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08-30-2005, 11:59 PM
I read that John won the British version of the Superstars. You don't normally think of boxers as good all-around athletes- ie. Joe Frazier in the Superstars. Did anyone see John in the competition- What events he excelled at?

08-31-2005, 11:12 AM
It was such a long time ago that the memory is very hazy, but as i recall John, the good athlete that he was, kept a fairly consistant level, were others may of excelled at one event, then bombed at the other, I recall John got maxim points at football, dribbling through posts, then shooting at goal ( Its an English/European thing !) and of course did very well at gym, sqwat thrusts, dips on the parralell bars ect, i cant remember how John did on the Bike riding, but he didnt fall off, ( as did Kevin Keegan) John H stracey came nowhere, but as i said, i recall it was Johns overall good level of consistency which got him there, ( if memory serves, i think Chay blyth the yatchsman was one of John's compititors, if so, you knew from the off that John was not going to be last !)

08-31-2005, 12:11 PM
I remember a fairly well know photo at the time of Conteh lifting some weights over his head, triumphedly !!! He looked pretty cool.

08-31-2005, 12:42 PM
Conteh could do no wrong for a while, though the hunger was already waning once he won the world title from Jorge Ahumada in '74. The next day he screamed at promoter Harry Levene: "You don't know what it's like in there!"

08-31-2005, 01:45 PM
1 David Hemery - athletics
2 Barry John - rugby union
3 Joe Bugner - boxing
3 Jackie Stewart - Formula One
5 Roger Taylor - tennis
6 Bobby Moore - football
7 Tony Jacklin - golf

1 John Conteh - boxing
2 David Hemery - athletics
3 Colin Bell - football
4 Tony Greig - cricket
5 John H Stracey - boxing
6 Chay Blyth - sailing
7 Mick Channon - football

1 David Hemery - athletics
2 John Conteh - boxing
3 James Hunt - Formula One
4 Gareth Edwards - rugby union
5 David Duckham - rugby union
6 David Starbrook - judo
7 Jonah Barrington - squash
8 Malcom MacDonald - football
8 JPR Williams - rugby union
10 Stan Bowles - football

1 Tim Crooks - rowing
2 Geoff Capes - athletics
3 Dave "Boy" Green - boxing
4 Malcom MacDonald - football
5 Mick Channon - football
6 Gerald Davies - rugby union
7 Keith Remfry - judo
8 JPR Williams - rugby union

1 Brian Jacks - judo
2 Lynn Davies - athletics
3 Andy Irvine - rugby union
4 Dave "Boy" Green - boxing
5 Ian Neale - gymnastics
6 Tim Crooks - rowing
7 Brian Phelps - diving
8 Gordon Hill - football

1 Brian Jacks - judo
2 John Sherwood - athletics
3 Daley Thompson - athletics
4 Steve Assinder - basketball
5 JJ Williams - rugby union
6 Danny Nightingale - athletics
7 Alan Minter - boxing
8 Geoff Hurst - football

1 Keith Fielding - rugby league
2 Andy Ripley - rugby union
3 Mike Hazlewood - athletics
4 Lynn Davies - athletics
5 Jim Fox - pentathlete
6 David Jenkins - athletics
7 Mick Channon - football
8 Peter Bonetti - football

1981 "Challenge of Champions":
1 Keith Fielding - rugby league
2 Lynn Davies - athletics
3 Brian Jacks - judo
4 David Hemery - athletics
4 John Sherwood - athletics
6 John Conteh - boxing
6 Malcom MacDonald - football
8 Tim Crooks - rowing

1 Brian Hooper - athletics
2 Alan Lerwill - athletics
3 Keith Fielding - rugby league
4 Brian Hayhurst - gymnastics
5 Jeff Davies - gymnastics
6 Neil Adams - judo
7 Mike Slemen - rugby union
8 Alton Byrd - basketball

1 Brian Hooper - athletics
2 Des Drummond - rugby league
3 Vic Charles - karate
4 Lynn Davies - athletics
5 Mike Hazlewood - athletics
6 Stewart Matthews - surfer
7 Konrad Bartelski - skiing
8 David Wilkie - swimming

1 Gary Cook - athletics
2 Eddie Kidd - motorbikes
3 Peter Elliot - athletics
4 Ron Haslam - motorbikes
5 Robert Smith - judo
6 Peter Wheeler - rugby union
7 John Lloyd - tennis
8 Colin Jones - boxing

1 Robin Brew - swimming
2 Joe Lydon - rugby league
3 Steve Redgrave - rowing
4 Neil Adams - judo
5 Stuart Pearson - football
6 David Ottley - cricket
7 Colin Deans - rugby union
8 Phil Brown - athletics

09-01-2005, 01:37 AM
Thanks Sagebrush, I am impressed. David Hemery was the 400 meter hurdle champ- John was keeping impressive company. I am shocked to see that the late, legendary, Bobby Moore performed so poorly. I was never much impressed by Minter as a fighter. Harris dismantled him, Hagler demolished him, and his title winning effort was disputed and unimpressive against Antuofermo. Do you think Eubank could give a prime Conteh a fight?

09-01-2005, 12:05 PM
Hi Sentinel - No i do not think Chris would be too competitive with John, Chris could be extremely Sloppy when trying to catch a Mover, and John was a beautifully smooth mover, Also John had a very good Jab, sometimes thrown as a Jab……JAB ! JAB ! with the first jab short, which often made the opponent think he was out of range, and when he stepped forward Jabs 2 & 3 would rifle in BANG !BANG !
Also John could Switch from Boxing Mode to attack mode Very quickly with vicious combination punches, ala his sudden dismissal of Vicente Rondon after eight subdued boxing rounds, At long rage Conteh's Cobra'esque head movement will, along with his mobility, Chris reaching, Conteh is afterall a natural lightheavy, who spent his early years trying to be a heavyweight, and unless he decided to just Box and cruise to a decision, I would expect him to put Chris into defense mode fairly quickly, But Chris is brave, durable and good defensively off the back foot, so John would have to work, and that is probably another Ace for John, the Young Conteh could maintain a very good pace - over 15 rounds, where Chris likes/has to ration his output to an extent, also we mustn’t forget that the Young Conteh had something of a Vicious streak, God forbid chris tries to back head-butt Conteh, John could teach Evander Holyfeild a thing or Several about Er…Advantageous Head Positioning ! - that’s a definite one-horse race !

So a Good Solid Talented Super-Middle, who does not particularly like to maintain a fast pace against a Very good Boxing and punching Lt Heavy with Stamina to burn and a Vicious attitude….i think you have to go with Lightheavy Conteh, but as stated Chris is Durable and Brave, and Conteh did sometimes stay in Boxer Mode a tad too long..i think maybe the ref saves a brave-one-eyed Eubank, who is refusing to wilt, but doing little more then cover up in the last third, perhaps circa 9th with even Conteh showing a reluctance to fully open up on his injured prey,

09-01-2005, 11:17 PM
I myself reside in the UK and trust me guys it is hard to impress this old guy. But i have to say the first time i ever saw John Conteh fight i said to my son "that kid can go all the way"

09-02-2005, 06:20 PM
someone here mentioned joe frazier in the super stars....a most hilarious memory. seems joe forgot to tell anyone that he could not swim and i guess decided to let the actual race be his crash course. the gun went off, everybody dove in and took off..all except joe who went straight to the bottom.....i can still remember how my buddies and i laughed about that...it was kind of our revenge for joes masacre of our homeboy jerry quarry.

Death King
09-11-2005, 05:48 PM
I just saw the John Conteh fight against Finnegan, and i have to say WOW this guy look like a bigger, and better version of Roy Jones Jr( in there respected handspeed)
I also felt that he could have gone all the way. I also saw the fight with Muhammad, and i felt that Conteh in his prime could have knocked out Muhammad, because of his poor defense

09-12-2005, 12:28 AM
Conteh was a Great Fighter who resorted to butting-when it was not necessary.
I feel that is the only way he could have taken Saad by butting him open.