC. I'll tell you, a lot has happened to me since then, but that moment remains one of the premier highlights of my time here on this old world. PeteLeo.

01-27-2006, 06:58 PM
Pete, that's my old stomping grounds, the Akron, Canton, Cleveland area. Are you from northern Ohio, too?

It's always seemed for me that the some of the greatest fights, or more particularly, contests, were with hungry amateurs/pros, and in some cases older trial horses showing up "up and comers"...

01-27-2006, 07:53 PM
Actually, I'm from Alabam and have spent most of my life in the South (punctuated by runs around the U.S. and into Canada after getting into trucking), but at the time of Ali-Wepner I was thirteen and in a wee bit of difficulty with the juvie cops back home, so my Mom shipped me off to Akron to live with my uncle for awhile. Everything was straigthened out before summer was over, however, and I did my stint.
I still remember thinking that night that Larry Holmes would never amount to anything much as he crushed my guy Devil Green in the first. What happened to Holmes and Green thereafter? I guess that sums up my precognitive abilities. PeteLeo.

01-27-2006, 09:56 PM
i am like frank...from L.A. tho a little farther behind in years.

title fights i saw there live included napoles, oliveras,mando ramos, rodolfo "el gato " gonzalez, bobby chacon, danny lopez, rafael herrera, rodolfo martinez, al davila,zarate and zamora...few more that don't come to mind...lot of fights in the lighter divisions.

the biggest i guess would be holmes - spinks II at the hilton in las vegas. what i remember most about that one was as we entered the arena there was a little old guy standing right in front of me whom i realized when i saw his profile was bob hope aka packy east.

Ronald Lipton
01-27-2006, 10:43 PM
Greatthread by Ice, good question.

Wonderful post by Pete Leo too.

I have attended in person every fight in Madison Square Garden, ST Nicks, and in NJ with some exceptions due perhaps to an emergency or illness but very rarely since
the early 60's. I have traveled all over to Philly, and other locations in Pennysylvania to see fights, with Briscoe, Carter, Giardello etc.

I was at Ali V Frazier I, and I have gone to Vegas for many big fights and was very lucky to be treated as a guest by the Executive Director Marc Ratner, who is a real gentleman.

The most intense atmosphere for me was Ali v Frazier I,
Carter V Tiger, Carter V Fernandez, Carter v Griffith as I trained with them and prepared with them for the fights.

Also Tiger v Giardello rematch for the title as I trained very closely with Dick for that fight and we prepared with all we had to give.

The most intense fight I ever refereed was Eubank v Collins I a day after ST. Patrick's day in Ireland, where I had to be escorted to the ring by 20 cops. The crowd was like Nitro.

The most intense war a la Leland Hardy v Ike Padilla, was in the old Garden with Billy Stephan V Ski Goldstein where they were killing each other in exchanging knockdowns. Anyone have a write up of that one I would love to see it posted here.

The most intense bizzare fight I ever attended was when I was sitting with Charlie Green and they pulled him out of the audience to fight my buddy Jose Torres.
Charlie knocked him down twice in the first round and once in the second before being ko'd.

I trained with Green and I am pals with Torres so my eyes were popping out of my skull watching it.

The all time show stopper for me personally which blew my mind like no other was Tiger V DePaula and I was 1st row at the Garden.

I almost jumped out of my skin seeing Frazier kayoed by Foreman, it so shocked me, I was tripping for a week in disbelief at the one sidedness of it.

01-27-2006, 11:21 PM

surprised you did not mention merqui sosa-prince charles williams and that double stoppage.....you were kinda close to that one too...

01-27-2006, 11:30 PM
Starting in the late 40s i don't think i missed to many of the big fights in L.A. .
I was like a groupie i used to go to all the fights , i used to shine shoes , do anything to get money to go to the fights, i used to live close to the Olympic Aud. so i did't have worry about getting a ride, now going to Hollywood for the fights was something else.
After i get into the game i used to get in free to all the fights

Frank B.

Walker Smith
01-27-2006, 11:32 PM
I've only been to three fights:

Barrera-Morales II was the biggest.

I've also been to Holyfield Ruiz II and O'Malley-Villalta.

All were great experiences, even though neither were great fights.

01-28-2006, 12:05 AM
Greg, were you the guy who climbed into the ring in his underwear during the first round of Zarate-Zamora? (Man, I was pulling for Zamora in that one.)

Ron, you reffed Hardy-Padilla? I love that fight! I caught it on the old Madison Square Garden Network when they still showed boxing regularly, and I couldn't believe it while I was watching it. I've sent copies of the tape to all of my boxing buddies. How weird that I never realized you were the same person as the "Third Man" in that one. My friend Steve was in contact with Leland a couple of years ago, and he (Hardy) still glows with pride over his performance in that one. Too bad his chin wasn't up to his punching ability. PeteLeo.

01-28-2006, 12:53 AM
For pure atmosphere, the biggest fight I've covered in person was Ali-Spinks II at the Superdome in New Orleans. I was fortunate enough to be in the fourth row (media), and watching Ali turn back the clock one last time was truly something special.

Another personal “biggie” was Michael Moorer vs. Danny Stonewalker for the WBO llight-heavyweight title in 1990 (Pittsburgh). I worked Stonewalker's corner with George Chuvalo. Before he was stopped in Round 8, our guy put up a pretty gutsy effort, which elicited a huge ovation from Moorer's hometown crowd.

Others that I've covered that were particularly memorable:
Duran-Leonard I (Montreal)
Hagler-Hearns (Vegas)
Tyson-Ruddock I and II (Vegas)
Foreman-Moorer (Vegas)

01-28-2006, 05:03 AM
First big fight I went to was Paterson-Liston 1 and I was just a kid. It occured to me later on the only reason I went with my father to that bout was because a 6 year old kid prevents a father from tomcatting around & my mom insisted I go.So you could definately put an asterisk next to this because I could hardly appreciate it.

I guess my next big legitimate bout after that would've been either Lyle-Shavers for the excitement or the foreman/frazier rematch as a huge event type fight.

Steve McV
01-28-2006, 06:40 AM
Hmm... been to a lot of, well, what you might call medium size fights at the old Olympic Auditorium in LA. Saw "Indian Red" and Danny Lopez fight.

I guess the Muhammed Ali-Archie Moore fight is the biggest I've actually been to, although I was just a kid. My Dad tells me I uncorked a funny line when we got up to leave. Archie Moore fell in four, as predicted, and apparently I asked, as we started to leave; "Is it over already?" Dad laughed so hard he had to sit down again, then told me that, yes, it was over. That's when I began to understand boxing a little; unlike football and basketball, the clock didn't complete control everything. It could end at any time, so pay attention!

Ronald Lipton
01-28-2006, 03:53 PM
Hi gents,

Wayne Kelly I believe refereed Padilla V Hardy.

I did referee Sosa V Williams I and it was some fight, I should include that as one of my favorites too.

Shavers V Lyle was a humdinger as was Caveman Lee V John Locicero.

01-29-2006, 06:33 PM
I saw all three Gatti vs. Ward fights in person. I could tell you more stories about those fights held in Connecticut and Atlantic City.

Lennox Lewis vs. Tommy Morrison drew nearly 9,000 to Atlantic City and the card also had Arturo Gatti, Johnny Ruiz, Montell Griffin and Eddie Hopson on it. That was a great night of boxing in Atlantic City.

Saw Mayweather vs. Corrales in Las Vegas which was a great match-up full of anticipation. Many forget the problems that Corrales had at the scales. Many also forget that both guys came into that fight undefeated. Did you know that when that fight went off it was actually Corrales who was the 5-4 betting favorite?

Sweet memories.