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11-01-2005, 07:45 PM
I remember someone posting and talking about Ellis and how he was a classy boxer who had moved up to heavyweight.
Did anyone see Ellis box a great deal ?What was his style like?
Because Ali crushed him easily and Frazier crushed him as well.
Could Ellis fight or was he overrated?The thing that shocks me is that he beat Quarry!!!!!!!!!!

11-01-2005, 08:23 PM
Ellis was a boxer/puncher in the Jose Napoles mold.

Very smooth fighter with good skills and power.Just not strong enough to cope with the very best.

11-01-2005, 08:24 PM
I saw Jimmy Ellis fight a few times an alway thought he was underated

Frank B.

11-03-2005, 12:47 AM
Those are two good points.
I patterned my own style a bit after Ellis' as I studied him a great deal as a kid and liked his flashy style in the white Adidas boxing shoes. Ali was in exile when I started watching the fights, so I saw all of Ellis' on ABC. He just wasn't big enough to really be a great one, and Ali carried him to the 12th round of their fight here in Houston which I saw in the Astrodome. He was a great fighter, but not a great heavyweight. Remember; he was a middleweight that had lost to Hurricane Carter, George Benton, Don Fullmer, and Holly Mims before Angie took him over, doctored him up, and fed him up to a heavyweight where the real money was. Yes, he beat Jerry fair and square and had the wrong style for Quarry who was a counterpuncher.

11-03-2005, 01:29 AM
Jimmy Ellis

Born: February 24, 1940 Louisville
Career Record: 40-12-1 (24 kayos)
Manager: Angelo Dundee

Apr 19 Arley Seifer Louisville, KY KO 3
May 6 Gene Leslie Louisville, KY W 8
Jul 22 Johnny Morris Louisville, KY W 6
Aug 22 Wilf Greaves Louisville, KY W 10
Oct 7 Clarence Riley Louisville, KY KO 2
Nov 29 Holly Mims Louisville, KY L 10

Jan 11 Rory Calhoun Louisville, KY KO 1
Feb 17 Johnny Alford New York W 6
May 4 Holly Mims Louisville, KY W 10
Jun 7 Rudolph Bent Louisville, KY KO 2
Jun 13 Charlie Glover Lexington, KY W 4
Jun 13 Sammy Poe Lexington, KY W 4
Sep 1 Henry Hank Louisville, KY L 10
Dec 3 Leroy Green Louisville, KY W 10

Jun 18 Johnny Halafihi London KO 1
Sep 27 Lou Gutierrez Louisville, KY W 10

Feb 28 Rubin Carter New York L 10
Apr 21 Joe Spencer Lexington, KY KO 1
Oct 21 Don Fullmer Louisville, KY L 10
Nov 30 George Benton Philadelphia L 10

May 25 Joe Blackwood Lewiston, ME KO 1
Jul 31 Muhammad Ali San Juan, P.R. Exh 3
Aug 16 Muhammad Ali Gothenberg Exh 3
Aug 20 Muhammad Ali London Exh 3
Nov 15 Chuck Leslie Las Vegas W 10

Mar 29 Hubert Hilton Toronto W 8
May 21 Lewina Waqua London KO 1
Sep 10 Billy Daniels Frankfurt, Germany W 6
Oct 27 Eddie Embry Louisville, KY KO 1
Nov 14 Tommy Sims Houston KO 1

Mar 22 Johnny Persol New York KO 1
Aug 5 Leotis Martin Houston KO 9
(WBA Elimination Tournament)
Dec 2 Oscar Bonavena Louisville, KY W 12
(WBA Elimination Tournament)

Apr 27 Jerry Quarry Oakland W 15
(Wins Vacant WBA Heavyweight Title)
Sep 14 Floyd Patterson Stockholm W 15
(Retains WBA Heavyweight Title)


Feb 16 Joe Frazier New York KO by 5
(For World Heavyweight Title)
Nov 10 Roberto Davila Miami Beach KO 7

Mar 2 Tony Doyle Miami Beach KO 10
May 10 George Chuvalo Toronto W 10
Jul 26 Muhammad Ali Houston KO by 12
(For Vacant NABF Heavyweight Title)

May 16 Richard Gosha Seattle KO 6
Jun 16 Reco Brooks Miami Beach KO 2
Sep 21 Ollie Wilson Parma, OH KO 5
Oct 26 Harold Carter Beckley, WV KO 7

Feb 21 Bob Felstein Orlando KO 2
Mar 6 Charlie Harris Miami Beach KO 1
Apr 15 Joe Harris Huntington, TN KO 2
May 6 Reco Brooks Phoenix KO 5
Jun 18 Earnie Shavers New York KO by 1
Oct 23 Memphis Al Jones Atlanta KO 7
Dec 12 Boone Kirkman Seattle L 10

Mar 4 Larry Middleton Largo, MD D 10
Jul 16 Ron Lyle Denver L 12
Nov 12 Joe Bugner London L 10

Mar 1 Joe Frazier Melbourne KO by 9
May 7 Carl Baker Orlando KO 1

Ronald Lipton
11-03-2005, 02:19 AM
I feel Jimmy Ellis was a tremendous fighter, with a mental attitude and confidence that few male athletes have in themselves.

I know in my heart from seeing him at middleweight live, seeing most all his fights from middle, light heavy and heavy that Ellis was one of the best in the world in each division he fought in.

Boxing Illustrated and others used to rate the top 50 in the World and when I was a teenager in the 60's I revered any of these people who could achieve that feat. To go 10 rounds with Henry Hank or 10 rounds with Rubin Carter, Holly Mims, and have people say, oh yeah, Ellis he lost to them. True, but those are the toughest people in the world, the absolute toughest fist fighters at that weight in the world and with good reason.

To take out Johnny Persol who I trained with and was so strong, to beat Quarry, Chuvalo, Patterson, Leotis Martin, Bonavena, man what a fighter Jimmy was.

His guts, deadly right hand, mental outlook, and ring experience as a pro and amateur with Ali, who he beat in the amateurs is something no one can ever take away from Jimmy.

Joe Frazier was beating anyone and was a destroyer whose place in heavyweight history is in another niche. Jimmy had his day and in that day he was a real complete and deadly pro fighter who took on anyone.

I watched him take Rubin Carter 10 hard rounds and he came to fight too. Tall, Skinny but no fear, and a tough man.

He was always a decent, lighthearted and kind, loyal friend to Ali and many others. I always liked Ellis and he was never a bully or wise guy with anyone. A sweet southern man of integrity and Angelo will always tell you he believed in Jimmy and vice versa.

Jimmy Ellis was a real champ in and out of the ring and the names of those men on his record say it all to those of us who remember those tough men he fought.


Ronald Lipton
11-03-2005, 02:27 AM

As to his style.

He was tall and filled out well at heavy. Not muscular but big and raw boned with strong legs and long torso. Good reach, big shoulders and fast hands. He could move like Ali and rain on a guy from the outside.

He carried his right hand very relaxed laid across his chest with that right glove ready to strike out in a lead sneaky shot with his entire shoulder behind it with a good fast snap and body dip. He had some real punishing juice on that right hand, and could throw it straight from the shoulder or turn it under when the target was there.

He had a fast stiff jab, and his left hook thrown short or long was accurate and in combination. He dropped Bonavena several times with it while Frazier could not.
While Joe was a heavy concussion puncher Ellis was sneaky and snappy and really put some hurt on his shots with speed and anatomical accuracy to the chin, short rib or temple.

He butchered Leotis Martin busting up his lips with a fast opening in the WBA heavyweight tournament and Martin never recovered from it nor did Johnny Person who was blown out in such shocking style I wish I had it on film.

Jimmy could take some shot and I still can't believe the balls he showed when he fought Frazier the first time.

Like many guys who needed the limelight and dough, Jimmy fought past his prime and did not stay in the right shape as father time took his toll on him.

11-03-2005, 03:51 AM
Only Ron Lipton could put it so eloquently about Ellis.
Say; that was SOME right hand he hit Chuvalo with at the start of their fight huh, Ron?
I am surprised Jimmy didn't break his hand, or better yet- shatter his hand with the velocity he nailed Chuvalo with on the side of the head with that one.
I swear that could have dropped a Rhino darn near!
Chuvalo was one of the toughest human beings that has ever walked the planet.

11-03-2005, 09:59 AM
Chavalo was without pier in the chin department...no one and I mean no one came close...watch his Foreman fight...I've never seen anything like it.

Dragnet 69
11-03-2005, 06:02 PM
I would agree with everything Ron says about Jimmy. I saw him fight several times in Miami and talked with him a bit. Great guy and excellent fighter. TIP

11-04-2005, 03:19 AM
Even more testimony to Ellis's power was his 1974 bout against Joe Bugner in London, even though Bugner won the fight.

I read in the "London Times" that in round one Ellis actually wobbled Bugner for a brief moment with a sudden right hand. No kidding.

Bugner, as we all know, had rock-like durability.

I know I said something similar about Bugner - Foster in another thread...that's because I've read a great deal about Bugner's career.

Another interesting thing about Ellis was his penchant for first round kayoes.

Jimmy kayoed a total of 11 opponents in the first round. That's approximately one out of every five of his 53 pro fights.

I don't think that Ellis's win over Quarry was a fluke. I think the better man won.

11-04-2005, 03:46 AM
If the better man beat quarry then why did he only get a split decision over a guy who a was fighting with a broken back and a week later was in a full body cast waiting to find out if he could ever fight again due to the injury.

11-04-2005, 01:49 PM
Ellis won that fight by about 4 or 5 points.He did what he had to do against the Quarry in front of him and was in control the entire fight.

Had Quarry been more active i expect Ellis would have fought differently as well.Of course, a win would not be assured.

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Jimmy Ellis

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06-07-2006, 08:42 AM
From middleweight, Jimmy Pretty much passed on through lightheavyweight, on the way to the big boys, But when you watch Jimmy Jump on the Excellant Leotis Martin in the 1st round of their heavyweight elimination tourney fight, the Speed and Precision of his combinations, one is not surpised he was racking up one Round Ko's immediately prior to this period,
His right hand which could Stun heavyweights, must of been a very nasty weapon against Lightheavy's, Allied to his boxing skills honed down at middleweight, If Jimmy had stayed down at LightHeavy for awhile it is interesting to Speculate how he might of fared against such as Torres, Tiger and perhaps foster...with that speed, those skills and that right hand Jimmy would of been a definate dangerman.

06-07-2006, 10:48 AM
Kenmore _ Yes, both Mac Foster and Jimmy Ellis Caught Bugner with Good Shots Early, Bugner stayed inside a little to early with still fresh Foster, a copped a little reminder, that despite now being Fat and on the downside, Foster could still summon an echo or two from the past if not treated with repect at least until starting to puff a bit.

Jimmy however Tried for a quick ambush of Bugner, by design, and caught Joe with a good right hand, I gather Jimmy used to try for these quick ambushes as he got older, (of course he tried to pull it off against Shavers earlier) As with Foster, not only was Joes Chin hard to dent, he was very Mobile, and had a good left Jab, so when caught, was usually able to Cover up, Back-peddle and regroup. a Hard man to Shift. and not surprising that a Faded Jimmy could not do it, But for A round or So Jimmy could still set a trap or two.

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Angelo Dundee and Jimmy Ellis